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Steve Martin Celebrates Banning of His Book
Steve Martin's
Book Gets Banned,
He Celebrates
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Steve Martin's Book Gets Banned, He Celebrates

'Shopgirl' among more than 300 titles removed from schools in Collier County, Florida

(Newser) - A Florida school district has banned one of Steve Martin's books—and he's "so proud." The actor and writer took to his social media accounts on Monday to celebrate the banning of his bestselling novella Shopgirl by the Collier County School District. "So proud to...

Steve Martin: 'This Is, Weirdly, It' for Me

Entertainer, 76, tells the Hollywood Reporter he won't be seeking new shows, movies

(Newser) - It's not a retirement announcement, exactly, but Steve Martin's fans may not like the gist of his remarks to the Hollywood Reporter . "When this television show is done, I’m not going to seek others," he says, referring to the popular Only Murders in the Building ...

Steve Martin Remembers Carl Reiner's Best Lesson

He 'gave me a template of how to be better, nicer, how to lead with kindness'

(Newser) - Steve Martin learned a lot from Carl Reiner about comedy and making movies, but the best lesson was about how to be a human. In a New York Times op-ed about Reiner, who died last week at 98, Martin reflects on a five-year span in which he and Reiner made...

Roger Stone Drops by SNL
Roger Stone
Drops by SNL

Roger Stone Drops by SNL

Well, actually Steve Martin

(Newser) - Steve Martin dropped by his old stomping grounds on Saturday, telling the crowd at Saturday Night Live that "I'm just a normal and straightforward guy." Appearing in the cold open on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show as the recently arrested Roger Stone, Martin crowed, "What...

Carrie Fisher's Books Are Selling at Lightspeed

Meanwhile, Steve Martin is taking flak

(Newser) - There's been a run on Carrie Fisher's books since the Star Wars actress and humorist died on Tuesday, reports the AP . Fisher's book, The Princess Diarist, was on top of Amazon's list of best-selling books on Wednesday. Wishful Drinking and Postcards From the Edge were also...

Last 2 Times Steve Martin Did Stand-Up: Yesterday, 1981

Surprise set came before Jerry Seinfeld's show

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld did the second show of his residency at New York's Beacon Theatre Thursday night, and his opener was none other than Steve Martin—who hasn't performed stand-up in 35 years. Writing for Vulture , Jesse David Fox says the moment was one of the biggest thrills of...

5 Actors Who Wrote Books That Are Actually Good

And not all of them are memoirs

(Newser) - When you think of books written by celebrities, "fine literature" might not be the first two words that come to mind —but College Candy rounds up 10 books by celebs you might actually want to read:
  • Bossypants by Tina Fey: Funny, inspiring, and has some important things to

5 Celebs You Never Expected to Become Dads

The latest: Simon Cowell

(Newser) - Admit it: When Simon Cowell posted gushing Twitter updates about his new baby , you were kind of shocked. He had, after all, said for years that he didn't want kids. But the 54-year-old is far from the only celebrity father whose kids surprised the world; The Stir rounds up...

Timberlake Rocks Star-Studded SNL

JT becomes one of the Five Timers' Club

(Newser) - It was Justin Timberlake's fifth time hosting Saturday Night Live last night, and the singer brought his Suit & Tie to knock it out of a star-studded park, notes the Hollywood Reporter , which calls the episode "the biggest of 2013." In his opening monologue, he was joined...

The 10 Oldest New Dads in Hollywood

Steve Martin joins their ranks

(Newser) - Startled when Steve Martin became a first-time father at 67 ? Well, check out these nine other Hollywood dads who are also a bit older than you might expect, rounded up by Celebuzz :
  • Gary Busey: Had his second son at age 65.
  • Warren Beatty: He and wife Annette Bening had

Shocking Celeb Hookups
 Shocking Celeb Hookups 

Shocking Celeb Hookups

'Really? They dated?'

