Vincent Van Gogh

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You Know His Name. Now Meet His $183K 'Suicide Gun'

Revolver linked to Vincent Van Gogh has a new owner

(Newser) - Someone just paid six figures for a corroded gun that almost certainly doesn't shoot. But then, the point of having "the most famous weapon in the history of art” isn't to use it—as Vincent Van Gogh allegedly did, fatally. The 7mm Lefaucheux revolver sold at a... More »

Discovery Sheds Light on Van Gogh's Life

House renovation reveals prayer book and insurance policies

(Newser) - Renovation on a south London house where Vincent van Gogh once lived has unearthed documents that could fill in gaps in the artist's life. The papers include insurance policies and an 1867 prayer book, the Guardian reports. Van Gogh lived in the house for only a bit more than... More »

Number of Vincent Van Gogh Photographs Cut in Half

Image long believed to show famous artist is actually his brother

(Newser) - The number of verified photos of painter Vincent van Gogh just got cut in half. New research suggests that a photo of a boy heretofore believed to show Vincent at age 13 actually portrays his brother, the then-15-year-old Theo van Gogh, the Telegraph reports. That leaves just one photo of... More »

Fla. Couple Wins Fight With City Over Starry Night House

Mount Dora cited pair, told them they had to paint over Van Gogh tribute

(Newser) - A Florida mayor must apologize to a couple fined thousands of dollars for having their home's exterior painted to emulate a Vincent van Gogh masterpiece. The Mount Dora City Council unanimously agreed Tuesday that Lubomir Jastrzebski and Nancy Nemhauser can keep the blue-and-yellow paint swirled on their walls in... More »

There's a Dead Body Hiding in 1889 Van Gogh

It belongs to an unlucky grasshopper

(Newser) - Painting outdoors allowed Vincent Van Gogh a firsthand look at the landscapes that would become the subjects of his masterpieces. But the routine wasn't without, well, pests. As part of a study of 104 paintings from France, conservator Mary Schafer at Kansas City's Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art recently... More »

'Born Burglar' Details How He Pulled Off Van Gogh Heist

Octave Durham spills all the details on 2002 theft in new documentary

(Newser) - "I'm a born burglar," says Octave Durham, per the New York Times , which looks at a new documentary about Durham's notorious theft of two Vincent Van Gogh paintings. Set to be broadcast Tuesday on Dutch TV, the 45-minute special by filmmaker Vincent Verweij gets the inside... More »

New Theory Emerges About Van Gogh's Ear

It may have been reaction to brother's good news

(Newser) - Vincent Van Gogh may have cut off his own ear in response to what most people would consider happy news, according to a writer who has taken a fresh look at one of history's famous self-mutilations. Martin Bailey says Van Gogh didn't take a razor to his ear... More »

Cops Didn't Expect to Find 'Priceless' Works in Mob Raid

But Italian police turned up two Van Gogh pieces stolen in 2002

(Newser) - It was a day that Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum may have never thought would come. "The paintings have been found!" Axel Rueger, the museum's director, said at a Naples, Italy, press conference Friday, per a release . Those paintings, according to NBC News , are two of the... More »

Experts Chip Away at Mystery of van Gogh's Breakdowns

They say the Dutch artist was plagued by short psychotic episodes

(Newser) - It's long been known Vincent van Gogh had issues: He sliced off his ear during an 1888 breakdown, which was followed by his apparent suicide in 1890. Now a group of experts has concluded the Dutch artist was plagued by short psychotic episodes during his last 18 months of... More »

Mystery of Woman Gifted Van Gogh's Ear Solved: Paper

Farmer's daughter bitten by rabid dog was ear recipient: newspaper

(Newser) - A recently uncovered pre-World War II sketch purports to show that Vincent van Gogh cut off most of his left ear, not just a small part of it. And while that fact is still being debated among historians, the name of the woman who supposedly was given that ear is... More »

1930 Sketch May Reveal Truth of van Gogh's Mutilation

Van Gogh's doctor sketched the injury decades after he treated the artist

(Newser) - An amateur historian says a secret detail about Vincent van Gogh has for decades sat in the archives of the writer who tackled the artist's life in the acclaimed 1934 fictionalized biography Lust for Life. In what a press release describes as "seven years of meticulous research,"... More »

'Dazzling' Find in France: a Van Gogh Sketchbook

French publisher says 'stunning' discovery will be released in book form in November

(Newser) - A "stunning, dazzling" find across the pond, per a French book publisher: a sketchbook that belonged to Dutch master painter Vincent Van Gogh, AFP reports. "This sketchbook was known only to the owners, myself, and the publisher," a Seuil official told the news agency Thursday, noting that... More »

Inside the Fight Over a Cherished Van Gogh Seized in 1918

Grabbed by Bolsheviks, purchased by Singer heir, bequeathed to Yale

(Newser) - The case is Konowaloff v. Yale, 15-921; the story is fascinating; the outcome is crushing, at least for Konowaloff. Pierre Konowaloff in 2008 learned that "Night Cafe," a Vincent Van Gogh painting worth $200 million, had for almost five decades been hanging in a gallery at Yale University.... More »

Van Gogh's Reds Aren't What They Used to Be

Researchers find 'missing link' explaining changing colors

(Newser) - Look at a Van Gogh painting today, and you're not quite getting the full effect. Reports in 2013, as cited in the Guardian , revealed that the paintings were fading; studies have found yellows are turning brown. The color red is also posing a problem in works like Wheat Stack ... More »

Authors: Here's Why We Think Van Gogh Was Murdered

His wound likely wasn't self-inflicted: outside expert

(Newser) - Back in 2011, a pair of biographers argued that the accepted theory of Vincent Van Gogh's death may have been wrong. He didn't commit suicide, they suggested; instead, it was a local teen who killed him. Their theory was met with some serious pushback, but they stand behind... More »

Museum Displays Ear Grown From Van Gogh DNA

It's from the great-great-grandson of brother Theo

(Newser) - A German museum has put on display a copy of Vincent van Gogh's ear that was grown using genetic material provided by one of the 19th-century Dutch artist's living relatives. The Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe said artist Diemut Strebe made the replica using living cells... More »

Van Gogh Missing for 40 Years Found in Safe-Deposit Box

Authorities have not yet authenticated the painting

(Newser) - A Van Gogh painting thought to have been missing for 40 years appears to have been found in a Spanish safe-deposit box, the Los Angeles Times reports. Tax collectors ran across Cypress, Sky and Country, an unframed 1-foot by 1-foot work, while going through the box's contents in December... More »

Here's a 'New' Van Gogh Work

'Sunset at Montmajour' from 'most important period of his life': expert

(Newser) - Its namesake has been dead for more than a century, but the Van Gogh Museum has a new work by the painter—and it's from what might be called his greatest-hits period. Painted in 1888, around the same time as "The Bedroom" and "The Sunflowers," "... More »

Young Van Gogh Watercolor Unveiled

Showcases darker tones of earlier work

(Newser) - For the first time in five years, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has added a new piece to its collection—and it looks a little different from your standard Vincent van Gogh. This one is an 1882 watercolor whose tones are much darker than those the artist later adopted.... More »

New Theory: Van Gogh Was Murdered

Local boy shot him, authors of ' Van Gogh: The Life' suggest

(Newser) - The accepted explanation for Vincent Van Gogh's death may be all wrong. While the standard story is that the artist shot himself in a field, managing to return to a nearby inn before he died, a new 900-page book paints a very different picture. In Van Gogh: The Life,... More »

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