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Cocaine 'Super Cartel' Is Busted in Europe

Ring controlled about one-third of the trade on the continent

(Newser) - Law enforcement authorities in six different countries have joined forces to take down a "super cartel" of drug traffickers who controlled about one third of the cocaine trade in Europe, Europol said on Monday. The European Union crime agency said 49 suspects have been arrested during the investigation, with...

'No Choice': Apple to Adopt USB-C Chargers

Greg Joswiak confirms company will comply with new laws, despite its opposition

(Newser) - Apple has "no choice" but to begin making iPhones with a USB-C port, rather than one to fit its Lightning cables, an official has confirmed. Greg Joswiak, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, tells the Wall Street Journal that "we'll have to comply" with new...

Ukraine War Hits James Bond's Glassmaker

Iconic French manufacturer Duralex will temporarily close amid Europe's energy trouble

(Newser) - For the glassmakers at iconic French tableware brand Duralex, the mornings have become a horror show. Daily updates from energy traders drop into their email inboxes, showing the asphyxiating upward climb of prices for the natural gas and electricity that power their energy-devouring business. Before Europe's energy crisis—which...

Unprecedented Drought Leads to 'Rare Opportunity'

Scientists rush to study 'Spanish Stonehenge,' ancient rock circle emerging as water levels drop

(Newser) - "Spanish Stonehenge" is back. The Dolmen of Guadalperal, a circle of 150 stones in Caceres believed to be about 7,000 years old, was purposely submerged underwater in 1963, part of Spain's efforts to build the Valdecanas reservoir. Over the years, the rocks occasionally peeked out when weather...

Europe's Drought Is Probably Worse Than You Think

Rivers are drying up and farmers are suffering in dry spell that is the worst in centuries

(Newser) - From dry and cracked reservoirs in Spain to falling water levels on major arteries like the Danube, the Rhine, and the Po, an unprecedented drought is afflicting nearly half of the European continent, the AP reports. It is damaging farm economies, forcing water restrictions, causing wildfires, and threatening aquatic species....

Winds, Heat Worsen Fires in Europe
Winds, Heat
Worsen Fires
in Europe

Winds, Heat Worsen Fires in Europe

Fire season arrives early after a hot, dry spring

(Newser) - Strong winds and hot, dry weather frustrated French firefighters' efforts Saturday to contain a huge wildfire that raced across pine forests in the Bordeaux region for a fifth straight day, one of several wildfires scorching Europe. Some of the worst fires have been in Portugal, where the pilot of a...

Spain, Germany Fight Wildfires, Heat

Winds complicate the job for crews in Western Europe

(Newser) - Firefighters in Spain and Germany struggled to contain wildfires on Sunday during an unusual heat wave in Western Europe for this time of year. The worst damage in Spain has been in the northwest province of Zamora, where over 61,000 acres has been consumed, regional authorities said. German officials...

Apple Won't Like New EU Rule on Charging Cords

USB-C cable will be required for devices, from phones to headphones to GPS units, from 2024

(Newser) - Forget rummaging through the junk drawer. Soon, Europeans will need to reach for just one cable to charge their smartphones and other devices, the AP reports. European Union officials said they inked a provisional agreement Tuesday that will require a uniform charging cord in the 27-nation bloc. The new rules,...

Big-Shot Soccer Agent's Angry Tweet: I'm Not Dead

The world thought Dutch national Mino Raiola had died; he cleared things up online

(Newser) - It's true that, before this week, Mino Raiola's Twitter account hadn't posted since mid-January, when someone tweeting on his behalf wrote that he'd undergone "ordinary medical checks" that involved anesthesia. But the prolonged online absence of the renowned soccer agent didn't necessarily mean he'...

Prince William's Remarks on Ukraine War Rile Twitter

He says war in Europe is 'alien' as critics call attention to family history

(Newser) - Prince William is again facing accusations of racism after saying Britons were surprised by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Britons are used to seeing conflict in Africa and Asia, but "it's very alien to see this in Europe," the Duke of Cambridge, second in line to the...

