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Japan's Prime Minister Is Stepping Down

Yoshihide Suga is out of the running for governing party's leadership

(Newser) - Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga says he won’t run for the leadership of the governing party at the end of this month, paving the way for a new Japanese leader. Suga told reporters Friday that he will not run in the Sept. 29 leadership race for his governing...

As Olympics Loom, Japan Expands State of Emergency

IOC Chairman Thomas Bach's trip has been canceled

(Newser) - Japan is set to further expand a coronavirus state of emergency , currently in Tokyo and five other prefectures, to nine areas as the government is determined to hold the Olympics in just over two months. Japan, where less than 2% of the public has been fully vaccinated, has been struggling...

Japan Ready to Dump Wall of Fukushima Water

China says move 'will pose serious harm' to people outside Japan

(Newser) - Japan has confirmed that more than 1.25 million tons of treated wastewater from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant will be dumped in the Pacific Ocean . The radioactive water pumped through three damaged reactor cores to keep them from melting will be gradually released beginning in two years, according...

Suicide Spiraling, Japan Gets a 'Minister of Loneliness'

Development follows uptick in deaths, social isolation

(Newser) - Japan has appointed a minister of loneliness amidst a global pandemic and a rise in suicide. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga tapped minister Tetsushi Sakamoto, who is also in charge of combating a declining birth rate and reviving regional economies, for the new post at a Feb. 12 press conference, reports...

Amid 'Dire Circumstances,' a New COVID Record

United States registers record number of deaths from virus, 2 days in a row

(Newser) - The United States saw its deadliest day of the pandemic on Wednesday, with 3,865 new COVID deaths registered, per Johns Hopkins stats—beating the previous record of 3,775 deaths, which had been registered only the day before, ABC News reports. In an additional two-day streak, the nation saw...

There's a New World Leader's Name to Memorize

Former cardboard factory employee Yoshihide Suga is Japan's new prime minister

(Newser) - Yoshihide Suga, a self-made politician and the right-hand man to his predecessor, was officially elected by Parliament on Wednesday as Japan's new prime minister and leader of the world's third largest economy. The 71-year-old head of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party replaces Shinzo Abe, who resigned due to...

Japan's Next Leader: Just Like Abe, Except for One Thing

Yoshihide Suga says he lacks diplomacy skills of outgoing PM, who had good relations with Trump

(Newser) - Yoshihide Suga was elected as the new head of Japan’s ruling party on Monday, all but assuring that he will become the country's new prime minister when a parliamentary election is held later in the week, per the AP . Despite his low-key image, Suga, 71, has been a...

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