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Two 737s Couldn't Handle Weight of Sumo Wrestlers

Japan Airlines had to add extra flight to bring large men to festival on southern island

(Newser) - Japan Airlines had to take what it says was a "very unusual" step when numerous sumo wrestlers tried to travel to one of the country's southern islands on the same day. The Guardian reports that the airline added an extra flight after determining that two flights carrying wrestlers,...

In Sumo's Cinderella Story, Big Boys Do Cry
Sumo Champ
Wins Over

Tearful Sumo Champ Wins Over Japan

Tokushoryu is first bottom-ranked wrestler to win top title in 20 years

(Newser) - Sumo fans aren't used to seeing displays of emotion. But Tokushoryu's tears upon winning Japan's first main sumo tournament of the year on Sunday are just part of the reason fans have embraced the up-and-coming wrestler. With the rank of No. 17 maegashira, the 414-pound Tokushoryu was...

Women Trying to Save Man's Life Ordered Out of Sumo Ring

Sports official apologizes in Japan after incident

(Newser) - A jarring incident in a sumo ring has triggered a national conversation in Japan about how women are treated. On Wednesday, women who rushed to save a man who collapsed were ordered to leave the ring because of the sport's tradition that women are "impure" and cannot enter...

Sumo Rocked by Champ's Alleged Beer Bottle Assault

Police are investigating Mongolia's Harumafuji

(Newser) - Going after a fellow sumo wrestler in the ring is quite all right. Outside the ring, and with a beer bottle, not so much. Hence why star athlete Harumafuji of Mongolia, one of only four active wrestlers to have achieved sumo's highest rank of grand champion, has thrown the...

Inflatable Sumo Suit Led to Brain Injury for Girl, 15: Suit

She hit her head 3 times and has never been the same, mom says

(Newser) - Celaida Lissabet, 15, was participating in what was supposed to be a fun event at her Miami-area charter school last October, wrestling with a classmate while wearing an inflatable sumo suit during "Spirit Day"—but things went terribly awry, leaving the girl with severe brain damage, according to...

Say It Ain't So: Sumo's Fixed!
 Say It Ain't So: Sumo's Fixed! 

Say It Ain't So: Sumo's Fixed!

Wrestlers admit arranging matches in Japan

(Newser) - Three Sumo wrestlers have admitted fixing matches in Japan, and the scandal is only expected to grow, reports the Guardian . "It is certainly the national sport," said Prime Minister Naoto Kan. "If matches have been fixed, it is a serious betrayal of the people." Police found...

Killing Exposes Sumo's Brutality
Killing Exposes Sumo's Brutality

Killing Exposes Sumo's Brutality

Teenager dies after routine beating

(Newser) - Seventeen-year-old sumo wrestler Takashi Saito was beaten to death 8 months ago, but the Japan Sumo Association took until last Thursday to punish the alleged culprits—Saito’s trainer and three fellow wrestlers. The dawdling response was much too slow to prevent a public relations disaster: Japan now knows that...

Declining Sumo May Modernize
Declining Sumo May Modernize

Declining Sumo May Modernize

Ancient violent sport struggles to find place in modern Japan

(Newser) - A series of sumo wrestling controversies has led to soul-searching within the venerable Japanese sport. A 17-year-old apprentice died from hazing at a sumo school, and a grand champion is accused of faking an injury and fixing matches. As troubles pile up and popularity continues to decline, writes the New ...

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