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A Most Unusual Rock Hall Induction
A Most Unusual
Rock Hall Induction

A Most Unusual Rock Hall Induction

The pandemic forces the show to be a taped HBO special, continues to ruin basically everything

(Newser) - In a normal year, the newly inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class would have hit the stage and performed the songs that got them into the vaunted institution. Not 2020. Because of the pandemic, this year’s all-star group was inducted Saturday night in a taped HBO special...

Rock Hall Gives Noms to 2 Late Stars

Whitney Houston, Notorious BIG among 16 possibles for the 2020 inductee class

(Newser) - The late musical icons Whitney Houston and the Notorious BIG are among the 16 acts nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's 2020 class. The prestigious organization announced Tuesday that Dave Matthews Band, Motorhead, Pat Benatar, Soundgarden, the Doobie Brothers, T. Rex, and Thin Lizzy join Houston...

Soul-Crushing Video Shows Guy Fieri Eating

While Johnny Cash's melancholy cover of Nine Inch Nails' 'Hurt' plays in the background

(Newser) - Guy Fieri has become a laughingstock of sorts for his panned NYC restaurant , over-the-top personality, and overall Guy Fieri-ness , but the celebrity chef ascended to temporary cult status this week thanks to a video that's gone viral. Mayor Wertz, whose website says he makes "hip-hop about sweet things,...

Rock Hall Disses Beloved '60s Singer Again

Janet Jackson, Cheap Trick named as nominees

(Newser) - Janet Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, NWA, and Cheap Trick are among the 15 hopefuls vying for a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. With The Cars, Chaka Khan, Steve Miller, Chicago, and Yes among them, the nominees are "representative of different people's definitions...

Green Day, Smiths Score Hall of Fame Nominations

Nine Inch Nails, Sting also get first-time nominations

(Newser) - People who came of age in the '90s may be startled to learn that Green Day and Nine Inch Nails are now venerable enough to earn nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which requires a 25-year recording history. The other first-time nominees to the Class of...

4 Weird Ways Musicians Have Promoted Albums

Why just release a single when you can project it onto a bunch of buildings?

(Newser) - These days, promoting your new album doesn't just mean getting DJs to talk about it on the radio, oh no. The Week rounds up seven albums that were promoted in very weird ways indeed. A sampling:
  • Arcade Fire, Reflektor: The band hired graffiti artists to put the word "

'Reinvented' Nine Inch Nails Will Tour: Reznor

Band's farewell tour was 4 years ago

(Newser) - Four years ago, Nine Inch Nails played a farewell tour—but the band isn't saying goodbye yet. The band, including new guitarist Adrian Belew and bassist Eric Avery, is planning to tour this year and next. "The first shows will begin this summer, followed by a full-on arena...

Scariest Albums Ever Made
 Scariest Albums 
 Ever Made 

Scariest Albums Ever Made

Celebrate Halloween with these psychologically creepy albums

(Newser) - James Montgomery, tasked with listing the scariest albums ever made for MTV in honor of Halloween, resisted the temptation to include Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Thing. Instead, he went for the "dense, raw, positively horrifying albums, guaranteed to turn your Halloween into a total fright-fest." Check them...

Most Controversial Music Videos
 Most Controversial 
 Music Videos 

Most Controversial Music Videos

Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, incestuous Gainsbourgs make list

(Newser) - With MTV's Video Music Awards set for Sunday (not that you'll see many videos on the channel these days), takes a look at some of the form’s most controversial:
  • Closer, Nine Inch Nails: To go along with the explicitly sexual lyrics, this 1994 piece includes a monkey

The Best and Worst Karaoke Songs

(Newser) - For the incoherent drunkards, the friends who get yanked onstage, and all other would-be singers, Entertainment Weekly offers the best and worst karaoke songs: The Best:
  • "I Want It That Way," Backstreet Boys: The entire room will be singing with you; getting audience members to admit they like

'Idiots' Have Driven Me Off Twitter: Reznor

I tried to show the real me, he says

(Newser) - Twitter’s negative users appear to have scared away a celebrity tweeter, Rolling Stone reports. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor delighted some fans by using his 140 characters to announce collaborations, diss Chris Cornell, and raise money for charity. But the social network is “now doing more harm than...

Fallon Is Webby Awards' 'Person of the Year'

Reznor, MacFarlane, Twitter also receive Internet honors

(Newser) - Jimmy Fallon, Trent Reznor, and Twitter have all been honored with a 2008 Webby Award, CNET reports. Fallon, described by the awards committee as “one of the most ardent online evangelists,” was named the Webby’s “Person of the Year” for incorporating Twitter feeds, blogging, and online...

When Music, Politics Collide, It's Usually Cringe-Worthy

Rowdy rockers make strange bedfellows for pols

(Newser) - As Barack Obama prepares for an appearance at Lollapalooza this weekend, Radar revisits odd moments when music invaded the political arena. Sometimes scary, sometimes silly, but always strange, here are some highlights:
  • Elvis and Nixon: The King visited the White House and offered to help in the fight against drugged-out

Reznor Schools Music Industry
 Reznor Schools
 Music Industry 

Reznor Schools Music Industry

Digital giveaway translates into hard cash for Nine Inch Nails frontman

(Newser) - The music industry could learn a few things from Trent Reznor, whose decision to go independent and give away music digitally might earn him more money than sticking with a label—not to mention creative freedom, Jackson West writes on Valleywag. Labels are now starting to realize they need to...

Nine Inch Nails Gives Away New Album

Says frontman Trent Reznor, 'This one's on me'

(Newser) - Nine Inch Nails released its new album free of charge today, Billboard reports. In premiering The Slip online, frontman Trent Reznor wrote, “Thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years—this one’s on me.” The 10-track album will see CD and vinyl release in...

Nine Inch Nails Pinch Scalpers
 Nine Inch Nails Pinch Scalpers 

Nine Inch Nails Pinch Scalpers

New online strategy aims to get tix straight to fans

(Newser) - Nine Inch Nails aims to outmaneuver scalpers and undercut premium ticket brokers with an online strategy during an upcoming summer concert tour, Reuters reports. Tickets will be sold directly to fans registered on the band's website beginning 72 hours before each concert date. Organizers hope tight ID restrictions will ensure...

Radiohead to Fans: Get Animated

Band offers $10K, Cartoon Network exposure for music video

(Newser) - Radiohead is breaking new ground again—this time asking fans to make an animated video for any song on its pay-what-you-want In Rainbows album. The band itself will choose the grand-prize winner, who’ll get $10,000 to animate a full-length version. Would-be competitors have until April 27 to submit...

NIN Nails the Recording Industry
NIN Nails the Recording Industry

NIN Nails the Recording Industry

Trent Reznor's self-released album cements new business model

(Newser) - The early success of Nine Inch Nails' experiment on the Internet may mean that Armageddon is one step closer for the recording industry, writes Tony Sclafani for MSNBC. The industrial rock powerhouse released a new album on its website Sunday without a label's support, and the response has been both...

Nine Inch Nails Releases New Album Online

Ghosts I-IV follows Radiohead-style tiered-pricing model

(Newser) - Nine Inch Nails followed in the Radiohead revolution's footsteps yesterday, self-releasing a 36-track instrumental record online without warning and announcing an elaborate set of pricing options. You can pay nothing and listen to the first nine songs, “100% DRM-free,” and enjoy a pile of extras, Pitchfork Media reports....

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