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At This Rate, Arctic Town Fears It Could Soon Host Summer Olympics

Village in Finland hopes to draw attention to global warming with its bid to land Games

(Newser) - "I was with my daughter outside an hour ago,” Erkki Parkinnen said Friday evening on a Zoom call. "It was nice." The temperature was up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit in Salla, northern Finland. That's cold, but it's how Parkkinen, the town's mayor, likes...

2020 Also Was Too Hot, Scientists Say

A virtual tie with 2016 made the decade the warmest on record

(Newser) - A sizzling 2020 cemented the last decade as the world's hottest since at least 1880. Last year came in 0.04 degrees Fahrenheit under 2016, one US agency reported, while another found the two years too close to call, the Wall Street Journal reports. "This is another piece...

Here's Another Something the 1% Do
Here's Another
Something the 1% Do

Here's Another Something the 1% Do

1% of the population causes about half of air travel emissions, and researchers say it's time to rethink

(Newser) - With a 50% drop in passengers taking to the skies in 2020, there's no better time to overhaul an industry responsible for dangerous carbon emissions, according to researchers. "If you want to resolve climate change … then we should start at the top, where a few 'super...

Paris Accord Has Just Lost a Big Member

United States has formally left Paris Agreement, which is trying to curb global warming

(Newser) - The United States on Wednesday formally left the Paris Agreement, a global pact forged five years ago to avert the threat of catastrophic climate change. The move, long threatened by President Trump and triggered by his administration a year ago, further isolates the United States in the world but has...

Ship Finds Scary Gas Bubbling From the Deep
Ship Finds Scary Gas
Bubbling From the Deep
scientific find

Ship Finds Scary Gas Bubbling From the Deep

A scientific team finds methane off the coast of Siberia

(Newser) - Those are methane bubbles—and that's not good news. So said a group of international scientists after analyzing the Siberian coast along the Arctic Ocean, the Weather Channel reports. The 60-member team said the bubbles were mostly dissolving in water, but high methane levels at the surface suggest that...

Nobel Laureate Who Proved Danger of CFCs Dies at 77

Mario Molina helped prove chlorofluorocarbons posed significant threat to environment

(Newser) - A Nobel laureate who helped prove how dangerous chlorofluorocarbons are to the ozone layer and who served as a scientific adviser to President Obama has died. Dr. Mario Molina, a US citizen born in Mexico, passed away Wednesday at the age of 77 at his Mexico City home, the Washington ...

Wildfires Grow on Epic Scale
Wildfires Grow
on Epic Scale

Wildfires Grow on Epic Scale

One California fire alone is burning across 1M acres

(Newser) - The staggering scale of California's wildfires reached another milestone Monday: A single fire surpassed 1 million acres, the AP reports. The new mark for the August Complex in the Coast Range between San Francisco and the Oregon border came a day after the total area of land burned by...

'Unfathomable' Fires Break New Record

California fires have destroyed over 4M acres

(Newser) - Deadly wildfires in California have burned more than 4 million acres this year—more than double the previous record for the most land burned in a single year in the state, the AP reports. California fire officials said the state hit the astonishing milestone Sunday with about two months remaining...

China Makes Surprise Pledge on Climate

Promise to reach carbon neutrality by 2060 is seen as a 'game changer'

(Newser) - The world's top-polluting nation has pledged to reach carbon neutrality by 2060—"a tectonic shift in policy" that "could help significantly slow global warming," reports the New York Times . Chinese President Xi Jinping made the surprise announcement in addressing the UN General Assembly by video on...

Climate Change Enters the Election Debate
175-Year-Old Magazine
Endorses Candidate
for First Time
the rundown

175-Year-Old Magazine Endorses Candidate for First Time

'Scientific American' backs Biden as climate change becomes a 2020 issue

(Newser) - Climate change emerged front and center in the election on Monday, at least temporarily. The big quote came from President Trump when he was discussing the West's wildfires with a natural resources official in California. "It'll start getting cooler. You just watch," Trump said. When the...

