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Bird Flu Strain Jumped to Humans for First Time: Russia

7 workers at plant feel fine, officials say, and work on a vaccine is beginning

(Newser) - Russia has reported the first instances of a strain of bird flu jumping from poultry to humans to the World Health Organization. The outbreak happened at a plant in southern Russia, officials said. "All seven people... are now feeling well," said Anna Popova, chief of the nation's...

An Unwelcome First for a Strain of Bird Flu

First H7N4 case confirmed in a human

(Newser) - A year after the World Health Organization announced it was on " high alert " over outbreaks of bird flu, China has confirmed the first human case of strain H7N4. Health officials say a 68-year-old woman who fell ill in Jiangsu province on Dec. 25 was infected with the strain,...

Dutch Slaughter 190K Ducks Thanks to Bird Flu

6 farms affected as avian flu outbreak sweeps Northern Europe

(Newser) - Six farms in the Netherlands on Saturday were the wrong places at the wrong time for some 190,000 ducks who were slaughtered as avian flu sweeps Europe, reports Reuters , with outbreaks now reported in Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Sweden. The outbreaks have largely been on the H5N8 strain, though...

For First Time in a Decade, We're Buying Europe's Eggs

Netherlands will help fill void in bakeries, processed foods

(Newser) - With the bird flu outbreak spawning an increasing egg shortage, the United States will soon allow imported egg products from the Netherlands to be used for commercial baking and in processed foods. It's the first time in more than a decade the US has bought eggs from Europe, and...

Supermarket Chain Now Rationing Eggs

Fast-food breakfast hours also take a hit from egg shortage

(Newser) - Supermarket chain H-E-B says it's committed to ensuring "families and households have access to eggs"—and that's why you can't buy more than three cartons at a time in its Texas stores. The chain has introduced egg rationing amid an outbreak of avian flu that...

Why the Price of Ice Cream, Mayonnaise Could Jump

Liquid egg shortage due to bird flu will affect dozens of food items

(Newser) - The worst outbreak of bird flu in US history is leaving farmers with huge piles of dead chickens and turkeys to get rid of—and leaving consumers with less money in their pockets. It's not just cartons of eggs that have gone up in price with the deaths of...

With 17M Birds Dead or Dying, Iowa Declares Emergency

This could be worst bird flu outbreak ever in US

(Newser) - A state of emergency was declared yesterday by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad with nearly 17 million chickens and turkeys dead, dying, or scheduled to be euthanized due to a widening bird flu outbreak . The proclamation activates disaster response and recovery procedures for the state's homeland security and emergency management...

Iowa Farm's 5.3M Hens Will Be Killed

Biggest outbreak in current bird flu epidemic affects 10% of Iowa's egg-laying hens

(Newser) - The last thing you want at a farm with 5.3 million chickens: avian flu. But the Agriculture Department confirms that's what has hit an egg producer in Osceola County, Iowa; it's the biggest outbreak so far in the current H5N2 bird flu epidemic. CNN reports that all...

Soon to Be Made in China: Your Chicken Nuggets

But that won't be on the label...

(Newser) - The US Department of Agriculture quietly announced on Friday that it had approved four Chinese poultry plants to ship processed chicken into the US. It's no wonder it tried to sneak that news onto the eve of a long weekend, notes Bloomberg : China has a dodgy reputation for food...

China Scrambles to Track Mystery Bird Flu

New outbreaks as officials fear H7N9 may have mutated

(Newser) - Four more people in coastal China are hospitalized with the new H7N9 strain of bird flu, China announced yesterday. H7N9 has already killed two people and left a third in critical condition; the four new patients, aged 32 to 83, are also critically ill, the New York Times reports. Chinese...

Scientists Revive Bird Flu Research Amid Contagion Fear

But US funding not quite ready

(Newser) - Bird flu experts decided to shut down their research last year over government concerns that samples could cause contagion outside the lab. Now, some 40 scientists—in countries which have set up research guidelines—are set to dive back into their investigations, they say. The US hasn't established its...

Mexico Running Low on Eggs
 Mexico Running 
 Low on Eggs 

Mexico Running Low on Eggs

Avian flu outbreak dents a national staple

(Newser) - Mexico is running seriously short of eggs. After an avian flu outbreak in June killed millions chickens and the price of feed soared, the nation's residents are now facing what the Washington Post calls the "Great Mexican Egg Crisis." Consider that Mexicans consume an average of 350...

Bird Flu Jumps to Seals, Could Threaten Humans

Scientists studying new strain that moves from seal to seal

(Newser) - A new strain of bird flu you should be worried about? Maybe: In New England last fall, 162 harbor seal pups were killed by H3N8, a flu subtype that has crossed over from birds to dogs and horses in the past. Other strains of flu have previously crossed over from...

2 More Birds Found With Flu in Hong Kong

Concerns grow over H5N1 spread

(Newser) - Last month, two dead birds tested positive for the H5N1 virus, prompting Hong Kong authorities to kill some 20,000 more birds; now two more cases have been discovered. Two dead black-headed gulls—frequent winter visitors to the area and discovered separately—were found to have had the disease, fueling...

UN: Bird Flu Is Back
 UN: Bird Flu Is Back 

UN: Bird Flu Is Back

Virus is on the rise after declining for years

(Newser) - Get ready for a possible resurgence of bird flu: The UN is warning that wild bird migrations have brought the deadly virus to formerly virus-free countries, and adds that a mutant strain of H5N1 is spreading in Asia. The mutant strain can get around the defenses of current vaccines, the...

What if Swine Flu Meets Bird Flu?

A hybrid could stymie vaccines, increase disease's killing power

(Newser) - Among the scarier prospects for the future of swine flu, which has reached pandemic status but killed relatively few people, is that it mixes with bird flu to form a lethal hybrid. Jokes about flying pigs aside, a mix of the easily spreadable H1N1 and the especially virulent bird flu...

All Flu Is Bird Flu: Scientists
 All Flu Is Bird Flu: Scientists 

All Flu Is Bird Flu: Scientists

... even swine flu

(Newser) - People, pigs, and birds aren’t alone in their influenza woes. Horses, whales, and seals catch the virus, but scientists think all flu is actually avian flu, explains Brian Palmer in Slate. Birds carry each of the 144 types of influenza, which is able to jump species by mutating to...

New Drug Promises to Cure All Flu, From Bird to Seasonal

Antibodies target virus' shared vulnerability

(Newser) - Researchers have developed a drug cocktail that could provide a cure-all to the flu in all of its forms, WebMD reports. The new antibodies target a part of the virus that has only two known variations, a vulnerability that past vaccines have missed. Drugs mobilizing the new technology could debut...

Hong Kong Reports Bird Flu Outbreak

(Newser) - Three dead chickens tested positive for bird flu in Hong Kong, prompting the city to suspend poultry imports for 21 days and begin slaughtering tens of thousands of birds, an official said today. "We feel that Hong Kong is facing a new alert for bird flu," said the...

FDA OKs High-Speed Flu Test
 FDA OKs High-Speed Flu Test 

FDA OKs High-Speed Flu Test

Technique will ID new strains in crucial early warning system

(Newser) - A new genetic test for the flu virus, which slashes the time it takes to identify new strains from 4 days to 4 hours, has been approved by the FDA. The test will play a key role in an early warning system if the US is ever struck by a...

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