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Europe Doesn't Quite Get US Response to Virus

Italy reconsiders its envy of the American model

(Newser) - The US failure to contain the spread of the coronavirus has been met with astonishment and alarm in Europe, as the world's most powerful country edges closer to a global record of 5 million confirmed infections. Perhaps nowhere outside the US is America's bungled virus response viewed with...

World&#39;s Deadliest Virus Found in Viking Remains
Vikings Had Early Version
of the 'Deadliest Virus'
new study

Vikings Had Early Version of the 'Deadliest Virus'

Turns out smallpox dates back at least 1,400 years

(Newser) - Those Vikings just keep making history. Not only did they settle North America and have female warriors , they apparently suffered from an early kind of smallpox—the disease the killed off hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century, the New York Times reports. The now-extinct strain turned up...

Domestic Violence Decision Brings Protests in Poland

Government intends to withdraw from convention establishing rights and protections

(Newser) - Thousands of people in Warsaw and some other cities in Poland protested Friday against plans by the conservative government to withdraw from Europe’s Istanbul Convention against domestic violence and violence against women and children. Carrying signs of the "Women’s Strike" rights movement, they chanted "Fight against...

Grim New Death Tolls for US, Globe
Grim New Death
Tolls for US, Globe

Grim New Death Tolls for US, Globe

Pope Francis: 'The pandemic is showing no sign of stopping'

(Newser) - The number of people around the world who have died as a result of the coronavirus has passed the 600,000 mark as countries from the US to South Africa to India struggle to contain infections, the AP reports. Hong Kong also warned of a resurgence in the virus as...

European Nation Is Back to Ordering Lockdowns

Nearly 300K people are ordered to stay at home

(Newser) - Authorities in northwestern Spain have ordered the lockdown of a county with a population of 71,000 for fears of a coronavirus outbreak, the AP reports. Regional authorities in Galicia announced Sunday that movement to and from A Mariña county located on Spain's northern Atlantic coast will be...

Travel Is Still the Answer, Rick Steves Figures
Staying 6 Feet Apart Is
No Way to Travel: Steves
in case you missed it

Staying 6 Feet Apart Is No Way to Travel: Steves

Host is off the road for the first summer in 30 years

(Newser) - For the first summer in 30 years, Rick Steves is home instead of savoring Europe. It's an adjustment. He doesn't know what's next for travel after the pandemic any more than the rest of us do, he told the Washington Post in an interview. But he knows...

Poland Invades Czech Republic 'by Mistake'


(Newser) - Poland invaded the Czech Republic last month in what one official has called a "misunderstanding," the BBC reports. Polish troops were apparently guarding a closed border to keep up coronavirus measures when they crossed a road, putting them in Czech territory—where they stayed a few days and...

Trump to Germany: We're Pulling Out

The president is reducing US military presence in Germany

(Newser) - President Trump is ordering the Pentagon to pull thousands of troops from Germany—a move that drew criticism and some speculation that it's just a tit-for-tat with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Guardian reports. The order will remove almost 9,500 troops and reduce the US troop presence there...

Protests Reach Europe
Protests Reach Europe

Protests Reach Europe

Nations around the world monitor US chaos closely

(Newser) - Nations around the world have watched the civil unrest in the US that has followed the death of George Floyd. But they have not been surprised. Racism-tinged events no longer startle even America’s closest allies, the AP reports, though many have watched coverage of the protests with growing unease....

European Union Makes a Big Ask of Trump

EU wants president to reconsider cutting US funds to World Health Organization amid pandemic

(Newser) - The European Union on Saturday urged President Trump to rethink his decision to cut American funding for the World Health Organization amid global criticism of the move, as spiking infection rates in India and elsewhere served as a reminder the global pandemic is far from contained. European Commission President Ursula...

