Couple Crashes Wedding, Bride Hunts Them Down

Krista Lamlin posts images of party-crashers on Facebook
By Neal Colgrass,  Newser Staff
Posted Apr 27, 2014 2:39 PM CDT
Couple Crashes Wedding, Bride Hunts Them Down

A Pennsylvania newlywed was sort of amused to see party-crashers at her wedding—at first. Then she decided to hunt them down, ABC News reports. Krista Lamlin spotted the well-dressed pair at her Jan. 18 wedding reception in Valley Forge, Pa., at a table with her cousins. "They were dressed to go," she tells ABC6. "They were ready for the wedding because they didn't look bad, they blended right in." She had the hotel remove them, and that was that—until she later sat down to go through the wedding pictures and video "and realized that they were all over the media."

So Lamlin posted photos (see one at the Daily Mail) on Facebook—she said it was her mom's idea—to learn whether the crashers had "malicious intent" or "just wanted to party." The crashers soon answered with an apology and said they were only tourists at the resort seeking a good time. They even offered to send a wedding gift, but Lamlin declined. She apologized for calling them out, but wanted to make it clear that they had crossed the line. "Just be aware of who is on your dance floor. Had these people just hung out in the background, I probably wouldn't have noticed them." (Well, at least they didn't steal her cake.)

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