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Artist: I Was Sexually Assaulted While Performing Nude in Famed Exhibit

He's now suing MoMA, saying museum didn't take action

(Newser) - A performer who appeared naked in a show by world-renowned performance artist Marina Abramovic at New York City's Museum of Modern Art is suing the museum, saying it failed to take action after he was sexually assaulted multiple times by attendees during the performances nearly 14 years ago, the...

Cops: Angry Patron Stabs 2 Workers at MoMA
Suspect in MoMa
Stabbings Arrested

Suspect in MoMa Stabbings Arrested

Gary Cabana, 60, was apprehended in Philadelphia

(Newser) - Update: The suspect wanted in the stabbing of two Museum of Modern Art employees over the weekend in New York City has been arrested, reports the New York Times . Gary Cabana, 60, was taken into custody at a Greyhound station in Philadelphia, per Steve Keeley of Fox29. The two stabbing...

Somebody Stole $105K Photos at MoMa, Mailed Them Back

NYPD releases surveillance video of woman mailing photos back to museum annex in NYC

(Newser) - The Museum of Modern Art has an odd mystery on its hands. First, somebody stole two photos of performance artist Carolee Schneemann worth $105,000 from a museum annex in Queens. Then somebody mailed them back, good as new. Now the NYPD has released surveillance video of the young woman...

Film Gives Rare Snapshot of NYC in 1911

MoMA is making the film available online through mid-July

(Newser) - New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is giving online viewers a chance to time travel back to 1911 New York via a rare, nine-minute film available on its website until July 14. According to the museum, Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern filmed the black-and-white footage, depicting everyday life in...

Among MoMA's New Masterpieces: Emojis
Among MoMA's New
Masterpieces: Emojis

Among MoMA's New Masterpieces: Emojis

Artist palette, clap, smiley face headed to the museum, people

(Newser) - An ear will now hang alongside masterpieces by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Monet in New York City. Don't worry, it's not Van Gogh's ear but rather the emoji version. Shigetaka Kurita's original set of 176 emojis created for Japanese cellphone users in 1999—which provided "...

Tilda Swinton Sleeping in a Box in NYC

The actor performs her art piece at MoMA

(Newser) - Tilda Swinton is in a box, she's resting, and people are watching her. That's the gist of "The Maybe," a piece the actor is performing today at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Gawker reports. Only problem for art (or Swinton) fans is...

MoMA's New Masterpiece: Pac-Man

Museum acquires 14 video games, will display them in gallery

(Newser) - Are video games art? "They sure are," writes Museum of Modern Art senior curator Paola Antonelli in a blog post today, announcing that the museum has acquired 14 video games spanning much of the history of the form for display in its prestigious galleries. Nor is this a...

Lusty Nude Is Booted From MoMA Exhibit

Male was growing problem at Marina Abramovic exhibit

(Newser) - It's not only spectators who are getting frisky at a Museum of Modern Art show featuring live nude models. One male on display in the Manhattan exhibit was so aroused by the experience that he was asked to leave, reports Page Six . The exhibit by artist Marina Abramovic features a...

Ownership Dispute Swirls Around NY Picassos

Heirs of German-Jewish banker say Nazis forced sale of paintings, now worth millions

(Newser) - The heirs of a German-Jewish banker are demanding that New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Guggenheim relinquish possession of two works by Picasso, Der Spiegel reports. The heirs say the two paintings, Boy Leading a Horse and Le Moulin de la Galette, unjustly fell into the hands of...

Houston, MoMA Tops in Arts $$$
Houston, MoMA Tops in Arts $$$

Houston, MoMA Tops in Arts $$$

Tops in donations: Houston's Museum of Fine Arts, NYC's MoMA

(Newser) - A surge in private arts funding boosted the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston last year with $185.8 million, making it the top US recipient of private arts donations. Runners-up were New York's MoMA, with $133.5 million; the Smithsonian, with $131.2 million; and Boston's MFA, with $130....

Painter Elizabeth Murray Dies
Painter Elizabeth Murray Dies

Painter Elizabeth Murray Dies

Adventurous artist reshaped Modernism

(Newser) - Elizabeth Murray, a painter whose vivid, cartoon-based work was part of a contemporary movement away from minimalism, died yesterday of lung cancer. She was 66. A leading figure in the New York art scene, Murray won a MacArthur genius grant in 1999 and enjoyed a retrospective at MoMA last year.

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