Airline Flies to Italy, Forgets to See if Airport Is Open

After 'sightseeing tour,' Eurowings took 2 passengers back to Germany

(Newser) - A plane carried passengers from Germany to Italy before turning around midair because its intended airport is closed until next month. A spokesperson for German airline Eurowings confirmed the Saturday mix-up, which played out over four hours, per CNN . Flight EW9844 set off from Düsseldorf, intending to make the...

Discovery Alters Notions About Early Humans&#39; Travel
Discovery Alters Notions
About Early Humans' Travel
new study

Discovery Alters Notions About Early Humans' Travel

It appears they reached Europe earlier than thought, hung out with Neanderthals

(Newser) - Human bones from a Bulgarian cave suggest our species arrived in Europe thousands of years earlier than previously thought and shared the continent longer than realized with Neanderthals, per the AP . Scientists found four bone fragments and a tooth that detailed radiocarbon and DNA tests show are from four Homo...

In Berlin, New May Holiday Sends 'Unmistakable Message'

City makes May 8 a public holiday to commemorate end of WWII, Nazi rule

(Newser) - The US and Britain recognize May 8 as a special date—and now Berlin is joining them, even going so far as to make it a public holiday. Victory in Europe Day commemorates May 8, 1945, the day when German troops surrendered to the Soviets, effectively ending World War II....

Ikea's Main Franchisee Prepares for Baby Boom

Ingka aims to reopen European stores in May

(Newser) - Ikea's main franchisee has reopened all but one of its stores in China, and next month it plans to welcome crowds back to its European stores, too. Ingka Group—the world's largest furniture retailer, operating 420 Ikea stores around the world—aims to reopen stores in Europe in...

'It Is a New World' as Children Return to Class

Denmark gently reopens schools for younger children

(Newser) - Denmark made headlines this week by reopening some of its schools—making it a laboratory for other countries that want to get things rolling again, the New York Times reports. So far, Denmark is allowing younger students back amid restrictions, like having desks six feet apart. "It is a...

Origin of Most New York Cases: Flights From Europe

Study traces source of coronavirus outbreak back to mid-February

(Newser) - Most of the coronavirus cases in the New York City area arrived via flights from Europe, say genome researchers. And it appears that COVID-19 was in circulation in the region in mid-February, about two weeks before the first confirmed case was in the books, report the New York Times and...

Pleasant Weather Prompts Warnings in Europe

London park shuts after crowds flocked there Saturday

(Newser) - As warm, sunny weather beckoned across Europe, leaders worried that people would be drawn outdoors Sunday and ignore social distancing rules. British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said sunbathing in public places was not allowed and the UK might even ban outdoor exercise if people "flout the rules,''...

Nation's President Mocks Virus 'Psychosis,' Soccer Goes On

Belarus' Premier League is carrying on as if there's no pandemic, and it's gaining fans

(Newser) - It's the "last league standing," per the Guardian , and that's no exaggeration. Like pro sports throughout much of the globe, professional soccer is virtually canceled across the EU due to the coronavirus —except for the Belarusian Premier League, which has bucked what other neighboring countries...

Why Our Public Transit Sucks
Why Our Public Transit
Is Such a Nightmare

Why Our Public Transit Is Such a Nightmare

Aaron Gordon weighs in at Vice

(Newser) - "American cities are facing a transportation crisis." That's how Aaron Gordon kicks off a lengthy Vice article about America's half-hearted commitment to public transit. Gordon argues that the US lags far behind Europe's tram and metro lines, and China's high-speed rail lines, which makes...

EU to Migrants: Europe Is &#39;Closed&#39;
EU to Migrants:
Europe Is 'Closed'

EU to Migrants: Europe Is 'Closed'

As Cypriot police pepper-spray protesters

(Newser) - Cyprus riot police used pepper spray on Saturday to thwart Turkish Cypriot protesters trying to shove their way through a barricaded crossing point in the heart of the ethnically divided island nation's capital, the AP reports. Several dozen protesters tried to push their way through a cordon of riot...

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