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'He Defined an Era and a Style'
'RIP That
Great Man,
That Great

'RIP That Great Man, That Great Actor'

Hollywood pays tribute to screen legend Sean Connery

(Newser) - No one could say "Bond, James Bond," quite like he did. But tributes to the life of Sean Connery—who died Saturday at age 90—reveal a deeper awe and affection for a man who touched many lives around him, Variety reports. Among their reactions:
  • Daniel Craig: "

Farewell to Our First James Bond
Farewell to
Our First
James Bond

Farewell to Our First James Bond

Oscar-winning Scottish actor was 90

(Newser) - He was the first actor, and many say the best, to portray James Bond in the spy film series. Now, a goodbye to the original 007: The family of Sir Sean Connery says the Scottish actor has died at the age of 90, reports the BBC . Connery kicked off his...

9 Iconic Roles That Almost Went to Someone Else

Johnny Depp as Ferris Bueller?

(Newser) - John Travolta as Forrest Gump? Difficult to envision, but it could have happened: Travolta turned down the role before Tom Hanks ended up with it, according to HLN 's list of 18 iconic roles that almost went to different actors. More:
  • Will Smith turned down the role of Neo

11 Celebs' Strange Pre-Fame Jobs

From birthday party clown to outhouse cleaner

(Newser) - Hey, you gotta start somewhere. Radar rounds up 25 celebrities who had strange—and sometimes a little embarrassing—jobs before they got their big breaks. A sampling:
  • Cindy Crawford: Shucked corn at a local fair for $4 an hour. (But note, that's how she ended up getting discovered.)

James Bond's Missing Watch Reappears... at Flea Market

Goes for $38; set to auction for up to $91K

(Newser) - James Bond's wristwatch played a starring role alongside Sean Connery in the 1965 film Thunderball, but after the movie, it went MIA. Now it has finally made a reappearance—after a buyer found it at a British equivalent of a flea market, Sky News reports. The anonymous buyer paid...

11 Great Actors in Awful Films
 11 Great Actors in Awful Films 
'you talkin' to me?'

11 Great Actors in Awful Films

Sometimes bad movies happen to good people

(Newser) - There are some movies that actors probably wish they could scrub from their IMDb profiles. Ben Widdicombe notes 11 of the most embarrassing skeletons in otherwise talented stars’ closets, on PopEater :
  • Brendan Fraser: Yes, he has done serious work, “like Gods and Monsters, where he got to display some

007 Hot to Score With Dark-Haired Yanks

(Newser) - Leave it to professors to nail down exactly what type of woman James Bond wants in bed. A team of pop culture researchers have pored over the mythical MI-5 spy's list of 195 female contacts in the first 20 Bond movies to determine the sex partner he most prefers: women...

10 Seriously Unlucky Irish Accents in Film

Sean Connery and Julia Roberts make the list—twice

(Newser) - In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Irish Central ranks the worst Irish accents to hit the big screen.
  • Sean Connery, "the gold standard to judge against all other bad Irish accents," takes the No. 1 and 2 spots, for Darby O'Gill and the Little People in 1959 and

Connery Won't Give Son a Dime
 Connery Won't Give Son a Dime 

Connery Won't Give Son a Dime

Star wants son to earn his living

(Newser) - Add Sean Connery to the list of wealthy patriarchs who want their children to make their own money. The 77-year-old actor is worth $170 million, but his 45-year-old son, Jason, will “never receive a penny” of it, Connery’s ex-wife and Jason's mother Diane Cilento told the London Times.

Top 10 Movie Cameos
 Top 10 Movie Cameos 

Top 10 Movie Cameos

These small parts left a big impression

(Newser) - Neil Patrick Harris just about stole Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle with a cameo, and he's not alone. runs down its top 10 movie cameos, including a stealth visit from Cate Blanchett in a hazmat suit.
  1. Bob Barker, Happy Gilmore
  2. Will Ferrell, Wedding Crashers

Judge Scolds Connery Over Neighbor Feud

Litigious aging Bond, doc downstairs just can't get along

(Newser) - After 10 lawsuits that have yielded nothing besides smoldering rage, a Manhattan judge chastised Sean Connery and his nemesis-neighbor Burton Sultan, calling on the two to end their feud over alleged damages to the townhouse they share. Justice Marcy Friedman singled out Connery and his family for their "blunderbuss"...

Bond's Moneypenny Dies at 80
Bond's Moneypenny Dies at 80

Bond's Moneypenny Dies at 80

Miss Moneypenny takes final bow

(Newser) - Lois Maxwell—better known as Miss Moneypenny, to James Bond devotees—has died at age 80 of cancer in an Australian hospital. She starred alongside Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore, and clocked a longer Bond career than either of the legendary 007's, the BBC reports. In 14 Bond...

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