Lost Continent Explains a 34M-Year-Old Extinction
Lost Continent Explains
a 34M-Year-Old Extinction

Lost Continent Explains a 34M-Year-Old Extinction

Researchers discover Balkanatolia, an ancient island turned land bridge

(Newser) - About 34 million years ago, native fauna disappeared from Western Europe, as mammals from Asia took over. The extinction, known as the Grande Coupure or "great break," might as well have been called the great puzzle. For decades, researchers have been unable to explain how animals from eastern...

Musk Issues Strange Challenge After Tweets on Nuclear Power

In defense of tweets, Tesla CEO says he'll go to high-radiation area, eat locally grown fare on TV

(Newser) - Over the weekend, Elon Musk decided to air his thoughts on nuclear-powered energy amid concerns of a gas shortage due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the backlash on those thoughts led him to issue a most unusual challenge. "Hopefully, it is now extremely obvious that Europe should...

War With Ukraine Is Putin's 'Revenge' Against US
War With Ukraine Is
Putin's 'Revenge' Against US

War With Ukraine Is Putin's 'Revenge' Against US

Stability in Europe rests on the actions of the US and its allies: experts

(Newser) - He may have been launching war against Ukraine, but it was the West that Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed to have in his sights early Thursday. It was the West that created the "fundamental threats" to Russia that prompted military action, he said, per Time . "All of the...

Doubt Cast on Death Toll From the Black Plague
Doubt Cast on Death Toll
From the Black Plague

Doubt Cast on Death Toll From the Black Plague

Researchers analyzing ancient pollen deposits are skeptical it killed half of Europe

(Newser) - "It may still be the 'mother of all pandemics,' but what we think the Black Death was is changing," according to researchers, who are calling into question the widely reported claim that the bubonic plague pandemic from 1346 to 1353 wiped out half of Europe's...

Biden Sending Thousands More Troops to Europe

US move meant to show support to NATO allies as tensions continue between Ukraine, Russia

(Newser) - President Biden is sending about 2,000 troops from Fort Bragg, NC, to Poland and Germany this week, as well as sending part of an infantry Stryker squadron of roughly 1,000 troops based in Germany to Romania, a senior administration official said Wednesday, per the AP . The military moves...

COVID Protesters, Police Clash
COVID Protesters, Police Clash

COVID Protesters, Police Clash

Thousands in European capitals march against restrictions

(Newser) - Police fired water cannons and thick clouds of tear gas in Brussels on Sunday to disperse demonstrators protesting COVID-19 vaccinations and restrictions that aim to curb the fast-spreading omicron variant. The protest drew thousands of people, some traveling from France, Germany, and other countries, the AP reports, with demonstrators yelling...

COVID Cases Hit Record Highs in Germany, Netherlands

Meanwhile, Austria plans a lockdown for the unvaccinated

(Newser) - Winter is approaching in Europe—and with it, a return to tighter COVID restrictions, at least for the unvaccinated. Reuters reports that, with strained ICUs and infections at a record high, Austria is planning a lockdown for the unvaccinated. Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said Thursday that the country is just days...

Many in US May Glimpse Northern Lights This Weekend

Thanks to solar flare, aurora borealis may be visible in northern parts of the country, if all factors align

(Newser) - The bad news: A solar flare is about to slam into the Earth. The good news: Parts of the US may get quite the sky show because of it. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a level G3 (i.e., strong) "geomagnetic...

Biden Reunites With Pope in 'Unusually Long' Meeting
Biden: Pope Says I Should
Keep Taking Communion

Biden: Pope Says I Should Keep Taking Communion

Says pontiff called him a 'good Catholic'

(Newser) - Update: This file has been updated to include more details on the visit, including the president's comments on communion and abortion. President Biden said Pope Francis told him Friday that he should continue to receive Communion, as the world's two most prominent Roman Catholics ran overtime in private...

Behold, Facebook Is Building a 'Metaverse'
Behold, Facebook Is
Building a 'Metaverse'

Behold, Facebook Is Building a 'Metaverse'

Company touts concept of a massive shared virtual world, but critics have some questions

(Newser) - In his 1992 sci-fi novel, Snow Crash , Neal Stephenson mentions a concept called the "Metaverse," a giant, shared virtual world combining augmented reality with virtual reality, where users appear as avatars and access this new world via special goggles. Facebook is now ready to bring that idea to...

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