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Adulterers in NY Aren't Just Cheaters—They're Criminals

State legislature is looking to repeal 1907 law that made cheating on your spouse a misdemeanor

(Newser) - For more than a century, it's been a crime to cheat on your spouse in New York. But as the AP reports, adultery may soon be legal in the Empire State, thanks to a bill working its way through the Legislature that would finally repeal the seldom-used law that'...

Parliament Nears Outlawing Adultery, Insulting President
Parliament Votes to Outlaw
Extramarital Affairs

Parliament Votes to Outlaw Extramarital Affairs

Human rights organizations and Indonesian business groups worry about the fallout

(Newser) - Indonesian lawmakers on Tuesday voted to criminalize adultery. Parliament unanimously approved the penal code revision, which must still be signed by the president and will then take effect sometime in the next three years, the AP reports. "(The new Criminal Code) has a lot of implementing regulations that must...

Woman's 'Death by Stoning' Sentence Rattles Activists

It's the first such sentence in Sudan in nearly a decade

(Newser) - An October military coup in Sudan may have shifted the movement on women's rights there, and not in a good way. A 20-year-old woman arrested in White Nile state last month and charged with adultery has now heard her fate: death by stoning, the first known sentence like it...

He Helped Introduce Flogging Laws, Gets Flogged Himself

Mukhlis bin Muhammad was reportedly caught having affair in Aceh, Indonesia

(Newser) - A religious leader and employee of an organization that helped draft strict religious laws in the Indonesian province of Aceh, including those in favor of public flogging, was himself flogged for adultery on Thursday. Aceh Ulema Council (MPU) member Mukhlis bin Muhammad was whipped 28 times after he was reportedly...

A Tiny Nation's New Laws Are Jolting the World
A Tiny Nation's New Laws
Are Jolting the World
the rundown

A Tiny Nation's New Laws Are Jolting the World

Adultery, gay sex punishable by death in Brunei under laws set to come into force Wednesday

(Newser) - The official name of the tiny nation of Brunei is Negara Brunei Darussalam , with Negara meaning country and Darussalam translating to "abode of peace." Outraged people around the world might find that latter part a misnomer. Brunei was on Wednesday set to introduce the most drastic elements of...

New Penalty for Gay Sex, Adultery: Death by Stoning

Brunei will put sharia law punishments into effect next week

(Newser) - The small kingdom of Brunei is taking its Sharia law to a whole new level next week: Beginning April 3, anyone convicted of having gay sex or cheating on their spouse will be stoned to death, reports the Guardian . The nation in Southeast Asia adopted the strict Islamic code nearly...

India Legalizes Adultery
India Legalizes Adultery

India Legalizes Adultery

Ruling strikes down 158-year-old law

(Newser) - "It is time to say husband is not the master," Dipak Misra, the chief justice of India's top court, says in a ruling striking down the country's adultery law. "Legal sovereignty of one sex over another is wrong." The ruling jettisoning the 158-year-old colonial-era...

Man Who Beat 'Adulterous' Wife Escapes Jail Time

Activists slam 'revolting' court ruling in Portugal

(Newser) - Women's rights groups reacted with outrage after a Portuguese court quoted the Bible in a ruling that justified a suspended sentence for a man who attacked his "adulterous" ex-wife with a nail-spiked bat, NPR reports. The appeals court judges in Porto called adultery a "serious attack" on...

Director Joss Whedon's Ex Delivers Scathing Blog Post

Kai Cole accuses him of hypocrisy and adultery in post at the Wrap

(Newser) - Hollywood's Joss Whedon has the reputation of creating strong female characters and championing feminist values, but his ex-wife has just delivered a stinging assault to that image. In a guest blog at the Wrap , Kai Cole alleges that Whedon cheated on her, a lot, going back 15 years to...

