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DeSantis Wins Re-Election, Keeps 2024 Hopes on Track
Ron DeSantis Easily Wins
Re-Election in Florida
election 2022

Ron DeSantis Easily Wins Re-Election in Florida

Governor and possible 2024 presidential nominee defeats Democrat Charlie Crist

(Newser) - He may well run for president, but first Ron DeSantis had to make sure he didn't lose his governor's seat in Florida. On Tuesday, the Republican did just that by defeating Democrat Charlie Crist. The AP called the race about an hour after polls closed at 7. DeSantis...

DeSantis: Only One 'Worn-Out Old Donkey' in My Sights

In debate with Crist, Florida governor and potential 2024 candidate won't commit to full term

(Newser) - Gov. Ron DeSantis and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist had their only debate Monday night in the Florida gubernatorial race, and one subject in particular was getting a lot of attention in the aftermath—DeSantis' White House ambitions. The governor is considered to be a top 2024 presidential candidate, and Crist...

As Ian Bore Down on Florida, Political Barbs Continued

Storm didn't stop campaign ads from DeSantis, Demings, Rubio

(Newser) - On the one hand, seeing political ads on TV as a major storm rages outside your window might be a welcome distraction. Or, maybe you won't be in the mood to watch election-season nastiness as your roof shingles are getting ripped off by the wind. Apparently, several Florida politicians...

Crist Cruises to Victory in Florida Primary

But he won't defeat DeSantis unless there's a 'major, major scandal,' analyst says

(Newser) - The result of one of Tuesday's closest-watched votes is in: The AP reports that Rep. Charlie Crist has won the Democratic primary for Florida governor and will challenge Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in November. With 90% of the vote in, Crist had almost 60% of the vote compared to...

Crist Wins, but GOP Keeps the House
GOP Keeps
Control of
the House


GOP Keeps Control of the House

Notable: Liz Cheney grabs dad's old seat for Wyoming

(Newser) - An analyst declared days ago that "the race for the House is over," with "zero chance" of it going to the Dems, and it appears that prediction has now come to fruition. Both ABC News and NBC News have projected the GOP will keep control of the...

Governors: Scott Walker, Rick Scott Win; Wendy Davis Loses

Charlie Crist's comeback falls short

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Rick Scott will not hand his job back to former Gov. Charlie Crist. The Republican Scott fended off the challenge from Republican-turned-Democrat Crist tonight in one of the higher-profile races of the 36 gubernatorial contests on the ballot. Elsewhere, Wisconsin's Scott Walker defeated Mary Burke to keep...

Florida Governor Almost Calls Off Debate Over Fan

Heated debate gets off to bizarre start

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Rick Scott almost called off his debate with Democratic challenger Charlie Crist last night over a fan—and not the kind that would want the Republican's autograph. At the start of the debate, Scott refused to come out for at least six minutes because Crist had an...

Charlie Crist Becomes a Democrat

Former Republican governor backed Obama

(Newser) - From Republican to independent to Democrat: Florida's former GOP governor Charlie Crist has completed the paperwork to join the Democratic Party. "I've had friends for years tell me, 'You know, Charlie, you're a Democrat and you don't know it,'" he said in...

Ex-GOP: Florida Voting Law Was Designed to Hurt Dems

Charlie Crist, Jim Greer accuse GOP of electoral sabotage

(Newser) - Florida Republicans intentionally crafted a new early voting law to keep Democratic voters from getting to the polls, according to GOP advisers and former GOP officials. Republican leaders said they designed the law—which added to chaos at the polls —to fight voter fraud and save money, but former...

Obama, Biden to Cap Off DNC
 Obama, Biden to Cap Off DNC 

Obama, Biden to Cap Off DNC

Along with John Kerry, Charlie Crist

(Newser) - It's the final night of the Democratic National Convention, and that means it's time for the president himself to take the stage. No one seems entirely sure what he'll say, though USA Today believes he'll use the chance to define himself in his own words—in...

GOP Turncoat Charlie Crist to Speak at DNC

Republicans slam turncoat ex-governor

(Newser) - Looks like Charlie Crist has become the Joe Lieberman of this election cycle. The former Republican governor of Florida, who turned independent for a failed 2010 Senate bid, will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention next week, reports USA Today . Crist, who declared his support for President Obama over...

Former GOP Gov. Charlie Crist: I'm for Obama

Ron Paul, however, won't support Mitt Romney

(Newser) - Charlie Crist continued his political shift away from the GOP today by committing the ultimate betrayal: endorsing President Obama. "I'm confident that President Barack Obama is the right leader for our state and the nation," he writes in the Tampa Bay Times . The former GOP governor of...

Florida Leads Way in Education Equality

State has narrowed gap between rich and poor students: ProPublica

(Newser) - Jeb Bush has made a name for himself for education reform in Florida , and a first-of-its kind analysis by ProPublica suggests he's not just blowing smoke by at least one important measure. Florida now has the highest percentage of high school students in advanced classes and, crucially, "that...

Crist Has to Apologize Over David Byrne Song

... on YouTube, no less

(Newser) - Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist had to eat crow today—on YouTube. As part of a settlement with David Byrne for using a Talking Heads song without permission, Crist had to post a video with a formal apology, reports the Orlando Sentinel . "I pledge that, should there be any...

Florida to Wipe Jim Morrison's Indecent Exposure Conviction

Band members still insist he never showed anything

(Newser) - Jim Morrison was appealing his conviction for indecent exposure when he died in 1971. Nearly 40 years later, he'll finally get his wish: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will pardon Morrison today, a day after the Doors singer would have turned 67. Surviving band members still insist Morrison never actually exposed...

Charlie Crist to Pardon Jim Morrison?

Door's open: 'anything possible' before Crist leaves office

(Newser) - His Senate bid may have failed, but outgoing Florida Gov. Charlie Crist may still make his mark ... on rock and roll history: He’s considering pardoning Jim Morrison for indecent exposure charges at a 1969 concert. “It's something I’m willing to look into in the time I have...

The Most Covered Candidates of 2010

Guess who's No. 1?

(Newser) - When it comes to the most covered candidates of the midterm elections, is it any surprise that Tea Partiers claim five of the top 10 slots? The Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism analyzed the election stories produced by 52 TV networks, websites, radio stations, and newspapers since Jan....

Today's Winners, Predicted by Meghan McCain

Midterm successes, starring Christine O'Donnell

(Newser) - Meghan McCain expects a dark day for Democrats, with “more than a few upsets and memorable YouTube moments.” Her predictions in the Daily Beast :
  • Sharron Angle will beat Harry Reid in Nevada, and he’ll offer an “uncomfortable and possibly bitter concession speech.”
  • Charlie Crist will

Where The Big Races Stand
 Where the Big Races Stand 
polling roundup

Where the Big Races Stand

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio up big, Harry Reid, Sharron Angle too close to call

(Newser) - With T-Minus one day to the election, here's where the most-watched races in the country stand:
  • Harry Reid and Sharron Angle are locked in a dead heat; the latest Public Policy Polling survey has Angle squeaking ahead 47% to 46%.
  • Looks like harping on the Aqua Buddha incident didn't help

Bill Clinton Urged Meek to Drop Out of Florida Race

But deal to support Crist fell through

(Newser) - Politico has the scoop on some behind-the-scenes political intrigue in Florida starring none other than Bill Clinton. It seems Clinton made a personal appeal to Democrat Kendrick Meek to drop out of the Senate race and throw his support to Gov. Charlie Crist, who's running as an independent. The...

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