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Geraldo Rivera Says He's Quitting Fox Show
Geraldo Rivera Now
Says He's Out at Fox

Geraldo Rivera Now Says He's Out at Fox

He had hoped to stay on as a 'correspondent at large'

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera updated his status at Fox News on Thursday, possibly for the last time. After announcing last week that he had quit his gig on The Five, the 23-year employee posted a video on Twitter saying he was fired from that show, then decided to quit the network altogether,...

A Tucker Carlson Trailer Angers Geraldo Rivera

Trailer for upcoming Fox series raises 'false flag' theory about Jan. 6 riot

(Newser) - Trailers are meant to generate attention, and Tucker Carlson has clearly succeeded on that front. But the newly released teaser for Carlson's upcoming series for the Fox Nation streaming service also is taking flak from Fox colleague Geraldo Rivera as well as some Republican lawmakers, reports the Hill . The...

Geraldo Rivera Says He's 'Pondering' a Big Move

The TV correspondent says he may enter politics

(Newser) - Is Sen. Rivera in the cards? Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera says that he may run for the Ohio Senate seat occupied by Republican Sen. Rob Portman, who has said he doesn’t plan to run for reelection in 2022, the Hill reports. Rivera, who has lived in Ohio since...

Geraldo Rivera Has Some Harsh Words for Trump

Longtime ally says he's acting like an 'entitled frat boy'

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera of Fox News has been respectfully urging President Trump to give up his election challenges for a few weeks now. The "respectfully" part appears to be over. In a tweet , the longtime presidential ally said Trump "has behaved like an entitled frat boy" since the election,...

Trump Says He Could Support a Gay President

'I think there would be some that wouldn't'

(Newser) - President Trump isn't above mocking Pete Buttigieg's name or appearance—but he doesn't have a problem with his sexuality. In an interview with Geraldo Rivera Thursday, Trump said he could support a gay president, though some Americans might not. "I think so," Trump told the...

Fox Doesn't Sound Thrilled on Idea of Megyn Kelly Returning

Host won't return to NBC show, and Fox is 'extremely happy' with its own lineup

(Newser) - NBC aired a rerun in the slot for Megyn Kelly Today for the second straight morning on Friday, and the writing on the wall became official in the afternoon: She won't return to her show, period, with the controversy over her blackface comments seen as the final straw. "...

Geraldo Rivera Doesn't Like Fox's Mollie Tibbetts Coverage
Fox's Mollie Tibbetts Coverage
Has a Surprising Critic
the rundown

Fox's Mollie Tibbetts Coverage Has a Surprising Critic

Network's own Geraldo Rivera criticizes immigration 'spin'

(Newser) - The Mollie Tibbetts murder continues to emerge as a flashpoint in the immigration debate, even if some members of the Iowa student's family aren't happy about it, reports NBC News . The reason? US immigration officials say 24-year-old suspect Cristhian Bahena Rivera was in the country illegally, though his...

Bette Midler Accuses Geraldo Rivera of Groping

She renews allegation, calls for apology

(Newser) - Bette Midler renewed an allegation of 1970s sexual misconduct against Geraldo Rivera on Thursday, a day after Rivera called the news business "flirty" amid Matt Lauer's dismissal by NBC , the AP reports. In a tweet posted by the actress-singer and confirmed by her publicist, she included a video...

Geraldo on Ailes: 'I Am Filled With Regret'

Says sorry for doubting accusers, says Ailes is 'deceitful, selfish misogynist' if charges are true

(Newser) - Gretchen Carlson has settled with Fox over her sexual harassment suit against ex-boss Roger Ailes, and Geraldo Rivera has come to terms that perhaps there was something behind her complaint. Per Variety , Rivera apologized late Thursday on Facebook for publicly expressing doubts about Carlson's claims and those of other...

5 Celebrity Police Officers
 5 Celebrity Police Officers 

5 Celebrity Police Officers

A lot of actors have played cops on TV, but these celebs really are the law in real life

(Newser) - Former CHiPs star Erik Estrada recently became a reserve police officer in the tiny town of St. Anthony, Idaho, reports the Idaho State Journal . But the actor, who famously played a motorcycle cop on the '80s TV show, is hardly the first celebrity to add "real life cop"...

