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Man Who Flew to Space With Shatner Killed in Plane Crash

Glen de Vries, 49, rode in Blue Origin rocket last month

(Newser) - A man who traveled to space with William Shatner last month was killed along with another person when a small plane crashed in northern New Jersey, according to state police. Glen M. de Vries, 49, of New York City, and Thomas P. Fischer, 54, of Hopatcong, were aboard the single-engine...

William Shatner Is Now Truly a Rocket Man
William Shatner Is
Now Truly a Rocket Man

William Shatner Is Now Truly a Rocket Man

The 90-year-old blasted off on Wednesday

(Newser) - William Shatner on Wednesday became the oldest person to go to space. After a couple of delays, CNN reports the 90-year-old blasted off from a West Texas launch site on an 11-minute up-and-down flight (with four of those minutes being weightless). He rode on Blue Origin's New Shepard...

William Shatner Books Trip to Final Frontier
William Shatner's
Blastoff Date Is Set

William Shatner's Blastoff Date Is Set

Blue Origin rocket will carry TV's Captain Kirk, age 90, into space on Oct. 12

(Newser) - Update: We now have a launch date for William Shatner. The AP reports the Star Trek actor will blast off from West Texas on Oct. 12. "Yes, it's true; I'm going to be a 'rocket man!'" the nonagenarian tweeted Monday, adding , "It's...

NASA Offers Next Best Thing to Touching the Sun

Fly your name to our star instead

(Newser) - NASA will fly you to the sun—or at least your name. From now until April 27, NASA is accepting online submissions for this hottest ticket in town, which is free. The names—including that of pitchman William Shatner —will be included on a microchip to be sent on...

Florida Man Seeks $170M From His 'Dad,' William Shatner

He's suing for a DNA test

(Newser) - A man who has been claiming to be the illegitimate son of William Shatner for three decades now says it's time for dear-old dad to pay up. The Tampa Tribune reports 59-year-old Florida resident Peter Sloan recently filed a lawsuit to force Shatner to stop denying his paternity, take...

William Shatner 'Can't Make It' to Nimoy's Service

Says he 'feels awful,' proposes online gathering

(Newser) - One familiar face who apparently won't be appearing at Spock's funeral : Kirk. William Shatner tweeted today that he "can't make it" to Leonard Nimoy's memorial service tomorrow because he's currently in Florida doing charity work, Gawker reports. Noting that he had "agreed to...

10 Celebs Who Won't Work Together

And, boo, list includes Captain Kirk and Mr. Sulu

(Newser) - Everyone loves a good celebrity feud: And these 10, rounded up by TheRichest , are reportedly so bad that the actors involved refuse to work together. Five standout pairs:
  • Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte's 1994 romantic comedy I Love Trouble was spark-free, and perhaps that's because they worked together

Astronomers Ignore People's Pick for Pluto Moon Name

Moons named Styx and Kerberos, despite William Shatner's campaign

(Newser) - Though Star Trek fans (led by William Shatner) overwhelmingly won an online vote to name one of Pluto's recently found moons "Vulcan" earlier this year, the International Astronomical Union has decided against the moniker. It has named the former planet's fourth and fifth moons "Styx" and...

'Vulcan' Wins Pluto's Moon Naming Contest

'Captain Kirk' hails win as Cerberus comes 2nd

(Newser) - The contest to pick Hades-related names for Pluto's fourth and fifth moons is over and the winner will be familiar to Star Trek fans: Vulcan was the runaway winner of the poll at plutorocks.com , taking 174,000 votes out of 475,000 cast for 21 candidates. Vulcan is...

William Shatner Calls Real-Life Astronaut in Space

Has some questions for Canadian Chris Hadfield

(Newser) - An astronaut on the International Space Station got to talk to none other than Captain James T. Kirk today, Space.com reports. Chris Hadfield first heard from William Shatner on Twitter last month, when the actor asked the Canadian astronaut, "Are you tweeting from space?" The conversation grew to...

