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Apple Delays Office Return for 5th Time. This Time It's Indefinite

Employees, originally told to plan for February return, will also get $1K bonus, per CEO Tim Cook

(Newser) - First the date for Apple employees to return to the office was set for last June . That ended up getting shifted to September, and then three more times after that, with the latest target mapped out for Feb. 1. Now, once more thanks to COVID, yet another postponement, and this...

Tech Firm Pays $89.5M to Cancel Office Lease

Pinterest cites shift toward working at home

(Newser) - In an ominous sign for the commercial real estate market market, a social media company has decided to cough up $89.5 million instead of proceeding with a deal to rent new offices in San Francisco. The company cited the shift toward working from home for its decision to cancel...

Amid 'Uncertainty' Over New HK Law, a Big Move for NYT

Newspaper to relocate portion of its international staff in Hong Kong to Seoul

(Newser) - With low taxes and a location close to China's mainland, Hong Kong has long been seen as an ideal site in which media outlets can set up shop for their international teams. The New York Times, however, has announced that, due to Hong Kong's new security law against...

CDC Calls for Major Changes to America's Offices

Guidelines call for face masks, desk dividers

(Newser) - Millions of American workers will be returning to offices in the months to come—but employers may decide to keep millions more working from home instead of trying to comply with new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency's guidance on reopening office buildings contains...

WeWork Pulls 2.3K 'Toxic' Phone Booths Out of Service

Insiders say troubled firm plans round of layoffs

(Newser) - The problems are piling up for WeWork: The shared workspace company informed tenants Monday that it has closed 2,300 phone booths at 223 sites in the US and Canada after detecting high levels of a cancer-causing chemical, reports Reuters . The company says it began testing for formaldehyde after a...

Office Temperatures Really Are 'Sexist'
Office Temperatures
Really Are 'Sexist'
new study

Office Temperatures Really Are 'Sexist'

Researchers see how women fare in warmer rooms

(Newser) - The sweater. The jacket. The shawl. Women have ways of coping with office temperatures, which are geared for the faster male metabolism . Now there's a study showing that women actually perform better when it's warmer, the Smithsonian reports. Researchers recruited 543 German college students, male and female, and...

Typical Office Air Makes You Dumber
 How Office Air 
 Makes You Dumber 
new study

How Office Air Makes You Dumber

Poor ventilation is among the problems, study says

(Newser) - Yeah, that air you're breathing at the office? It's likely diminishing your brain power by more than half unless it's kept environmentally clean, according to a new study . Researchers came to this conclusion by placing 24 professionals—including engineers, designers, and architects—in a specialized office for...

Office Temperatures Are 'Sexist'
 Office Temperatures 
 Are 'Sexist' 
study says

Office Temperatures Are 'Sexist'

Temperatures are based on the male metabolism, study says

(Newser) - A man and woman work in the same room all day long. One is perfectly comfortable while the other is freezing her tush off. Sound strange? Nope, it's just daily life in offices, according to a new study that says our average building temperature is outdated and favors the...

Telecommuting Isn't as Great as You Think

Workers in study were more productive, but they missed their colleagues

(Newser) - Cogs in the wheel toiling away in an office have probably dreamed of working from home in pajamas. But a new study out of Stanford University suggests telecommuting may not be all it's cracked up to be, leading Business Insider to assert that "traditional workspaces will never disappear....

Windowless Offices Cut Workers' Sleep

 Windowless Offices 
 Cut Workers' Sleep 
study says

Windowless Offices Cut Workers' Sleep

Researchers point to health issue

(Newser) - No windows in your office? You may be losing sleep over it—literally. Researchers surveyed 22 workers getting natural light exposure and 27 others missing it; they found that those who were getting the exposure at work got an extra 46 minutes of sleep during the work week and reported...

Feds: Flatulent Worker No Problem After All

Social Security officials rescind reprimand against employee

(Newser) - That smell over in cubicle four? Let's not worry about it, Social Security officials have decided. The federal agency had reprimanded an employee last month for allegedly disrupting work "by passing gas and releasing an unpleasant odor," reports Today . The letter came with a timestamped log that...

Men Have More Bacteria in Their Offices: Study

Though it could just be because they're bigger

(Newser) - If you're a guy, chances are your office is swarming with microbial coworkers. OK, it's actually probably true for women as well, but a new study has found that on average, men have 10% to 20% more bacteria in their offices, the New York Times reports. "It...

Professionals Name Most Irritating Office Habits
 5 Worst Office Habits 

5 Worst Office Habits

If you want to please your co-workers, stop complaining

(Newser) - LinkedIn asked more than 17,000 professionals around the globe to name their biggest workplace pet peeve—and, surprisingly, the top spot went to something a bit more serious than leaving your smelly food in the office fridge. The top five:
  1. Those who don’t take ownership of their

Worker Dies in Cubicle, Not Found for Day

LA County employee Rebecca Wells, 51, found dead at desk

(Newser) - A Los Angeles County employee lay dead and slumped over her desk in an office cubicle for what could have been as long as a day before anybody noticed, police say. Rebecca Wells, a 51-year-old auditor who had recently become a grandmother, was found by a security guard Saturday afternoon,...

10 Sites Your Boss Is Most Likely to Block

You mean we actually have to work?

(Newser) - Funny how the hours between 9am and 5pm just fly by when Facebook is involved. Unfortunately, our bosses are on to us. A study by OpenDNS reports which websites were most blocked by companies in 2010. The Huffington Post has the top 10, noting the proportion of business networks that...

Your Boss Reads Your IMs... and 9 Things He Won't Admit

But fear not, you're not likely to get fired for online shopping

(Newser) - Ever wonder if your bosses are snooping on you at work? They probably are. On SmartMoney , Catey Hill reveals 10 things they’ll never tell you:
  • They read your emails and IMs: Some employ monitoring software that flags certain keywords or types of messages; one company estimates reading 5% to

Is Telecommuting Greener?
 Is Telecommuting Greener? 

Is Telecommuting Greener?

You'd think so, but the answer isn't that easy

(Newser) - Unless your idea of fun happens to include "exhaust, tiny workspaces, dress codes, and wasting your time," telecommuting is fantastic, writes Brian Palmer in Slate . Studies have shown that it's also "a win-win" for employers and employees in terms of productivity and quality of work. And it's...

TMI Takes Over at the Office
TMI Takes Over at the Office 

TMI Takes Over at the Office

If you're about to tell your co-workers about your kinky underwear habits, just stop

(Newser) - Discussions about shaving one's private parts over lunch. Dishing details about your husband's kinky underwear habits while pouring coffee. It's official, writes Elizabeth Bernstein, "the TMI phenomenon has invaded the workplace," and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Sure, Facebook and the confessional culture of reality...

Holiday Gifts Not to Get Your Boss
 Holiday Gifts 
 Not to Get 
 Your Boss 
good career advice

Holiday Gifts Not to Get Your Boss

To get ahead, steer clear of religion, politics, and 'The Office'

(Newser) - A thoughtful holiday gift for your boss can smooth out your workday and even help your career. But not all gifts are created equal. David Seaman of The Street lists some to avoid:
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: A self-help or management book "implies that you don't

Enough With the Skimpy Office Attire
 Enough With the 
 Skimpy Office Attire 

Enough With the Skimpy Office Attire

(Newser) - It’s all well and good that women in the workplace have dropped the power suit for more feminine attire, but does it have to come with "yards of cleavage," micro-minis, and peekaboo bra straps? Relaxed attire has wandered way into bimbo territory, and it's a big mistake,...

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