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Only One Person on Costly Video Call Wasn't a Deepfake

Unnamed company out $25M after worker in Hong Kong falls for elaborate scam

(Newser) - A financial worker sent $25 million to fraudsters after falling victim to a scam that made impressive but alarming use of deepfake technology. The worker initially feared a phishing scam upon receiving an email, purportedly from the UK-based chief financial officer of the unnamed multinational company, explaining the need for...

AI's Latest Transgression: Fake Nudes of Taylor Swift

Pop star is just one victim of sexually explicit deepfakes, which show the lack of safeguards

(Newser) - Taylor Swift has had a massive impact on the cultural landscape. Now, she could potentially play a role in forming federal law, though without her consent. The superstar songwriter found herself the focus of calls for US lawmakers to crack down on AI-driven deepfakes this week as fake pornographic images...

A New Problem With AI: Deepfake Nude Photos of Girls

Police investigate distribution of faked images at high school in New Jersey

(Newser) - The sharing of explicit AI-generated images of high school students has triggered an uproar in an affluent New York City suburb and left the teens, parents, school, and police wondering how they can address the violations given what the Wall Street Journal describes as a "lack of clarity on...

Fake Pope Images May Be First 'Mass-Level' Dupe
Fake Pope Images
May Be First
'Mass-Level' Dupe
the rundown

Fake Pope Images May Be First 'Mass-Level' Dupe

The pontiff was not wearing a stylish puffer jacket, despite those viral photos

(Newser) - Pope Francis sure looked stylish over the weekend, with viral photos showing up on Twitter of him wearing a white puffer jacket. The problem is that the pontiff wore no such coat. The images were fakes, but they were high-quality fakes that fooled a lot of people.
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Look Familiar? Witness the Power of the Deepfake

Tom Cruise lookalike Miles Fisher delivers a somewhat cautionary tale about AI-powered deepfake technology

(Newser) - It can’t be all bad to be born with a face like Tom Cruise. Nor is it a disadvantage to be chosen by one’s peers to deliver the Harvard commencement oration for your class. But as Miles Fisher tells it for Hollywood Reporter, those two things clashed in...

Zelensky 'Surrender' Deepfake May Be Just the Start

Meta has taken phony clip down, but experts warn there could be more, and better ones, to come

(Newser) - Earlier this month, Ukraine's military intel agency issued a warning about the possibility of Russia using deepfake technology to spread disinformation in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict . That has now apparently come to pass: Facebook parent Meta has removed a phony clip purporting to show Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky surrendering...

Scammers Clone Exec's Voice, Steal $35M From Bank

Dubai investigators say deepfake technology fooled bank manager

(Newser) - The crimes of the future are here today, according to a court document connected to a $35 million bank heist in the United Arab Emirates. Per the document, investigators in Dubai say a bank manager "received a phone call that claimed to be from the company headquarters. The caller...

Cheerleaders Were Sent Disturbing Deepfakes. Cops Say It Was a Squad Mom

Pennsylvania mom faces harassment charges

(Newser) - Cheerleaders from a team in Bucks County, Pa., started coming forward last year with stories of cyberbullying—and police say a cheer squad mom turned out to be behind it. Raffaela Spone, 50, is accused of harassing members of Doylestown's Victory Vipers, as well as some staffers, NBC News...

Creator of Tom Cruise Deepfakes Wants to Help, Not 'Upset'

Chris Ume wants to make sure manipulated imagery isn't weaponized as misinformation

(Newser) - If you've seen those TikTok videos of Tom Cruise doing magic tricks, playing golf, and telling anecdotes about Mikhail Gorbachev, you likely know they're not real. If you don't, you've been fooled by a deepfake, which is understandable, considering how well done the creations by Belgian...

Deepfake Video Puts Trump in Independence Day

And Bill Pullman responds

(Newser) - President Trump, leading the charge in Independence Day? Yep, Trump tweeted Saturday a deepfake video of himself superimposed on footage of the classic blockbuster—so now it's Trump giving Bill Pullman's rousing speech to pilots about uniting for battle against extraterrestrial invaders, Deadline reports. Superimposed on pilots' faces...

Facebook Announces Ban on 'Deepfake' Videos

But 'cheapfakes' can apparently stay

(Newser) - Facebook is banning "deepfake" videos ahead of the 2020 election—but critics say the company isn't going far enough in dealing with doctored content. Facebook said in a blog post Monday that it is going to remove "misleading manipulated media" if it has been altered "in...

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