NASA Enlists Shatner to Explain Risky Mars Landing

Rover Curiosity arrives late tomorrow

(Newser) - NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is scheduled to touch down tomorrow night on a two-year mission, and who better than Captain Kirk to explain all? The space agency has William Shatner detail what it expects to happen, including the Hollywood-esque "seven minutes of terror" that precedes the landing, reports...

William Shatner's Pants Fall Down at LAX Security

'Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me,' actor says

(Newser) - Maybe the Priceline Negotiator should start advertising for belts. William Shatner's pants slipped down at airport security, treating dozens of onlookers to a view of the former Captain Kirk's undergarments. He had been chosen for an individual security check and was wearing baggy clothes, the San Francisco Chronicle...

Shatner's Priceline Character Killed Off

He is no longer the spokesman after 14 years

(Newser) - William Shatner will no longer be the voice of Priceline, and the travel site is making sure it gets plenty of bang for its buck in the grand finale. A 30-second spot that begins airing Monday has Shatner's grand-negotiator character going off a cliff on a bus. "I'...

Spock Transports to Final Star Trek Convention

Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy

(Newser) - Spock may live long and prosper, but he's had it with Star Trek conventions. Leonard Nimoy is ditching the Vulcan mind meld with devoted fans at the Trekkie fests now that he's 80 (in human years). The cosmic get-together over the weekend in suburban Chicago celebrating the 45th...

Charlie Sheen Comedy Central Roast: William Shatner, Jon Lovitz, Mike Tyson, Slash Pay Raunchy Homage
 Charlie Sheen Gets Roasted 

Charlie Sheen Gets Roasted

Comedy Central fetes actor with raunchy roast

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen probably needs an intervention, but he got roasted instead last night on Comedy Central. Celebs roasters included William Shatner, Seth MacFarlane, Mike Tyson, Jon Lovitz, and Patrice O'Neal, and the Huffington Post has a rundown of the best zingers from the raunchfest:
  • Shatner: "Never ever forget

William Shatner Booted From Google+

Relax, he's back now

(Newser) - Google+ isn't off to the most celeb-friendly of starts: William Shatner found himself blocked from the social network today, TechCrunch reports. The actor's explanation, via Twitter: "My Google+ account was flagged for violating standards. Saying hello to everyone apparently is against the rules maybe I should say...

Captain Kirk Launches Discovery's Final Flight

Shuttle leaves space station, set to land on Wednesday

(Newser) - Discovery left the International Space Station for the last time today, but not before getting a rousing send-off from Captain Kirk himself. As the astronauts woke, they were treated to the unmistakable voice of William Shatner. "Space the final frontier," the recording said. "These have been the...

Jimmy Kimmel Pushes Unfriend Day

You don't really have 1,000 friends, he insists

(Newser) - Perhaps you dearly love each and every one of your 600 Facebook friends, but Jimmy Kimmel is pretty sure you don’t. “Remember five years ago when no one had Facebook and you didn't know what the guy you took high school biology with was having for lunch?” he...

Parents Council Threatens CBS Over $#*! My Dad Says
 Parents Council 
 Threatens CBS Over 
 $#*! My Dad Says 
bleeping doesn't cut it

Parents Council Threatens CBS Over $#*! My Dad Says

Network just wants to offend people, prez says

(Newser) - Well, that didn’t take long: The Parents Television Council is, in a not entirely shocking move, protesting new CBS show $#*! My Dad Says. The decision to include an expletive—albeit a bleeped expletive—in the name of the sitcom demonstrates the network’s “contempt for families and...

Celebs Mourn Andrew Koenig
 Celebs Mourn Andrew Koenig 

Celebs Mourn Andrew Koenig

Dad's 'Star Trek' costars and others respond to suicide

(Newser) - As the Koenig family sent out a statement thanking everyone for the “kind thoughts at this difficult time,” celebrities mourned Andrew publicly. The responses so far, rounded up by E! :
  • William Shatner: “My deepest sympathies to Andrew Koenig's family. I will grieve with them."
  • Levar Burton:

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