Deadliest US Blaze of 2020: 'No Fighting This Fire'

At least 9 are dead as area burned in California surpasses size of Connecticut

(Newser) - Berry Creek, Calif., has been largely destroyed in what has become the deadliest fire of 2020, a year that has already shattered California records for the most area burned—more land than the state of Connecticut—and recorded the largest fire of all time in the state. Five of the...

'It Was Making Noises. It Was Like Something Alive'

Crater 17 is discovered in Siberia

(Newser) - "It was making noises. It was like something alive." And now there are at least 17 of them. Popular Mechanics reports journalists with Russian news agency Vesti Yamal in July observed a 164-foot-deep crater on the Yamal Peninsula, the 17th such crater to have been found in a...

Emperor Penguin Poop Reveals Hidden Colonies

On the downside, all are in fragile areas

(Newser) - Good news following a massive breeding failure of emperor penguins: There are 20% more colonies in Antarctica than previously known. They were discovered thanks to patches of penguin poop so large they could be seen from space. The red-brown guano left behind on ice, captured in high-resolution images from a...

Title of New Climate Change Book Says It All: False Alarm

US economist Joseph Stiglitz takes issue with Bjorn Lomborg's new book on how to battle climate change

(Newser) - Bjorn Lomborg has dropped another bomb in the climate-change debate, and one economist is rushing to defuse it. "As a matter of policy, I typically decline to review books that deserve to be panned. You only make enemies," writes Joseph Stiglitz in his New York Times review of...

Biden Unveils $2T Climate Plan: 'What I Think of Is Jobs'

'The Climate President that America needs,' Wash. Gov. Inslee said in an email response

(Newser) - Joe Biden released a $2 trillion plan Tuesday to boost investment in clean energy and stop all climate-damaging emissions from US power plants by 2035, arguing that dramatic action is needed to tackle climate change and revive the economy. In remarks near his home in Wilmington, Del., the presumptive Democratic...

It Was 100 Degrees in the Arctic Saturday

If confirmed that will be its hottest temperature on record

(Newser) - If the temperature recorded in Verkhoyansk, Russia, on Saturday is confirmed, it will be an all-time high for Siberia. The city, just 6 miles north of the Arctic Circle, had a high of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, reports. That would be the highest temperature on record anywhere north...

Hurricanes Are Getting Worse—and Here's Why
Hurricanes Are
No Longer the Same
new study

Hurricanes Are No Longer the Same

A new study confirms what scientists have predicted

(Newser) - Are hurricanes getting worse? That's what climate models have long predicted, and now there's evidence: A new study finds that hurricanes have indeed grown more powerful in recent decades, LiveScience reports. "The trend is there and it is real," lead study author James Kossin tells the...

Greenhouse Gas Numbers Are In, and They're Remarkable

Carbon dioxide emissions dropped by 17% amid pandemic, but scientists say it won't last

(Newser) - Scientists have completed the first comprehensive look at how the pandemic has affected greenhouse gas emissions, and the big stat is eye-popping. Daily emissions dropped 17% in April as nations around the world went into lockdown mode, according to the study in the Nature Climate Change journal. That figure is...

Drought in Western US May Be One for the Ages
Worst 'Megadrought' in 1K
Years May Be Upon Us
in case you missed it

Worst 'Megadrought' in 1K Years May Be Upon Us

Scientists say dry spell in Western US is worst in modern history

(Newser) - Scientists say a 20-year drought across the western US is in fact an emerging "megadrought" as bad as any in the region over the last 1,200 years. Megadroughts, intense droughts that last decades, have a long history in the Desert Southwest. Indeed, the study area—including nine states...

Meet the 'Anti-Greta'
Meet the 'Anti-Greta'
the rundown

Meet the 'Anti-Greta'

Germany's Naomi Seibt, 19, will address CPAC this week

(Newser) - You're familiar with young climate activist Greta Thunberg . Now those who accuse her of being an alarmist have a young person of their own to spread their counter message—19-year-old Naomi Seibt of Germany, reports Mic . Seibt, nicknamed the "anti-Greta," is about to get what is perhaps...

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