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Owners Must Rebuild Old Pub 'Brick by Brick'

Britain's wonky Crooked House pub was gutted by fire and razed last year

(Newser) - For a couple of centuries, you could blame your stumbling at England's so-called quirkiest watering hole on its slanting floors and not the amount you'd imbibed. Then the Crooked House sold in July of last year before being gutted by a suspected arson a mere nine days later....

Britain's Got a Rather Altruistic Drinking Game

Over 500K strangers are buying each other rounds on a pub's app

(Newser) - A British drinking game where people order rounds for complete strangers from their couches has a simple premise: Show these folks a good time, and maybe you'll be next on your night out. And a recent shift in how Facebook promotes groups to nonfollowers has made the Wetherspoons Game...

Suspicious Fire Destroys Britain's 'Wonkiest Pub'

Crooked House blaze is being treated as arson

(Newser) - A pub celebrated as "Britain's wonkiest" as a result of its slumping foundation and sloping walls burned down in mysterious circumstances Saturday and police say they're treating it as arson. The 18th-century Crooked House pub near Dudley, England, was demolished before an investigation into the blaze had...

They Were Enjoying Happy Hour. Then, 'Pure Panic'

14 hurt, 4 critically, after vehicle smashes into pub in Arlington, Va.

(Newser) - Fourteen people kicking off the weekend outside of DC were injured Friday night when a vehicle slammed into the side of a pub in Arlington, Va., setting the building on fire. NBC News reports that four people were critically hurt after the car plowed through the front of Ireland's...

Vogue Magazine Asks Pub in Vogue Village to Change Name
Vogue Asks 200-Year-Old
Pub to Change Its Name
in case you missed it

Vogue Asks 200-Year-Old Pub to Change Its Name

Response from pub in tiny village of Vogue was a hard no

(Newser) - A pub in the tiny village of Vogue in Cornwall, England, has told the publishers of Vogue magazine that its response to a request to change its name is a "categorical NO." The long-established Star Inn at Vogue—known to locals as "the Vogue"—received a...

After a 'Staggering 13 Centuries,' This Pub Is Closing

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, which claims to be UK's oldest pub, could still see new life with new owners

(Newser) - Thousands of pubs, clubs, and restaurants across England have been forced to shutter for good due to the pandemic, but the latest UK watering hole to announce it's closing its doors is an especially devastating blow. After what one YouTube channel calls a "staggering 13 centuries of pulling...

Man Whose Meal Killed 1: I'm a Better Chef Now
Chef Sentenced to 4 Months
for 'Rushed' Shepherd's Pie
in case you missed it

Chef Sentenced to 4 Months for 'Rushed' Shepherd's Pie

John Croucher's 2018 meal served to church congregation sickened dozens, killed one

(Newser) - John Croucher served up a shepherd's pie in 2018 that ended up giving 32 people food poisoning, including one woman who died. Now, the former head chef at a UK country pub has been sentenced to four months in prison, with a year's suspension, after conceding that he'...

Pub in 'Lockdown Mode' Over Badly Behaved Emus
Pub Bans Emus
for 'Bad Behavior'

Pub Bans Emus for 'Bad Behavior'

'We're in lockdown mode. At least it's emus and not coronavirus.'

(Newser) - An Australian Outback pub has banned emus for "bad behavior," and erected barriers to prevent the large, flightless birds from creating havoc inside. Locals and tourists have been bemused by the antics of the emus eager to steal food from people in Yaraka, a remote Queensland outpost with...

Rules Go Out the Window Once Pub Patrons Have a Few

Overall, England reports few major problems with reopening

(Newser) - It seems to have been more like a typical Saturday night than a drunken New Year's Eve. The reopening of pubs in England does not seem to have overwhelmed emergency services as many had feared ahead of the biggest easing of Britain's coronavirus lockdown. But one senior police...

Pub Named After Slave Trader Is Now 'Pubby McDrunkFace'

Other suggestions are welcome, landlord says

(Newser) - What do you do when your pub is named after a slave trader? In Bristol, England, the solution for the landlord of the Colston Arms was to temporarily rechristen it "Pubby McDrunkface"—and invite suggestions from the public for a more permanent name. The pub was originally named...

