States That Benefit Most, Least From Immigration

New York is No. 1
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Jan 30, 2018 2:41 PM CST
10 States Given Biggest Boost by Immigration

Immigration is likely to be one of the topics covered in President Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday, and WalletHub takes a look at the subject through the lens of state economics. The site looked at all 50 states and DC under four main categories—the immigrant workforce, "brain gain" and innovators, international students, and socioeconomic contributions. Here, the 10 states that benefit the most and least from their immigrant populations, along with their corresponding WalletHub score (100 is highest):

States With the Most Economic Benefit From Immigrants

  1. New York; 75
  2. California; 73.8
  3. New Jersey; 72.4 (No. 1 in "Workforce" category)
  4. Massachusetts; 62.2 (tied for No. 1 in "International Students" category)
  5. Delaware; 60.9 (No. 1 in "Brain Gain and Innovation" category)
  6. District of Columbia; 60.5 (tied for No. 1 in "International Students" category)
  7. Maryland; 58.5
  8. Illinois; 58.1
  9. Connecticut; 58
  10. Washington; 56.9
Read on for the states that benefit the least.

States With the Least Economic Benefit From Immigrants

  1. Arkansas; 23.1
  2. Maine; 23
  3. Tennessee; 22.4
  4. South Carolina; 22
  5. Louisiana; 21.8
  6. Idaho; 19.5
  7. South Dakota; 18.1
  8. Montana; 18
  9. Wyoming; 17.7
  10. Mississippi; 15
See the complete WalletHub list here. (More immigrants stories.)

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