Joan Rivers Gets Her Star-Studded Sendoff

Howard Stern pays tribute to 'crazy aunt at Bar Mitzvah'

(Newser) - No word on whether Meryl Streep is crying in five different accents , but Joan Rivers' funeral is under way at Temple Emanu-El in New York, and the private event is basically one rather large name-drop. Luminaries including Howard Stern, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Kelly Osbourne,...

11 Celebs Who Bare All* on Social Media

*or, at least, almost all

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan posted a topless photo to Instagram over the weekend, baring the PG-13 portion of her breasts alongside a male friend at the Cannes Film Festival. It wasn't her first time posting topless photos online—and she's not alone. These 10 other celebrities have also shown some...

Geraldo Rivera Loses Gig Over Nude Selfie

Booted from panel at Duquesne University

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera's semi-naked selfie is still making waves. The Fox News commentator has been booted from a speaking engagement at Pittsburgh's Duquesne University, which decided the photo "was inappropriate and inconsistent with who we are as a Catholic university," the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. Rivera had originally...

Geraldo Selfie: '70 Is New 50'

No, he wasn't hacked; this was intentional

(Newser) - Rue the day the oldsters connected with the Twitters: Geraldo Rivera, apparently having decided that what's good for the Anthony Weiner is good for the aging media personality, took to his Twitter account last night to post a half-naked selfie, proclaiming, "70 is the new 50 (Erica and...

Lautenberg, 89, Won't Run for Re-Election in Senate

Democrat's decision paves way for Cory Booker

(Newser) - Liberal stalwart Sen. Frank Lautenberg says he won't run for re-election to his New Jersey seat in 2014, reports the Star-Ledger . The 89-year-old ended the speculation weeks after Newark Mayor Cory Booker made it clear he'd like to run if Lautenberg stepped down. Who knows, maybe this sets...

Geraldo: I Might Run for Senate
 Geraldo: I Might Run for Senate 

Geraldo: I Might Run for Senate

Rivera says he's 'truly' considering a run in New Jersey

(Newser) - None other than Geraldo Rivera says he's considering a run for US Senate in New Jersey. "Buckle your seat belts!" said Rivera as he announced on his radio show on WABC-AM in New York that he is "truly contemplating" a Senate bid. He said he has...

Geraldo: I Was 'Raped' by TSA Agent
Geraldo: I Was 'Raped'
by TSA Agent

Geraldo: I Was 'Raped' by TSA Agent

'My junk was junked' on way to Afghanistan, he says

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera says he was "manually raped" by a New York airport security guard on his way to cover a story in Afghanistan. "The last time I flew to Afghanistan, I got manually raped by a guy," he said on Fox and Friends . "The scanner wasn'...

Guess Who Wears Hoodies? Geraldo Rivera

Yep, the man who warned against the fashion choice has chosen it

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera has been catching more than a little flak for saying that he would "bet money" George Zimmerman wouldn't have shot Trayvon Martin if Martin hadn't been wearing a hoodie. Among the more amusing reactions:
  • A Tumblr has emerged, charting a very suspicious person in a

Geraldo: Blame Hoodie for Trayvon's Death

Rivera says 'black and Latino youngsters' should not wear hoodies

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera knows what to blame for Trayvon Martin 's death: the teen's choice of clothing. The Fox News host said today on Fox & Friends that he would "bet money" George Zimmerman wouldn't have shot Martin if Martin hadn't been wearing a hoodie, Politico...

Geraldo Grills Cain Rep Over Sex Harassment Claims

But spokesman JD Gordon won't give a straight answer

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera and his enormous mustache gave Herman Cain’s spokesperson the third degree last night, but after hammering him for nearly six minutes, still could not get a substantive denial of the recent sexual harassment claims against the candidate. JD Gordon called the claims “thinly sourced” and a...

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