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'A Shock to All': Mom Charged With Cyberbullying Own Teen

Kendra Licari faces 5 charges after allegedly sending 'tens of thousands' of mean texts

(Newser) - A mother in Michigan is facing five felony charges after allegedly sending thousands of bullying messages to teens—including her own daughter. Prosecutors say the harassment began in early 2021 when Kendra Licari was working as a basketball coach at her daughter's school. The 42-year-old actually helped investigate the...

He Blackmailed Teen Online From Abroad, Is Convicted

Aydin Coban guilty of sexual extortion of Canada's Amanda Todd, who took her own life

(Newser) - A Canadian jury has found a Dutch man guilty of extortion, harassment, and other charges related to a case of a Canadian teenager who was blackmailed into exposing herself in front of a webcam. The 15-year-old later committed suicide after detailing her online harassment in a YouTube video watched by...

Facebook Moves Against Bullying Campaigns, Adds Celebrity Protection

After whistleblower's testimony, company takes certain internal chat groups private

(Newser) - Mentioning that Wednesday was National Bullying Prevention and Awareness Day, Facebook announced a number of steps to protect people from harassment on its site. Antigone Davis, Facebook's global head of safety, posted the new policies, Engadget reports, saying they're intended to better protect users—"particularly those who...

'I Was a Troll,' Chrissy Teigen Writes in Apology to Victims

New post goes beyond Courtney Stodden to anyone she cyberbullied

(Newser) - Chrissy Teigen publicly apologized to Courtney Stodden last month for past cyberbullying . Now she's offering an expanded, general apology to anyone else who might have been her victim, Fox News reports. "I was a troll, full stop. And I am so sorry," Teigen writes on Medium . She...

French Teen's Anti-Islam Posts Lead to a Landmark Trial

13 are accused of threatening her online after she disparaged the religion

(Newser) - Thirteen people went on trial Thursday in Paris accused of cyberbullying or death threats against a teenage girl who posted online comments critical of Islam. The case is the first such trial under new jurisdiction France created this year to prosecute crimes online, including harassment and discrimination, per the AP...

Chrissy Teigen Responds to Courtney Stodden Bullying Claims

'I'm mortified and sad at who I used to be'

(Newser) - Courtney Stodden, the young beauty pageant queen who made headlines after marrying 50-something actor Doug Hutchison when she was just 16, recently sat down with the Daily Beast to talk about what she says was a "psychologically and mentally" abusive relationship with her now ex-husband. But Stodden, 26, also...

State AGs to Facebook: Ditch 'Harmful' Instagram for Kids

Dozens of attorneys general want social media giant to abandon its idea of an 'Instagram for kids'

(Newser) - Facebook is currently working on an "Instagram for kids" that would allow children under 13 to use the platform, but there's already pushback from multiple corners. The latest resistance: a Monday letter from the National Association of Attorneys General, representing bipartisan AGs from 44 US states and territories...

Cheerleaders Were Sent Disturbing Deepfakes. Cops Say It Was a Squad Mom

Pennsylvania mom faces harassment charges

(Newser) - Cheerleaders from a team in Bucks County, Pa., started coming forward last year with stories of cyberbullying—and police say a cheer squad mom turned out to be behind it. Raffaella Spone, 50, is accused of harassing members of Doylestown's Victory Vipers, as well as some staffers, NBC News...

Teen's Messages With Other Boy Were Posted. Hours Later, He Was Dead

Channing Smith, 16, killed himself in his Tennessee home

(Newser) - On the night of Sunday, Sept. 22, Channing Smith, 16, saw that private, sexually explicit messages between himself and a male classmate had been posted to Instagram and Snapchat. Within hours, Channing was dead, having taken his own life. His family says the cyberbullying is to blame; the Tennessee high...

She Took Jay-Z's Drink Order. Then Came the Death Threats

Nicole Curran says misinterpreted look on Bey's face at NBA game led to 'cyberbullying'

(Newser) - Cyberbullying over a citrus slice? That's what Nicole Curran is claiming after an incident at an NBA Finals game Wednesday that she says led to death threats and the deletion of her Instagram account. ESPN reports that Curran, the wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob, had been...

