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Hollywood Is Going After Lauren Boebert

Likes of Ryan Reynolds, Barbra Streisand are donating to her opponent Adam Frisch

(Newser) - Lauren Boebert is busily defending her seat in Colorado's 3rd District, and more than a few Hollywood A-listers are busily funding her opponent. As Newsweek reports, the Colorado Republican is in something of a reelection dogfight with Democrat Adam Frisch, whom she beat by only 546 votes in 2022....

Sinema Received $1M Haul, Then Killed Tax Hike on Rich Investors

AP: Ariz. Dem saw big influx of cash over last year from private equity firms, hedge fund managers

(Newser) - Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, the Arizona Democrat who single-handedly thwarted her party's longtime goal of raising taxes on wealthy investors, received nearly $1 million over the past year from private equity professionals, hedge fund managers, and venture capitalists whose taxes would've increased under the plan, per an AP review...

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Nebraska Lawmaker
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Indicted

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Indicted

Nebraska lawmaker accused of lying to FBI over campaign contributions

(Newser) - A federal grand jury on Tuesday indicted US Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska, accusing him of lying to the FBI and concealing information from federal agents who were investigating campaign contributions funneled to him from a Nigerian billionaire. The US attorney's office announced that the grand jury in Los...

Christie: It's 'Ridiculous' to Limit Campaign Donations

You can't take money out of politics, says governor

(Newser) - Money and politics are inseparable, so unlimited donations might as well be allowed—given that donors are transparent, said Chris Christie at a town-hall meeting yesterday. Asked about the Supreme Court's recent decision on campaign cash, the governor called it "ridiculous" to set limits. "I think it...

Virginia Gov Didn't Disclose $6.5K Rolex From Donor

Sources say McDonnell's wife convinced CEO to give expensive watch

(Newser) - The latest fallout from the investigation into Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's relationship with a dietary supplement company involves a $6,500 Rolex. Two sources tell the Washington Post that Jonnie R. Williams Sr., CEO of Star Scientific, gave McDonnell the watch in 2011 and McDonnell failed to disclose the...

Va. Governor Grilled on $15K 'Wedding Gift' to Daughter

Documents raise new questions about Bob McDonnell's financial dealings

(Newser) - Bob McDonnell isn't the first father to be ruined by his daughter's lavish wedding, but he could now be the first whose vice presidential aspirations have been. When the Virginia governor's questionable financial relationship with a dietary supplement company was exposed by the Washington Post last month,...

Sarkozy Accused of Duping France's Richest Woman

He's put under judicial investigation

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy's legal woes have just gotten worse. The former president was placed under judicial investigation yesterday after hours of questioning in a Bordeaux courthouse, for the alleged "abuse of someone in an impaired state," reports the AP . Investigators accuse Sarkozy and his UMP party of receiving...

Now You Can Text Your Donation to Obama

Campaign launching new method this week

(Newser) - The Obama and Romney campaigns are already basically spamming supporters via email, and now Obama 2012 is entering the brave new realm of text message donations and will begin accepting them for the first time this week. Donors can text "GIVE" to 62262 (corresponds with "Obama" on a...

Team Mitt: $76.8M Team Obama: $60M

 Team Mitt: $76.8M 
 Team Obama: $60M 
May Fundraising

Team Mitt: $76.8M Team Obama: $60M

Romney trounces president in May fundraising

(Newser) - The first month of head-to-head fundraising between Mitt Romney and President Obama is in the books, and you can score one for the Republican. Romney and the Republican National Committee raised $76.8 million in the month, compared to about $60 million for Obama and the DNC, reports the New ...

Sarkozy Took $66M From Gadhafi: Website

Libyan leader gave cash to 2007 campaign, investigators claim

(Newser) - Moammar Gadhafi helped bankroll Nicolas Sarkozy's rise to power, according to a French investigative website. Mediapart says it has seen documents suggesting the Libyan leader made a $66 million donation ahead of Sarkozy's election in 2007, the Telegraph reports. Gadhafi's son Saif-al Islam made similar claims a...