(Newser) - Chances are you were not shocked when Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together . But you may be surprised to hear that Marlee Matlin dated John Stamos back in the '80s. Such is the nature of the 161 (yes, really) surprising celebrity hookups rounded up by ET Online :
  • Before

10 Famous Guy Cheerleaders
 10 Famous Guy Cheerleaders 

10 Famous Guy Cheerleaders

Yes, Samuel L. Jackson is among them

(Newser) - Cheerleading may be predominantly made up of females now, but it started as a male sport, and the Huffington Post found 10 male college cheerleaders who went on to quite a bit of prominence in Hollywood and DC:
  • Jimmy Stewart: He cheered at Princeton University as a junior and senior.

Steve Martin Duped by Art Forgery

Fake discovered after actor sells painting at auction

(Newser) - Steve Martin is renowned for his taste in art, but even he got duped by some world-class swindlers, reports Der Spiegel . Martin bought a painting called Landscape With Horses, said to be from modernist Heinrich Campendonk, in 2004 for $850,000. He sold it two years later at Christie's...

Old-Fashioned Oscars Draw Lukewarm Reviews
 Old-Fashioned Oscars Draw Lukewarm Reviews 
TV Review

Old-Fashioned Oscars Draw Lukewarm Reviews

Baldwin and Martin wow, but show somehow lacked fun

(Newser) - Were the 82nd Academy Awards any good? The critics are split, but, hey, that’s the point. “We all think we know how to do a better Oscar night,” writes Hank Steuver of the Washington Post . “When really all we know are recipes for queso dip.”...

Why You'll Actually Enjoy the Oscars

This year promises to be a doozy for the Academy

(Newser) - Planning to skip the Oscars again? Don’t! This year’s ceremony will be better than ever, New York magazine argues, and here’s why:
  • The expanded Best Picture category: This way, we’re sure to get a blockbuster or two up for the award, along with some well-built indies.

It's Complicated Really a Simple Rom-Com
 It's Complicated 
 Really a Simple Rom-Com 

It's Complicated Really a Simple Rom-Com

It may not be complicated, but Alec Baldwin's performance shines

(Newser) - Some critics see Nancy Meyers' latest as somewhat more reasoned and subtle than her usual fare. But It's Complicated is still a formulaic flick—with a scene-stealing turn by Alec Baldwin. A few takes:
  • The flick " isn't nearly complicated enough, but at least Meyers has dropped something a bit

Martin, Baldwin to Host Oscars
 Martin, Baldwin to Host Oscars 

Martin, Baldwin to Host Oscars

March 7 broadcast will be third for Martin, first for Baldwin

(Newser) - Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will host next year’s Oscars telecast, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today. Martin’s hosted the show twice, and though Baldwin never has, he has plenty of similar experience, hosting Saturday Night Live 14 times. That’s one less than...

Letterman Apologizes to Wife on Air

 to Wife on Air 
late night hot seat

Letterman Apologizes to Wife on Air

Late Night pauses for another round of confession

(Newser) - David Letterman will use his opening monologue tonight to publicly apologize to his wife and his current and former colleagues, according to numerous audience members. "Wow, that weekend went fast," he joked before turning serious during this afternoon's taping, his first public appearance at the Ed Sullivan Theater...

Seth Rogen: Playboy Cover Model

Comedy star joins exclusive list of males to grace cover of men's mag

(Newser) - Seth Rogen is about to join a very selective club: Playboy is putting him on the cover of its April issue, the Daily News reports. That's an honor shared by fewer than 10 men, including Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Martin. Readers who don’t buy Playboy for the articles will...

It's a Bomb, Cato!
 It's a Bomb, Cato! 
Movie Review

It's a Bomb, Cato!

Inspector Clouseau can't win over critics

(Newser) - There is slapstick aplenty in Steve Martin’s second Pink Panther movie, but “none of it is particularly funny,” complains Steven Rea of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Critics are almost unanimous in panning Pink Panther 2. It’s “willfully stupid,” says Bill Goodykoontz of the Arizona Republic,...

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