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Some 'Heavy Hitters' to Appear at Night 2 of DNC

Virtual convention will also hear from Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell

(Newser) - Joe Biden is drawing on party elders at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday, making the case that he and his party are uniquely positioned with experience and expertise to repair chaos that President Trump has created at home and abroad. He's also showing off younger Democrats the party hopes... More »

Another Big Republican Won't Vote for Trump

Carly Fiorina is OK voting for Biden instead

(Newser) - Carly Fiorina voted for Donald Trump in 2016 after running against him in the GOP primary, but he won't be getting her vote in 2020. "I've been very clear that I can't support Donald Trump," she tells the Atlantic . She was then asked if that... More »

Powell: Trump Has 'Drifted'

The former secretary of state also says he's voting for Biden

(Newser) - Colin Powell hit State of the Union on Sunday and added his name to the list of ex-military officials criticizing President Trump, CNN reports. The former Republican secretary of state said Trump has "drifted away" from the Constitution in his strongman response to the George Floyd protests: "We... More »

Colin Powell Gets a Flat, and a Surprise Helper

Veteran Anthony Maggert, who lost his leg in Afghanistan, was happy to help

(Newser) - Both Anthony Maggert and Colin Powell got a bit of a surprise Wednesday—Maggert, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, by seeing Powell stranded on the side of the road with a flat, and Powell by seeing Maggert, who lost his leg while in Afghanistan, pulling over to help him, reports... More »

Colin Powell Announces Who He's Voting For

And it's not Donald Trump

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton secured the support of a fellow former secretary of state on Tuesday when Colin Powell announced he would be voting for her, New York magazine reports. "She is balanced, she has temperament, and no matter what anyone says she has stamina," the retired four-star general said.... More »

Hacked Emails Reveal Powell's Contempt of Trump

Former secretary of state calls him a 'national disgrace'

(Newser) - The emails of a former United States secretary of state are again making headlines in the 2016 race, and this time Donald Trump is the one who won't be pleased. Hackers got into the personal account of Colin Powell, and the former secretary of state is revealed to have... More »

Powell: Clinton 'Trying to Pin' Email Fiasco on Me

Says she was using private server long before he sent her a memo

(Newser) - Colin Powell thinks Hillary Clinton is trying to turn him into a scapegoat for her email trouble. The issue first made headlines Friday thanks to an account in the New York Times alleging that Powell had advised Clinton near the beginning of her tenure as secretary of state to use... More »

Powell Wrote Clinton of His Own Use of Private Email Server

He used AOL for personal messages while secretary of state

(Newser) - Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says he sent Hillary Clinton a memo touting his use of a personal email account after she took over as the nation's top diplomat in 2009. In a statement provided Friday to the AP , Powell said he emailed Clinton describing his use of... More »

Bush's Secretaries of State Also Have Email Problems

Colin Powell used personal email account

(Newser) - A welcome development for the Hillary Clinton campaign: Investigators reviewing the sending of classified State Department information have discovered that at least a dozen classified emails were sent to personal accounts linked to George W. Bush's secretaries of state, the New York Times reports. According to a letter between... More »

Colin Powell: Iran Accord Is a 'Pretty Good Deal'

Debbie Wasserman Schultz also backs deal

(Newser) - The Iran nuclear deal picked up some high-profile support today, with Colin Powell coming to the defense of what he tells NBC News is "a pretty good deal." "These are remarkable changes, and so we have stopped this highway race that (the Iranians) were going down—and... More »

Trayvon Verdict 'Questionable,' Soon 'Forgotten': Colin Powell

Former secretary warns GOP voter ID laws will backfire

(Newser) - Colin Powell today called out the Trayvon Martin verdict, calling it "questionable judgment on the part of the judicial system down there," but predicting that the case would fade quickly from national memory. "I don't know if it will have staying power,” Powell said on... More »

Republicans Need Colin Powell

Joe Scarborough: Embrace Powell, or party may not survive

(Newser) - Colin Powell's criticism of the GOP Sunday did not go over well with many members of his party—but Joe Scarborough thinks moderate, electable Powell is exactly what Republicans need. As the late William F. Buckley put it, conservatives need to take reality into account. Or as Scarborough puts... More »

Powell Blasts GOP's 'Dark Vein of Intolerance'

Former general says GOP needs to take a look at its relationship with minorities

(Newser) - If you wanted to know Colin Powell's thoughts on just about anything, today was your day: Appearing on Meet the Press, the former secretary of state covered topics ranging from gun control to torture, but seemed to take particular issue with his own Republican party, saying that while he'... More »

Sununu Chalks Up Powell's Obama Endorsement to Race

And then immediately walks it back after TV interview

(Newser) - John Sununu is co-chair of Mitt Romney's campaign and thus not happy that Republican Colin Powell endorsed President Obama. But the former White House chief of staff raised eyebrows last night on CNN with how he dismissed its importance:
  • "When you take a look at Colin Powell, you
... More »

Colin Powell Endorses Obama

But says he's still a Republican

(Newser) - Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a longtime Republican, is sticking with President Obama in this year's election. He tells CBS This Morning he respects Mitt Romney, but thinks he's been vague on many issues. Speaking of Obama, Powell said the president got the United States out of... More »

Powell Endorses Gay Marriage, But Not Obama

Same-sex marriage is 'way we should move,' he says

(Newser) - Colin Powell has come out in favor of same-sex marriage. "I have no problem with it," he told CNN . "In terms of the legal matter of creating a contract between two people that's called marriage, and allowing them to live together with the protection of law,... More »

Colin Powell: Tea Party Candidates Can't Win

But Dems, GOP also too partisan, he tells Christiane Amanpour

(Newser) - Colin Powell took aim at Tea Party candidates, Democrats, and Republicans alike today in a plea for compromise on Capitol Hill. Speaking on Christiane Amanpour, the former Bush secretary of state said Tea Party contenders are too hard-line to win next year's presidential election: "The Tea Party point... More »

Herman Cain: Former Biz Whiz? Try Lobbyist

GOP hopeful fought smoking bans, minimum wage increases

(Newser) - Herman Cain is known as the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza and an upstart GOP presidential candidate. But between those pursuits, he filled his Washington Rolodex as a highly effective industry lobbyist in the late 1990s, the New York Times reports. His industry: restaurants. His major issues: fighting smoking... More »

Powell Aide: Cheney Fears War Crime Trial

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson slams 'vindictive' memoir

(Newser) - It doesn't look as if the Colin Powell-Dick Cheney feud is going to end any time soon. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Powell's longtime chief of staff, says that Cheney—whose new memoir is sharply critical of Powell—"fears being tried as a war criminal" and "was president... More »

Limbaugh: ‘Melanin Is Thicker Than Water’

Rush doesn't believe 'ideal Republican' will turn his back on Obama

(Newser) - Colin Powell said this weekend that he wasn't all that sure about voting for President Obama this election, but Rush Limbaugh says that's a load of hooey, reports ThinkProgress . When it comes down to it, the "titular head of the Republican party, the ideal model Republican" will... More »

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