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Oregon Mom Has Donated a Staggering Amount of Breast Milk

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra decided to put an unusual lactation disorder to good use

(Newser) - A mother of three kids usually has her hands full, and 35-year-old Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra is no exception. But as the Guinness World Record holder for largest breast milk donation, she also spends much of her time attached to a breast pump. Based in Aloha, Oregon, Anderson-Sierra donated an astounding 1,...

New Coast Guard Expense: Breast Milk Shipping

Service members to be reimbursed up to $750 per year

(Newser) - The Coast Guard is following through on a promise to introduce changes aimed at keeping women in the service. Service members on duty or other official business who send breast milk back home will be reimbursed for shipping costs of up to $750 per household per year under a program...

Nursing Mom Brashly Takes On Uncooperative Hotel

Lynda Nguyen only wanted a place to pump

(Newser) - When Lynda Nguyen asked employees at Embassy Suites in San Francisco for a place to pump breast milk while attending a work conference, she says she was offered a public bathroom. "I told them they don't eat lunch in the bathroom, so it's gross to expect me...

She Lost Her Baby, but Pumped Enough Milk for 22 Others

Nearly 40 gallons, or 5K ounces

(Newser) - Pre-eclampsia forced Amy Hanson to have an emergency C-section at just over 27 weeks gestation. Her daughter, Adalyn "Addie" Rose, measured just 12 inches long. "Her diaper was the size of a Splenda packet, so small," Hanson tells the Chicago Tribune . In the first days of Addie'...

Study Debunks Presence of Chemical in Breast Milk

But rival researchers aren't buying WSU's claims

(Newser) - Scientists say a potentially cancer-causing chemical used in Monsanto's popular herbicide Roundup doesn't pose a risk to babies via a mother's breast milk, despite an earlier study claiming that was in fact the case. Washington State University researchers set out to discover whether glyphosate could be found...

Human Breast Milk May Give You Energy—or Syphilis

Depends who you ask, but some experts think it poses serious health risks

(Newser) - Some fitness buffs , fetishists, and people with chronic illnesses believe human breast milk—apparently now a profitable, growing market—is a superfood of sorts, Sky News notes. And then there are the science experts who say that drinking the lactated liquid could infect imbibers with hepatitis (B and C), HIV,...

Lost Woman Drank Own Breast Milk to 'Keep Going'

Susan O'Brien got lost during a trail-running event

(Newser) - A trail runner who went missing in New Zealand's bush Sunday was found roughly 24 hours later, in a fairly quick recovery that's been garnering plenty of headlines for one quirky reason: The mom kept herself going by drinking some of her expressed breast milk. As Radio New ...

Airport Confiscates Alyssa Milano's Breast Milk

Because the actress didn't have a baby with her?

(Newser) - Upon landing at Heathrow Airport yesterday, Alyssa Milano had the 10 ounces of breast milk she'd pumped on the plane taken away. She tweeted that officials told her they could only "let the pumped milk through if I had the baby with me," adding, "Why would...

Breast Milk Sold Online Isn't Always Purely Human
Breast Milk Sold Online
Isn't Always Purely Human
new study

Breast Milk Sold Online Isn't Always Purely Human

In study, 10% of samples contained cow's milk

(Newser) - Women who purchase breast milk online likely have their baby's health in mind, which makes the findings of a study published today in Pediatrics so concerning. Researchers led by Nationwide Children's Hospital bought 102 samples of milk via milk-sharing websites and discovered that 10 of them "had...

Teen Mom Pumps Breast Milk for Baby She Gave Up

One shipment Kaleena Pysher sent topped out at 80 pounds

(Newser) - When Alaska teen Kaleena Pysher learned she was pregnant at 18, she knew firsthand what it would take to have a baby so young—her sister had a child at 14—and decided adoption was best. The now-19-year-old wanted to give her child good parents and a good education, something...

