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Utah City Offers People With Parking Tix a Creative Fix

Utah's Heber City will nix parking tix for violators who donate at least 5 nonperishable food items

(Newser) - Over the past few weeks, police in Heber City, Utah, have doled out upward of 300 parking tickets to those who've parked in the street, despite a ban on doing so during snowstorms and immediately after. That's when local police decided to squeeze some good out of the...

University Accepting PB&J for Parking Fines

But only until Friday at University of Alaska Anchorage

(Newser) - A strange payment option: Anyone with unpaid parking fines at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus has the option to reduce or cover the cost of their tickets with peanut butter and jelly, per the AP . KTUU reports the university will take the food until Friday to help ease student...

Court Bans Parking Enforcement Practice in 4 States

Authorities can use photos instead

(Newser) - Marking a tire with chalk to track how long a car has been parked is unconstitutional, per a first-of-its-kind ruling that could force cities to adopt new approaches to parking enforcement. The 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals covering Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee on Monday found tire-chalking is an...

Driver Got a Parking Ticket in 1974. Finally Paid It

Anonymous person coughs up $2, plus $3 interest, to cops in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - A person has cleared their conscience by paying a 44-year-old parking ticket. The police department in Minersville, Pa., received a letter last week with $5 and a note inside. The return address was "Feeling guilty, Wayward Road, Anytown, Ca." Police Chief Michael Combs tells WNEP-TV the note said:...

Officials: Ex-City Worker Stole $3.7M From Parking Tix, Fees

Prosecutors say former Compton deputy treasurer embezzled over 6-year period

(Newser) - On any given day on the job as Compton's deputy treasurer, Salvador Galvan quietly lopped between $200 and $8,000 off the top of municipal fees he collected for the California city, prosecutors say, per the Los Angeles Times . He wasn't busted until December, after a co-worker saw...

He Parked in June, Couldn't Find Car Until Now

Unnamed man searched for it for days; 6 months later, mystery solved

(Newser) - You know those few seconds of panic when you can't recall exactly where in the lot you parked the car? Multiply it by a couple million and you have this story out of the UK. In June, a man borrowed a friend's BMW in Scotland and drove south...

Robot Lawyer Helps Humans Beat 160K Parking Tickets

And its inventor is only 19 years old

(Newser) - By the time he was 18, London native Joshua Browder had already racked up 30 parking tickets, the Guardian reports. That's even more impressive considering the legal driving age in the UK is 18. “I decided that instead of paying for them, I should try and fight,"...

Busted on Facebook, Police Chief Gives Himself a Ticket

'It's the right thing to do'

(Newser) - If you've ever wondered who polices the police, the answer is, apparently, random Facebook users. The Orlando Sentinel reports that a Florida police chief issued himself a parking ticket after a photo circulated on Facebook showing his SUV blocking a sidewalk at City Hall. “Groveland Police Department is...

SF Would Like to Pay Steve Jobs $176

He overpaid parking tickets years ago, you see

(Newser) - Paging Steve Jobs: The city of San Francisco would very belatedly like to refund you $176. In kind of a strange story picked up by the Washington Post , it seems that the Apple co-founder appears on a lengthy list of people—including California AG Kamala Harris and PayPal co-founder Peter...

Under All That DC Snow, a Lot of Green

District issued more than $1.3M in parking tickets during and after blizzard

(Newser) - The District of Columbia stands to rake in more than $1 million in one week—all thanks to parking tickets issued during and after last weekend's major East Coast blizzard . In addition to the $1.3 million in tickets issued as of Wednesday afternoon, DC also hit drivers with...

Passive-Aggressive Man Can't Pay Fine With Pennies

It turns out you can fight City Hall; you'll just need dimes or quarters to do it

(Newser) - Officials in a Pennsylvania borough won't let a local handyman who parked on the wrong side of the street for 10 minutes pay his $25 parking ticket with pennies. The man tells the Chambersburg Public Opinion that he tried to pay his ticket with 2,500 pennies because he...

Comedian Protests Minor Parking Ticket in Giant Way

Eugene Mirman was fined $15 for 'being parked in the wrong direction'

(Newser) - Comedian Eugene Mirman is very disappointed in Portsmouth, NH, and he wants the town to know about it. After Mirman received a $15 ticket for being "parked in the wrong direction" in a parking space, he took out a hilarious full-page newspaper ad—which can be seen in full...

Missing Comma Saves Woman From Ticket

Improper punctuation keeps Ohio village from collecting on parking citation

(Newser) - An appeals court has agreed with an Ohio woman who said her parking citation should be tossed because the village law was missing a comma. Andrea Cammelleri says she shouldn't have been issued a citation in 2014 based on the wording of the law enacted by the village of...

Here's How You Rack Up $106K in Parking Tickets

 Here's How 
 You Rack Up 
 $106K in 
 Parking Tickets 

Here's How You Rack Up $106K in Parking Tickets

Leave the car at O'Hare for about 3 years

(Newser) - A Chicago woman has agreed to pay the city $4,500 in overdue parking tickets, which seems like a princely sum until you learn the original bill was $106,000, reports the Chicago Tribune . Jennifer Fitzgerald reached the settlement with the city this month. How on earth did the fees...

Firefighters Get Flu Shots —and Parking Tickets

'I'm not real sure how it happened,' Pittsburgh mayor says

(Newser) - City council members in Pittsburgh won't put up with anybody taking their parking spots, apparently. City firefighters ordered to get their flu shots at City Hall came out to find that their fire trucks, which they left in permit-only spaces for around five minutes, had been ticketed, WPXI reports....

London Slaps Obama's Motorcade With Fine

Part of ongoing battle over 45K notices handed to US Embassy

(Newser) - Not only did President Obama screw up his toast to the Queen and the date on his signature in the Westminster Abbey guest book during his visit to England in May, he also screwed up traffic protocol. His motorcade apparently failed to pay the $16 congestion charge required when driving...

Guy Pays $1 Parking Fine ... 35 Years Late

Stanley Baker sent the dollar in—despite not living in Florida, or knowing who got the ticket

(Newser) - A Michigan man has paid a $1 Florida parking ticket more than 35 years overdue. Orlando police received Stanley Baker's payment for a Nov. 7, 1975, parking ticket yesterday. The 89-year-old Pentwater, Mich., man included a note reading, "Better late than never!"

Dead Man in Driver's Seat Gets Parking Ticket

 Dead Man in Driver's Seat 
 Gets Parking Ticket 

Dead Man in Driver's Seat Gets Parking Ticket

And no one realizes he's dead for another hour

(Newser) - Nicholas Rappold was parked illegally on a New York street, so a traffic agent issued him a parking ticket . Only one problem: Rappold was dead in his car at the time. The officer apparently couldn't see Rappold through the "heavily tinted windows," a police source tells the New ...

Arnold: 'No One Is Perfect'
 Arnold: 'No One Is Perfect' 

Arnold: 'No One Is Perfect'

Governor owns up to traffic violation

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted he's not above the occasional traffic violation today after being caught parking in a red zone. The slip-up just proves that "no one is perfect—not even me," the governor said today. California forbids parking or stopping in red zones, but that didn't stop Schwarzenegger...

NYC Cops Keep Ticketing Van With Corpse Inside

(Newser) - A New York man’s decomposed body was found yesterday in a minivan peppered with parking tickets issued by officers who apparently didn’t notice the corpse, the Daily News reports. “The window was cracked open,” said the daughter of George Morales. “I don't understand how no...

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