Ireland Closes All Pubs Before St. Patrick's Day

Videos of crowded pubs sparked outrage

(Newser) - This year's St. Patrick's Day will be a somber—and sober—one in Ireland. The Irish government announced Sunday that to combat the coronavirus outbreak, all pubs should remain closed until at least March 29, the BBC reports. The government also strongly advised against holding private parties. Mass...

Man Seems Unfazed to Be Hit by Double- Decker Bus

Simon Smith somehow escapes serious injury, strolls into pub

(Newser) - The British media is marveling at the resiliency of 53-year-old Simon Smith, and no wonder: CCTV video shows him being smashed by an out-of-control bus in the street, only to get up calmly and walk into a pub. Despite being thrown about 20 feet, Smith somehow suffered only bruises and...

Pub Irritates 'Entire Country' With 'Sacrilegious' Beer Pour

You just don't do that to a Guinness, Vancouver's Railtown Cafe has discovered

(Newser) - There are plenty of online resources for those looking to pour a perfect pint of Guinness this St. Patrick's Day, but it doesn't appear anyone behind the bar at Vancouver's Railtown Cafe did their due diligence. Per the CBC , the Canadian pub decided to advertise its celebrations...

Developer May Have to Rebuild Old Pub It Razed

London officials preparing unprecedented order after destruction

(Newser) - Those who rail against developers for valuing the almighty dollar over character can raise a glass to this story out of London: Local officials will try to force developers to rebuild an old pub they tore down without permission, reports the Evening Standard . It seems that Tel Aviv developer CLTX...

Pub Owner Hides Body to Keep Police Away

Jason Chidgey couldn't afford to lose weekend business, court hears

(Newser) - What if you're a pub owner who finds a dead body in the men's bathroom on a Friday? In South Wales, Jason Chidgey's answer was to allegedly hide the body in the upstairs bedroom until Tuesday—so police wouldn't shut him down for the weekend and...

Cameron Leaves 8-Year-Old at Pub

 Cameron Leaves 
 8-Year-Old at Pub 

Cameron Leaves 8-Year-Old at Pub

Bar staff takes care of Nancy

(Newser) - Shortly after leaving a pub yesterday afternoon, David Cameron realized he'd left something behind: his daughter. The British prime minister thought Nancy, 8, was with wife Samantha; Samantha thought the girl was in the car her husband was traveling in. In fact, she was in the bathroom, the Sun...

Ireland's Pubs Becoming Endangered Species

Rural bars closing by the dozen as recession bites

(Newser) - Irish-themed pubs are attracting drinkers from Anchorage to Abu Dhabi, but the real thing is in rapid decline in its homeland. The pub trade, particularly in the countryside, has been declining for years, due in part to a smoking ban and stricter drunk driving laws. Now, with high unemployment and...

US Lacks Good Local Pubs
 US Lacks Good Local Pubs  

US Lacks Good Local Pubs

If they exist, they're usually crowded and noisy

(Newser) - A trip to London has Ryan Avent lamenting the lack of good neighborhood pubs in the US. "That’s largely because it’s very difficult to open new bars," the Economist editor writes at his blog . "And the result is a pernicious feedback loop." Two few...

Pub Revelers Snowed In for 2 Days

'It was fun,' says tipsy student

(Newser) - A group of 47 revelers and storm refugees were finally rescued yesterday after spending two days snowed in at the highest elevation pub in England. Workers plowed through to some 30 students and teachers from nearby Leeds University and 17 stranded motorists holed up in Tan Hill on the Yorkshire-Durham...

Celtic Tiger Hangover Pounds Dublin Bars

Busted Celtic Tiger forces dozens of restaurants, nightclubs out of business

(Newser) - Once the poor man of Europe, Ireland rode a breathtaking economic boom that transformed Dublin into one of the region's swankiest capitals. But now that the Celtic Tiger has gone bust, the ambitious restaurants and exclusive lounges of the new Dublin are closing their doors. Cash and credit have dried...

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