'Disturbing' Messages Investigated After Teen's Suicide

Death rattles Connecticut school district

(Newser) - A Connecticut school district shaken by the suicide of a 16-year-old student says it is investigating "disturbing" messages posted on social media immediately after her death. Danbury High School student Hailey Nailor jumped off the fifth floor of a parking structure at the Danbury Fair mall Saturday afternoon, the...

Cyberbullies Can Get 20 Years Under New Michigan Law

'Cyberbullying can cause just as much trauma as traditional bullying'

(Newser) - As one of his final acts in office, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a law that makes cyberbullying a crime in the state. Public Act 457 defines cyberbullying as posting a message about somebody on social media or another forum if "the message or statement is intended to place...

Blamed for Rapper's Death, Ariana Grande Takes Action
Ariana Grande Shuts It Down

Ariana Grande Shuts It Down

The singer was blamed on Instagram for Mac Miller's death

(Newser) - Ariana Grande has had enough. Blamed by some Instagram followers for ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's death on Friday, the 25-year-old disabled comments on her social media feed, reports People . Commenters hurled lowballs like "You lowkey evil," "Damn u killed the homie," and "I HOPE YOURE...

Suit: Tween Who Killed Herself Was Forced to Hug Harassers
Her Principal Gave
Her a Poker Chip.
Hours Later,
She Was Dead

Her Principal Gave Her a Poker Chip. Hours Later, She Was Dead

Mallory Grossman's parents sue, say school's failures led to bullied 12-year-old taking her life

(Newser) - "It changes your DNA," Dianne Grossman told reporters Tuesday. The New Jersey mother was speaking on the suicide of her 12-year-old daughter, Mallory, who died last June after what her parents say was a relentless bullying campaign by classmates at Copeland Middle School. Now, per the Star-Ledger , Grossman...

Millie Bobby Brown Vanishes From Twitter After Anti-Gay Memes

'Stranger Things' actress had been object of homophobic meme, hashtag campaign

(Newser) - She's taken on the Demogorgon, but Twitter trolls may have been too much. Variety reports that Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things, has either deactivated or deleted her @milliebbrown Twitter account, and it may be linked to a proliferation of memes painting the...

Melania Trump Publicly Launches Cyberbullying Initiative

First lady had promised to make online harassment one of her priorities, will hold first public event

(Newser) - Melania Trump is hosting executives from major online and social media companies to discuss cyberbullying and internet safety, more than a year after saying that would be her issue as first lady. The meeting Tuesday marks her first public event on the topic, a choice some observers have questioned given...

Caught Your Teen Sexting? Don't Panic
Caught Your Teen
Sexting? Don't Panic

Caught Your Teen Sexting? Don't Panic

Researchers say it could be a healthy part of sex education, if handled correctly

(Newser) - If you've finally mastered "OMG" and "IYKWIM," you may be ready for the next step in deciphering text messages—though if you're the parent of a teen, you might not like what you uncover. That's because teens are spending more time sexting, with at...

Florida Student Calls Out First Lady

Lauren Hogg says Melania Trump should stop Donald Jr. from cyberbullying her family

(Newser) - First lady Melania Trump has a mission to end cyber bullying . A 14-year-old survivor of the Florida school shooting thinks she ought to start with her own-stepson. Lauren Hogg delivered the critical tweet Friday, and it revolves around her older brother, David, who has emerged as an outspoken proponent of...

Girl Complained About Bullying, Killed Herself Minutes Later

2 kids now charged with cyberstalking

(Newser) - While suspended from school for an alleged fight, 12-year-old Gabriella "Gabbie" Green walked into her mother's bedroom on Jan. 10 to complain about "girl drama" and the "particularly heavy" harassment she was receiving from classmates. Forty minutes later, she was found dead of a suicide that'...

US Girls Self-Harming, Trying Suicide at Increasing Rate

Experts: Cyberbullying, substance abuse, economic stress may be contributing to trend

(Newser) - Attempted suicides, drug overdoses, cutting, and other types of self-injury have increased substantially in US girls, a 15-year study of ER visits found. It's unclear why, but some mental health experts think cyberbullying, substance abuse, and economic stress from the recent recession might be contributing, the AP reports. The...

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