Legislators Reject Bill to Decriminalize Adultery

Virginia legislator says it should be just a civil offense

(Newser) - A legislative panel has rejected a bill to decriminalize adultery in Virginia, one of about a dozen states where infidelity is a crime. Virginia law classifies marital infidelity as a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $250. Democratic Sen. Scott Surovell of Fairfax County proposed keeping the $250 penalty but...

Good News, Bad News for Adulterer Sentenced to Die

Saudi court reduces sentence to 3 years in prison

(Newser) - An appeal has spared the life of a Sri Lankan maid sentenced to death by stoning for adultery in Saudi Arabia. A court announced the unidentified woman's sentence would be reduced to a three-year prison term on Wednesday, about four months after she was convicted of adultery with a...

Saudis Reopen Case of Woman Sentenced to Die Over Adultery

Court will take new look after Sri Lanka raises objections

(Newser) - A Saudi court has decided to reopen the case of a Sri Lankan woman who was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery. Deputy Foreign Minister Harsha de Silva told parliament that an appeals court in Riyadh has decided to hear the case again following pleas by Sri Lanka's...

5 Infamous Love Scandals
 5 Infamous Love Scandals 

5 Infamous Love Scandals

Think Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

(Newser) - Ah, illicit love: It sure is tantalizing but can lead to little problems like bitterness, suicide, and death by execution. As history shows, per Ozy :
  • Mary Godwin and Percy Bysshe Shelley: Mary was just 16 when she met the attractive, married 21-year-old poet. That they touched with the "full

Adultery No Big Deal if Done for Business: Court

Tokyo courts typically award wife damages, but not in this case

(Newser) - Typically, if your husband cheats on you in Tokyo and you sue his mistress, you'll be awarded damages from said mistress. It's considered a way of protecting marriage, the Japan Times reports, but last year the Tokyo District Court broke with the practice—big time. A wife who...

Adultery Is Now Legal in South Korea

62-year-old law is abolished

(Newser) - A prominent South Korean maker of latex condoms ended the day with its stock up 15%, and a manufacturer of the morning-after pill saw a nearly 10% jump. The atypical reason why: The country's highest court today ruled that adultery is not a crime. It's been one since...

NH Cheaters Rejoice: Adultery May Soon Be Legal

State aims to repeal ban on cheating

(Newser) - Technically, it's a crime to cheat on your spouse in New Hampshire, though the anti-adultery law hasn't been enforced in more than 10 years. But soon, you may only need to worry about the moral ramifications of stepping out on your husband or wife, not the potential legal...

Future Fate of Afghan Adulterers: Public Stoning?

Human Rights Watch up in arms over proposed provision

(Newser) - Human Rights Watch is up in arms over what it says is an Afghan government proposal to publicly stone married adulterers. It got a look at the draft revision of Afghanistan's penal code, which states that if a court determines a couple engaged in adultery, both shall be...

Indonesia Looks to Ban Black Magic, Premarital Sex

Practitioners face 5 years in jail

(Newser) - Indonesian lawmakers are considering a new criminal code that probably won't do much to hold the country up as a bastion of modern thinking. Among the proposals in the new code, drafted by a team led by a conservative Muslim scholar:
  • Premarital sex: Five years in prison
  • Singles living

Navy: Sub Commander Faked Death to End Affair

He loses his command of nuclear submarine

(Newser) - The commander of a nuclear submarine tried to concoct an ingenious plan to get himself out a jam, but the Hunt for Red October this is not. The Navy says Cmdr. Michael P. Ward II tried to end an affair by sending a fake email from a guy named "...

Anti-Adultery Ring? It Imprints 'I'm Married'
 Anti-Adultery Ring?
 It Imprints 'I'm Married'
in case you missed it

Anti-Adultery Ring? It Imprints 'I'm Married'

Engraving on the inside leaves words on your finger

(Newser) - Worried about your spouse slipping off the wedding ring and cheating on you? Put this in the last-resort category: a ring that leaves the words 'I'M MARRIED' on the flesh. The band is engraved on the inside, so an imprint on the skin is made after it's...

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