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Family of 'Con Men' Hear Their Fate for Fake COVID Cure

Mark Grenon, 3 adult sons get jail time for hawking toxic bleach through their online church

(Newser) - A Florida man and his three adult sons were sentenced Friday for selling a toxic industrial bleach as a fake COVID-19 cure through their online church. A federal judge in Miami sentenced Jonathan Grenon, 37, and Jordan Grenon, 29, to 12 years and seven months in prison, while Mark Grenon,...

Family Behind COVID Cure That's Really Bleach Is Indicted

The FDA warned for years that the 'cure' offered by a 'nonreligious' church was dangerous

(Newser) - A father and three sons accused of selling industrial bleach as a miracle cure face federal charges, reports the AP . Mark Grenon, 62; Jonathan, 34; Joseph, 32; and Jordan, 26, could face life sentences if convicted in connection with a product called Miracle Mineral Solution, which the FDA says...

'Archbishop' Arrested Over COVID-19 'Cure'

Mark Grenon was collared in Colombia

(Newser) - Bad news for bleach drinkers: Your self-proclaimed "archbishop" is behind bars. Colombian officials have nabbed Mark Grenon and his son Joseph Grenon and accused them of selling a "miracle" drink that has already killed seven Americans, CBS News reports. The nation's top prosecutor said the Grenons were...

Family Charged Over Their 'Miracle Cure' for COVID-19

Prosecutors say 'Miracle Mineral Solution' is a toxic bleach solution

(Newser) - Florida man Mark Grenon and his family sold thousands of bottles of a "miracle cure" through their "non-religious church," Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. A more apt name might have been the Church of Drinking Bleach. Grenon and his three sons, Jonathan, Joseph, and Jordan,...

NYPD Cops Hospitalized After Drinking Tainted Shakes

Shake Shack employees, initially blamed by police unions, in the clear after investigation

(Newser) - The NYPD has determined there was no criminality by Shake Shack employees after three officers on protest detail drank milkshakes and were hospitalized. The uniformed officers had consumed some of the beverages purchased in lower Manhattan around 8:30pm Monday before noticing a substance in the cups, per NBC News...

Officials Sorry for Spraying Beach With Bleach

They said it was done to protect children

(Newser) - Environmentalists in Spain hoped wildlife would benefit from the beach in Zahara de los Atunes being closed for six weeks. Then authorities sprayed it with bleach. Officials in the Andalusia fishing village have apologized for the spraying, which they said was done to protect children from the coronavirus, the Guardian...

Bleach Peddler: I Wrote Trump About Coronavirus 'Cure'

Mark Grenon links his letter to Trump's remarks about 'disinfectant cure'

(Newser) - "Dear Mr President, I am praying you read this letter and intervene." That's how Mark Grenon says he began a letter to President Trump proclaiming the alleged curative power of industrial bleach—right before Trump went on TV and supported disinfectant as a treatment for the coronavirus,...

Lysol Issues a Warning After Trump Briefing
Trump: My Disinfectant
Comments Were Sarcastic

Trump: My Disinfectant Comments Were Sarcastic

Says he asked about bizarre coronavirus treatment 'just to see what would happen'

(Newser) - All kinds of headlines about bleach and disinfectants were floating around Friday, all stemming from President Trump's coronavirus briefing on Thursday. After science adviser William Bryan talked about how UV rays and disinfectants such as bleach and isopropyl alcohol seemed to work against COVID-19 in the lab, Trump mused...

Despite 10 Years of Warnings, People Still Drink Dangerous 'Cure'

FDA: Taking sodium chlorite products like Miracle Mineral Solution is basically drinking bleach

(Newser) - It's OK to believe in miracles, but drinking bleach for your ailments isn't going to lead to one. That's effectively what people are doing when they quaff a product known as Miracle Mineral Solution, and other products like it that promise a cure for autism, cancer, HIV,...

FDA: Church 'Miracle Cure' Is Highly Dangerous

Yet the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing marches on

(Newser) - Bleach drinkers, unite: Your savior is here. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing plans to meet Saturday at a Washington state hotel to promote its "miracle" health cure—otherwise known as industrial bleach, the Guardian reports. The group's Facebook invitation seeks $450 per attendee or $800...

Murder Suspect: Victim Asked Me to Clean Crime Scene

David Pena says estranged wife, stabbed by someone else, didn't want son to see her like that

(Newser) - Screams for help weren't Martha Mendiola's last words, per the California man accused of trying to kill her. Her estranged husband David Pena instead says she said to him: "I love you. Please don't let [my son] see me like this." That's the story...

How to Survive in Liberia: Chlorine, No Touching

But most Liberians don't have such luxuries, writes Lenny Bernstein

(Newser) - When Lenny Bernstein volunteered to go to Liberia to cover the Ebola outbreak last month, most of his friends and family thought he was crazy. Literally. A college buddy said, "I think you're out of your f---ing mind," Bernstein recalls at the Washington Post . Other journalists, however,...

UTexas Minority Students Hit With Bleach Balloons

Summer incidents had gone unreported

(Newser) - University of Texas at Austin students and staff are protesting after four students were reportedly hit with "bleach bombs"—balloons filled with bleach—while off campus. The attacks on minority students occurred between June and September, but they'd gone unreported until the campus police chief began investigating....

Ex-Boyfriend Gets Lap Full of Bleach While Driving

Ex-girlfriend faces battery charges

(Newser) - A cringe-worthy item from the crime blotter, as spotted by the Gainesville Sun : Police say a woman grabbed a bottle of bleach and proceeded to soak her ex-boyfriend's lap with it—while he was driving. This, the police report helpfully points out, "produced a burning sensation in the...

In Jamaica, a Disturbing Number Bleach Skin

Health officials warn against the practice, but trend persists

(Newser) - In Jamaica, the popular trend of skin bleaching has reached disturbing and dangerous heights, doctors say. Despite public health campaigns warning against the practice, many residents purchase concoctions—sometimes from roadside vendors—that claim to lighten the skin. One dermatologist even had a patient who started bleaching her baby. "...

Cleaners May Trigger Asthma
Cleaners May Trigger Asthma

Cleaners May Trigger Asthma

Common household products blamed for 1 in 7 cases

(Newser) - Cleaning products with bleach and air fresheners may cause asthma, or aggravate symptoms, even if those products are used only once a week, according to new research. As many as 1 in 7 asthma cases may be caused by exposure to household cleaners, says a study in the American Journal ...

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