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Medieval Cemetery Points to Mysterious, Wealthy Group

Excavation in Wales uncovers imported goods, evidence of feasting, dozens of burials

(Newser) - A medieval cemetery unearthed a stone's throw from airport runways in Cardiff, Wales, points to a mysterious, high-status community that may have obtained items from another continent an estimated 1,500 years ago. Artifacts including a tiny vessel of fine glass thought to have been imported from France's...

Band Goes on Tour, Walks the Whole Way

Chris Roberts and Seth Bye of Filkin's Drift trekked nearly 900 miles in Wales over 2 months

(Newser) - Get Chris Roberts and Seth Bye a foot massage, stat. The two musicians, members of the folk band Filkin's Drift , on Tuesday wrapped up their latest tour through Wales, performing dozens of shows over two months. But it wasn't private jets, regular commercial aircraft, or even a van...

Complex Operation Returns Sea Turtle From Wales to US

Gulf Stream carried rare Kemp's ridley sea turtle across the Atlantic in 2021

(Newser) - After all Tally has been through in the past couple of years, the VIP treatment she's receiving now seems only fair. The rare Kemp's ridley sea turtle washed up on Talacre Beach in north Wales in November 2021 after being carried over from Texas by the Gulf Stream....

Ever Wanted to Race Through a Bog? No? Keep Moving
Well, This Is an
Unusual Contest

Well, This Is an Unusual Contest

Ever wanted to snorkel your way through 120 yards of a Welsh peat bog?

(Newser) - If slogging through mud potentially infected with bacteria doesn't seem like a good idea to you, this will probably also fail your survival test: Intrepid athletes donned snorkels and slithered through slime over the weekend during one of Britain's quirkiest sporting events, the World Bog Snorkeling Championships. The...

Rescuers Save Woman, and Her Parrot, on Cliff
Polly Want a Mountain Rescue?

Polly Want a Mountain Rescue?

Woman and her bird got stranded on Welsh mountain

(Newser) - The good news is that the woman was reunited with her pet parrot. The bad news is that in going in search of her lost bird, she ended up stranded on a Welsh mountain and in need of a rescue herself. The unidentified woman had set out with a group...

Ryan Reynolds Watches His Soccer Team Score Epic Win

Wrexham AFC team poised for promotion after penalty kick saved in final moments

(Newser) - When actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought fifth-tier Welsh soccer team Wrexham AFC in 2021, they frankly stated their main goal was promotion—meaning elevation to a higher division. On Monday, "the Hollywood stars moved a big step closer to their dream" as the team moved to the...

Harry Potter Character's 'Nuisance' Memorial Is Saved

Dobby's admirers are asked not to leave trinkets that threaten wildlife on Wales beach

(Newser) - A stone memorial for a house-elf doesn't just exist in the final Harry Potter book. Fans of the series have created a real-life memorial for the fictional Dobby—a former servant/slave freed by Harry, whom he pays back with his life—on the beach in Wales where his death...

Hundreds of Skeletons Emerge Beneath Century-Old Store

They date to medieval period when Wales' Haverfordwest hosted a priory

(Newser) - Archaeologists have disturbed a medieval graveyard holding the remains of hundreds of people beneath a former department store in Wales. Old records and street names point to a medieval priory in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, but no one knew for sure where it was when builders began digging new foundations beneath the...

Old Map May Settle Mystery of Wales' Atlantis
Researchers May Have Found
the 'Atlantis' of Wales
new study

Researchers May Have Found the 'Atlantis' of Wales

They spot long-gone islands off the coast on medieval map

(Newser) - It's not the Atlantis, but two researchers may have figured out answers about the Welsh version of the legend. Poring over a medieval map, they spotted two islands in what is now Cardigan Bay, reports the BBC . No such islands exist today, leading Simon Haslett of Swansea University and...

Squirrel That Menaced Town Meets Unfortunate End

Stripe allegedly bit 18 people in the Welsh town

(Newser) - A squirrel that apparently terrorized a town in Wales has been put down, and the Guardian has the odd story. The animal dubbed Stripe—a nod to the creature of the same name in the movie Gremlins—had initially been fed by a 65-year-old local. But what began as a...

