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Illinois Man Who Refused Treatment Dies of Rabies

Thomas Krob reportedly awoke last month to find a bat on his neck

(Newser) - Illinois' first human case of rabies in 67 years turned into a fatal one. An elderly Lake County resident who awoke in mid-August to find a bat on his neck has died of the disease after declining medical treatment, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. The man—identified...

COVID Jumped From Bats to Animal to Humans: WHO

Joint report with China finds that virus likely didn't originate in a lab

(Newser) - A joint China-World Health Organization study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission of the virus from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario and that a lab leak is "extremely unlikely," according to a draft obtained by the AP . The findings offer...

'Shocking' Find Made at Government Labs

PETA demands an audit at all National Institutes of Health laboratories

(Newser) - Mice cooked to death. Primates holed up in a room with 24-hour-a-day lights. An owl, denied veterinary care, that dies in a cage. These are among the 31 incidents uncovered through a freedom-of-information request about animal-welfare failures in government labs in 2018 and 2019—labs where official inspections are never...

He'd Find Bats on His Bed and Handle Them. Now He's Dead

Gary Giles first person to die from rabies in Utah since 1944

(Newser) - Gary Giles and his wife, Juanita, would often use their hands to catch the bats that would end up flying around inside their home in Moroni, Utah, and they never had any issues. "The bats would lick our fingers, almost like they could taste the saltiness of our fingers,...

Australia Is So Hot That Bats Are 'Boiling'

Nation's extreme heat taking a toll on flying foxes

(Newser) - This is the other-side-of-the-world counterpoint to the bizarre sight of frozen iguanas in last week's deep freeze in the US: Hundreds of bats in Australia are essentially boiling to death in the nation's extreme heat . A conservation group near Sydney, where temperatures recently reached 117 degrees, says that...

Salad Mix Included Bat: Report
Salad Mix Included
a Bat: Report 

Salad Mix Included a Bat: Report

CDC can't rule out rabies; 2 people in Florida being treated

(Newser) - A bag of salad mix went a little heavier on the "mix" than the "salad," reports CNN . Two people in Florida are now being treated for rabies exposure after finding a dead bat in a bag of Fresh Express Organic Marketside Spring Mix. Just in case you...

Flying Fox Invasion Drives Town Batty

'The smell is so bad ... we can actually taste it'

(Newser) - Batemans Bay, Australia, is a picturesque coastal town that always leaves the welcome mat out for tourists. But tens of thousands of visitors of another kind have more than outstayed their welcome—large bats. Residents feel trapped in their guano-coated houses, and those who venture outside soon feel a disgusting...

Florida Regulator Booted From Office by Bat Guano

Ten pounds of feces was found in his office ceiling

(Newser) - One of Florida's top regulators is being ordered to stay away from his office because of 10 pounds of bat guano discovered above his desk Thursday, the AP reports. Inspectors say they found the bat feces in the area above the ceiling in Ken Lawson's office. Lawson is...

Bats Are Like Humans in One Remarkable Way

Both species listen with both hemispheres of their brains

(Newser) - Humans were thought to be unique as a species in that we use both halves of our brains to "distinguish different aspects of sound," as Georgetown neuroscientist Stuart Washington puts it. Turns out we're not as special as we thought. A type of bat also displays this...

Origin of Ebola Outbreak: Tiny Guinea Bat?

Team says bats hunted by kids likely started this outbreak

(Newser) - The current Ebola epidemic—which now totals upward of 20,000 cases and more than 7,700 deaths—has already been traced to the tiny village of Meliandou in southern Guinea, where the person thought to be patient zero, 2-year-old Emile Ouamouno, died with Ebola-like symptoms in late 2013. Fruit...

In Bat Battles, Rivals Jam Each Other's Sonar

Study identifies technique for first time in Mexican free-tailed bats

(Newser) - Bats don't mess around when it comes to food fights—they can prevent rivals from snagging prey by emitting a noise that essentially jams the other bat's sonar. One researcher discovered the tactic for the first time among the Mexican free-tailed bat, which, like all bats, uses "...

Bats' Lethal Error: Mistaking Turbines for Trees

Scientists say they may be confused by wind patterns

(Newser) - Scientists trying to figure why tens of thousands of bats are killed by wind turbines each year think they've figured out a key piece of the puzzle: The bats think the turbines are trees, reports Nature World News . Using thermal and infra-red surveillance cameras, researchers discovered that the bats...

Scientists Find Bat Feared Extinct

Female from species not seen in more than a century is found (and killed)

(Newser) - Researchers studying bats in Papua New Guinea came across a long-lost friend in their nets: a female identified as a New Guinea big-eared bat, reports Scientific American . It's noteworthy because no specimen has been seen in 124 years, and the species was feared to be extinct. Now that a...

To Thwart Ebola, Guinea Bans Bat-Eating

Local delicacy blamed for Guinea outbreak

(Newser) - Bats are now off the menu in Guinea, where an outbreak of Ebola is now believed to have killed at least 62 people. Bats are a delicacy in the West African nation, where they tend to be made into a peppery soup served in village stores that sell alcohol, the...

Genetically, Dolphins Are Like ... Bats?

They have nearly 200 genomic regions in common

(Newser) - One is an adorable marine mammal. The other is a creepy flying rodent that inspires masked vigilantes. But it turns out that, deep down, dolphins and bats have a surprising amount in common. A new study has found that dolphin and bat genes are strikingly similar in nearly 200 genomic...

SARS-Like Virus Traced to Egyptian Tomb Bat

Feces pellet provides perfect match for mystery virus

(Newser) - Researchers scrambling to find the source of the deadly MERS virus have pinpointed an animal culprit—but they're still not sure how it has been passed to humans. An exact match for the virus that has sickened 96 people in the Middle East, killing almost half of them, was...

Male Bats Seen Giving Oral Sex to Females

Longer cunnilingus may increase chance of conception: scientists

(Newser) - Bats in India have a good thing going on: Scientists analyzing a colony of about 420 fruit-eating bats there observed males performing cunnilingus on females, LiveScience reports. Over more than 13 months, researchers saw 57 cases of sex, both intercourse and oral. Males gave oral sex for an average of...

Bat-Killing Fungus Hits Famed US Park

Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park latest white-nose syndrome victim

(Newser) - The fungus that has already killed 6 million bats in the eastern US and Canada has been found in Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park for the first time, reports the Los Angeles Times . A bat with white-nose syndrome was discovered in Long Cave, a 1.3-mile-long cave not linked...

Bat Die-Off Offers Clues in AIDS Fight

 Dead Bats Could 
 Provide AIDS Clue 
study says

Dead Bats Could Provide AIDS Clue

Study finds similar immune system response

(Newser) - One positive development may come out of the study of white nose syndrome , the devastating disease killing off swaths of bats: insight into AIDS. Researchers studying bats who survived white nose, only to die anyway, eventually realized the bats' own aggressive immune response was to blame. After fighting off the...

White-Nose Disease Could Kill Off Gray Bats

And that's bad news for economy, environment

(Newser) - Another species of bat is suffering from white-nose syndrome —and the fungus threatens the animal's extinction within just two years. Unlike other species suffering from the disease, gray bats live in caves throughout the year, and the disease "could spread exponentially through the cave," a Missouri...

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