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Jelly Belly Founder Launches Wonka-esque Treasure Hunt

Winner will receive key to a candy factory

(Newser) - A bright spot in COVID times: The founder of jellybean company Jelly Belly is launching a nationwide treasure hunt that sounds more like something out of a storybook than real life. David Klein, who no longer owns Jelly Belly, is giving away a Florida candy factory to the lucky winner....

Woman Sues Candymaker for Its Sugar-Filled Jelly Beans
Woman Sues Candymaker
for Its Sugar-Filled
Jelly Beans

Woman Sues Candymaker for Its Sugar-Filled Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly's response: This is 'nonsense'

(Newser) - Most people know that jelly beans contain sugar. A California woman, however, says she was left in the dark and now wants retribution. Jessica Gomez says she purchased Jelly Belly's Sport Beans—advertised as a supplement for carbohydrates, electrolytes, and vitamins—believing the candy had a lot less sugar...

Jelly Belly Family Sued Over Man Crushed by WWII Tank

Victim's family says tank was not safe, driver was not trained

(Newser) - The Jelly Belly family is being sued over the death of a man crushed by a WWII tank at the chairman's home in August. The tragedy occurred at a family reunion at the California home of Herman Rowland Sr., chair of the candy company's board and an avid...

WWII Tank Crushes Man at Jelly Belly Chief's Home

Herman Rowland's son-in-law had permission to drive tank

(Newser) - A 54-year-old man was killed after being run over by a World War II-era tank over the weekend, but he wasn't on any kind of battlefield. Kevin Wright was attending a family reunion at the Fairfield, Calif., home of Jelly Belly Chairman Herman Rowland Sr. on Saturday when he...

The Sour Story of Jelly Belly's Willy Wonka

Candymaker now gives $5 tours of his small factory

(Newser) - There's no candy-coating the story of Jelly Belly creator David Klein. After coming up with the idea for the high-end jelly bean company, he took a modest buy-out in 1980 and has regretted it ever since, reports the Los Angeles Times in a profile. Klein, an eccentric 64-year-old, now...

10 Sweet Spots to Visit
10 Sweet Spots to Visit

10 Sweet Spots to Visit

Willy Wonka may be a fictional persona, but these ten real-life fun-food factories will bring out the kid in anyone.

(Newser) - Travel & Leisure takes you on a tour of a fun-food factories, where delights range from twisting your own pretzel to sampling donuts hot off the line.  Some factory tours can even be experienced from home.
  1. Twinkie:
  2. Tootsie Pop:
  3. Ben and Jerry's:  Waterbury,

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