Why Pumping Breast Milk Isn't Same as Breastfeeding

Babies fed only by bottle may miss out on some of breast milk's benefits

(Newser) - With many working moms in the US enjoying only a few weeks of maternity leave, frequent and even exclusive pumping of breast milk is on the rise. And Virginia Thorley, a lactation consultant who has been investigating the limited research available on exclusive pumping and its consequences, says that while...

For Some Men, Breast Milk Is an Energy Drink

'New York' takes a look at odd trend

(Newser) - It's a natural food and adherents swear by its health benefits, even if they're not too keen to go public about it. The headline at New York should tell you why: "Meet the Men Who Drink Breast Milk." This seems to be a trend, if the...

China Developing Fake Breast Milk

Existing formula may not be right for Chinese babies: researchers

(Newser) - China's government is spending $1.6 million to make its own breast milk. The goal is an artificial version of the milk of Chinese moms—a project that involves studying the real stuff to develop what China Daily calls a "breast milk database." Existing baby formula in...

Breast Milk Protein May Ward Off HIV
Breast Milk Protein
May Ward Off HIV
study says

Breast Milk Protein May Ward Off HIV

That's why babies breastfed by infected moms usually don't catch it

(Newser) - Scientists think they've found a promising new avenue for an HIV treatment in an unlikely place: the breasts of moms. Public health officials have long noticed that infants breastfed by HIV-positive moms rarely contract the virus themselves—even though the virus is definitely inside the milk. Now, Duke scientists...

Donor Breast Milk Rife With Nasty Bugs

 Donor Breast Milk 
 Rife With Nasty Bugs 
study says

Donor Breast Milk Rife With Nasty Bugs

Alarming number of samples contain bacteria, viruses: study

(Newser) - With the rise of sharing breast milk, a disturbing new study finds that 72% of samples bought online contained bacteria that could cause infections and 21% contained viruses. In 74% of the 101 samples purchased anonymously from two popular websites, the total bacteria count was significantly higher than the level...

New Service: Breast-Feeding for Gay Male Parents

French woman rents out breasts for $130 a day

(Newser) - A woman offering to rent out her breasts to gay male couples with newborns has stirred up controversy in France, which recently legalized gay marriage and adoption by gay couples, Reuters reports. "I am a young mother in perfect health, a trained nurse of 29, and I am renting...

And Now We Have Breast Milk Jewelry

You can buy pretty much anything on Etsy, it would seem

(Newser) - Strands from baby's first haircut. The first tooth. Tiny footprints sunk into clay. Some parents even tuck away the dried stump of the umbilical cord or the stick pregnancy test as a touching memento marking the milestones of their kids. The latest? Breast milk jewelry, on sale at the...

For-Profit Company Hunting for Breast Milk

And breast milk banks worry it'll hurt donations

(Newser) - Did you know there’s an “increasingly competitive market for human milk”? Well there is, and not just for making ice cream . A California company called Prolacta Bioscience has been scouring women’s events and pediatricians’ offices for mothers willing to donate their breast milk, the Salt Lake ...

Stephanie Robinette of Ohio Shoots Cops--With Breast Milk
 Woman Shoots 
 Breast Milk 

Woman Shoots Cops—With Breast Milk

Fired at police from her car while drunk

(Newser) - An Ohio woman warned police that she was a breastfeeding mom—and then she opened fire with her right breast, NBC4i reports. Drunk at a wedding reception, Stephanie Robinette got into an argument with her husband, who told police that she repeatedly hit him. She locked herself in her car...

Infant Killed by Morphine in Mom's Breast Milk: Cops

Stephanie Greene faces multiple charges in death of her 6-week-old baby

(Newser) - A South Carolina mother has been charged with killing her 6-week-old baby with drug-tainted breast milk. Stephanie Greene, 37, allegedly had so much morphine in her system that her daughter overdosed, reports the New York Daily News . Greene began using Fentanyl and Hydrocodon in 2009, cops say, and had moved...

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