Obama Returns $200K Linked to Fugitive

Donations from family of Mexican casino boss Pepe Cardona

(Newser) - The Obama campaign has decided to return more than $200,000 worth of donations linked to Juan Jose Rojas Cardona, aka Pepe, a Mexican casino magnate who jumped bail in Iowa in 1994 to avoid drug and fraud charges, and has since come under suspicion of assassinating a business rival...

Rick Santorum Earmarks: Former Senator Was Prolific at Securing Earmarks, Campaign Cash Followed
Rick Brought Home $1B
in Pork—and Big Donations

Rick Brought Home $1B in Pork—and Big Donations

Former senator was a 'vigorous practitioner' of securing earmarks

(Newser) - In Rick Santorum's days in the Senate, lawmakers didn't have to disclose their earmarks—but a New York Times analysis shows that Santorum had a lot of them, and that they were often followed by large campaign contributions from the companies they benefited. In one defense bill, for...

Herman Cain Admits to Sexual Harassment Settlement
Cain Admits to Settlement, Breaks Out in Song
cain roundup

Cain Admits to Settlement, Breaks Out in Song

Candidate gives Fox interview explaining harassment claim

(Newser) - Hermain Cain stories are just jamming up the airwaves today. First he denied reaching settlements with any alleged sexual harassment victims . Now reports are emerging of questionable campaign contributions and the candidate breaking out in song:
  • In a Fox interview airing tonight, Cain admits to knowing about a sexual harassment

Cain's Campaign Buys $86K of His Own Books

Campaign paying own foundation for autobiography

(Newser) - Herman Cain’s campaign has spent $86,523 buying copies of the candidate’s autobiography and other books—and it’s buying them from Herman Cain THE New Voice, Cain’s own motivational speaking company. “They are buying my books and my pamphlets,” Cain confirmed for Bloomberg, but...

John Edwards Meets With Donor at Center of Probe

Visit to Bunny Mellon purely social, lawyers claim

(Newser) - With the Justice Department preparing to file criminal charges against him for using illegal campaign contributions to cover up his affair, John Edwards paid an "entirely personal and social" visit to the donor at the heart of the probe, her lawyers say. The former candidate spent yesterday afternoon at...

Feds to Indict John Edwards in Mistress Cover-Up

Illegal contributions used to hide affair, officials charge

(Newser) - Former presidential contender John Edwards will be charged with accepting illegal campaign contributions that he used to cover up an affair with his mistress, Justice Department sources have revealed. Federal prosecutors will aim to prove that the intent of over $1 million in donations from a pair of wealthy backers...

54% of Trump’s Donations Went to Democrats

Which could hurt his chances as a Republican candidate

(Newser) - If Donald Trump officially decides to enter the Republican race, he'll probably have to explain why he has donated to so many Democrats. Of the more than $1.3 million in political donations he's made over the years, 54% has gone to Democrats, the Washington Post reports. Those...

Big Biz Can Only Donate So Much to Bobby Jindal...

... but is throwing a lot at his wife's nonprofit

(Newser) - If a corporation needs to get on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's good side, there's a limit to how much it can donate to his campaign in order to do so. But there's no limit to how much it can donate to his wife's nonprofit. The Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana's...

DeLay Verdict May Change Campaign Finance

Prosecutors expected to target corporate fundraising

(Newser) - Prosecutors—and politicians—around the country are paying close attention to Tom DeLay's conviction on money laundering charges . The former House majority leader was found guilty of funneling corporate cash to fellow Republicans, thereby violating Texas laws that ban companies from contributing to candidates' campaigns, and legal experts expect the...

'Morning Joe' Suspended Over Political Contributions

Scarborough gets two-day penalty after eight $500 donations

(Newser) - Move over, Keith. MSNBC's "Morning Joe" has been suspended for two days for making eight $500 contributions to political campaigns, Politico reports. Joe Scarborough reportedly gave the money to friends and family running in local races near his home in Pensacola. "I recognize that I have a responsibility...

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