Actor Declares Career 'Not-for-Profit'

Michael Sheen has sold houses to fund charities and become 'a social enterprise'

(Newser) - After seeing the good works of organizations imperiled by a lack of funding, Michael Sheen has changed the goals of his life and career. He's sold his two houses, donated the money to charity, and announced that he's now a "not-for-profit actor." Sheen, 52, still plans...

Vaccine Passports in the Works for UK
England Drops Plan 
for Vaccine Passports

England Drops Plan for Vaccine Passports

Health minister cancels requirement for nightclubs, other large places

(Newser) - Update: England won't require vaccine passports for entry to nightclubs and other large venues after all. Days after the plan was announced, officials sounded cool to it, the BBC reports. A Labor leader said there was confusion about how the passports might work, calling the government's approach "...

Seeking 'Paul' and 'John,' Who Shipped Pal in a Crate in 1965
Seeking 'Paul' and 'John,' Who
Shipped Pal in a Crate in 1965
in case you missed it

Seeking 'Paul' and 'John,' Who Shipped Pal in a Crate in 1965

Brian Robson looking for men who helped him pull off 'terrifying' trip from Australia to London

(Newser) - A Welsh man is on a quest to find two long-lost friends he hasn't seen in more than 50 years—and the last time he saw them, they were cramming him into a crate and nailing it shut. The BBC reports on the strange tale of Brian Robson, who...

Digging Bitcoin Fortune Out of Trash Is Worth $70M to Man

Computer engineer offers to share the spoils, but city doesn't want him tearing up the landfill

(Newser) - The 7,500 bitcoins James Howells had on an old hard drive were worth about $9 million when he realized he'd thrown the drive into the trash in the summer of 2013. That was bad enough, but the virtual currency now is worth about $273 million, CNN reports. "...

Resident Accidentally Obstructs Village's Internet for 18 Months
Resident Accidentally Obstructs
Village's Internet for 18 Months
in case you missed it

Resident Accidentally Obstructs Village's Internet for 18 Months

'Mortified' homeowner won't be using that old TV set again

(Newser) - Every morning for 18 months, an entire Welsh village would lose its broadband internet connection, or else see speeds slow to a crawl. The problem persisted even after large sections of cable were replaced, infuriating residents of Aberhosan, Powys, per the North Wales Daily Post . Hopefully they're able to...

Here, 'Turbulent' Times Spur Traditional Baby Names

Mabel is big in the UK right now, but there are also lots of Kylos throughout England and Wales

(Newser) - English parents are putting tradition over trends when it comes to baby names, in what one pundit sees as a response to "turbulent" times, per the BBC . Mabel has entered the list of the 100 most popular baby names for girls in England and Wales in 2019, as reported...

Police Dog Has Memorable First Shift

Max found missing mother, infant on Welsh mountainside

(Newser) - A police dog on his very first shift managed to find a missing mother and infant in under two hours, despite their remote location on the edge of a Welsh mountain. The rookie, a 2-year-old German shepherd cross named Max, jumped into action before noon on Saturday, when Dyfed-Powys police...

WWII Wreck of US Fighter Plane Now Protected

Lockheed P-38 Lightning surfaces occasionally off Welsh coast

(Newser) - The wreck of a US fighter plane that crashed off the coast of Wales in World War II should be around for years to come thanks to new protections. The site of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning has been given protected status by the Welsh historic environment service, Cadw. It's...

New Anti-Sex Toilets Will Cost Town $200K

Porthcawl's robo-toilet plan is garnering media attention

(Newser) - Like public toilets? You're in a minority, but if so, consider a trip to the Welsh town of Porthcawl—where officials are planning some pretty extreme robo-toilets in Griffin Park, Wales Online reports. The new loos will offer security features designed to hinder violence, vandalism, sleeping, and anything two...

Judge Delays Sentencing So Criminal Can Go on Vacation

It would be a shame for him to miss that trip to Tenerife

(Newser) - What's more important: starting a prison sentence for five crimes—including possession of drugs, a stun gun, and an extendable baton—or going on your planned vacation to the Canary Islands? One judge in Wales apparently thinks the latter. He agreed to delay 51-year-old Colin Watson's sentencing until...

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