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Unions to Hollywood Writers: Fire Your Agents

It's a new strike, this time against talent agencies

(Newser) - Welcome to Hollywood chaos. The Writers Guild of America notified its 15,000 members Friday to fire their agents after talks crumbled between the two sides, Variety reports. "We know that, together, we are about to enter uncharted waters," say WGA leaders. "...But it has become clear... More »

Last-Minute Deal Averts Hollywood Writers' Strike

WGA still needs to ratify deal with producers

(Newser) - A tentative deal was reached between screenwriters and producers Tuesday, averting a strike that could have crippled TV and film production and inflicted harm on the wider California economy. The three-year agreement, which requires ratification by members of the Writers Guild of America, was confirmed by the guild and producers'... More »

Hollywood Writers Could Be On Strike By Tuesday

Deadline for deal is Monday midnight

(Newser) - Almost a decade after Hollywood writers went on strike for 100 days, another walkout could be on the cards if negotiations this weekend fail. The Writers Guild of America's contract with producers expires at midnight Monday, meaning TV and movie writers could be on strike by Tuesday. A strike... More »

Writers Pick Funniest Screenplay Ever

'Annie Hall' gets the honors

(Newser) - The Writers Guild of America thinks Woody Allen penned the funniest movie of all time. In a newly released list of the 101 funniest screenplays, Allen's Annie Hall tops the list, reports the Hollywood Reporter . Allen himself starred in the 1977 film with Diane Keaton. Most of the top... More »

101 Best-Written TV Series Ever

Writers Guild of America releases list

(Newser) - Still reeling from last night's episode of Game of Thrones ? Need to take a break and watch a different, but also well-written, TV show? Then the Writers Guild of America's list of the 101 best-written television series arrives just in the nick of time. Here's the... More »

Social Network, Inception Win at WGAs

Nolan, Sorkin take home top screenwriting honors

(Newser) - The sci-fi smash Inception and Facebook drama The Social Network took top screenplay honors last night at the Writers Guild Awards. Inception writer Christopher Nolan won for best original screenplay and The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin won for best adapted screenplay. The Social Network, was the heavy favorite Sorkin... More »

Freelance Jokesters Pen Late-Night Laughs

WGA miffed by non-union writers

(Newser) - Late-night hosts don’t get all their gags in-house—scores of wannabe comedy writers bombard the likes of Jay and Dave with their one-liners, the Los Angeles Times reports, then anxiously wait for the show to air "to find out if you got a joke on or not,”... More »

Leno Scabbed on Own Show During Writers Strike: Union

Guild could expel late-night host

(Newser) - The Writers Guild of America claims Jay Leno broke union rules when he hit the air with his own material during the 2007-08 strike, the Los Angeles Times reports. Leno denies wrongdoing. The accusation against the host, who was publicly supportive of striking writers, was kept mum until he appeared... More »

Hey, Tara, the Strike Is Over

Actress still waiting for writers' strike to end

(Newser) - The Hollywood writers' strike ended in February, but it lives on for Tara Reid, Fox News reports. The American Pie actress last week said she'll "go back into acting once the strike stops." While she waits it out, Reid is focusing on a clothing line inspired by self-help... More »

Actors Guild Suffers Blow as Smaller Union OKs Contract

AFTRA approval weakens strike chance

(Newser) - Despite a campaign by the larger Screen Actors Guild to convince them otherwise, members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists yesterday approved a new contract with Hollywood studios, the Los Angeles Times reports. The ratification is seen as signaling weak support for an actors strike as SAG... More »

Actors' Family Feud Creates More Hollywood Labor Unrest

Larger SAG, with contract set to expire, aims to torpedo smaller union's deal

(Newser) - In the escalation of a long-simmering turf war, the largest Hollywood actors union is attempting to scuttle a deal reached by its smaller rival with studios, the Los Angeles Times reports. Though the Screen Actors Guild isn't planning to strike when its contract expires tonight, it's urging members who also... More »

Writers Strike Fallout Lingers Behind the Scenes

Cautious restart means crew members struggle to find work

(Newser) - Even though the writers’ strike ended 2 month ago, TV production crew members are still working less than usual and feeling the financial burn, the LA Times reports. The networks took a cautious approach after the strike, putting many shows on hold until next season and ordering fewer episodes of... More »

Where Did the Ratings Go?

Networks, still shaking off writers strike, hoping big names' May return is cure

(Newser) - Television shows hoping for welcoming arms after a strike-imposed hiatus are out of luck: Viewership is down sharply for scripted shows, in many cases more than 10%, the Hollywood Reporter notes. The exception appears to be CBS’ Monday night lineup, which is up after returning ahead of most other shows... More »

Clooney, WGA Part Ways Over Disputed Credit

Filmmaker takes reduced role in union after Leatherheads flap

(Newser) - George Clooney has all but severed his ties to the Writers Guild after a dispute over screenwriting credit for the new film Leatherheads, reports Variety. The film's director, co-producer, and star says he overhauled a weak script, but a 2-to-1 arbitration vote went against him. He didn't publicize the move... More »

Writers Strike Breathes New Life Into Scrubs

Sitcom poised to wring 8th season out of new network

(Newser) - The Writers Guild strike not only didn't deliver the death blow to Scrubs—it may have resurrected the veteran sitcom, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Production restarted today on the show, which NBC had already decided not to renew beyond a handful of episodes left over from before the job... More »

Worries Rising Over Looming Actors' Strike

Chances of a walkout are about 50-50, one analyst says

(Newser) - The chances of Hollywood actors going on strike when their contract expires in June are about 50-50, an industry analyst said today. If they walk, it could hurt television networks more than writers' recent 100-day walkout, the Hollywood Reporter says. Studios are still reeling from the WGA strike and can't... More »

Writers Endorse 3-Year Deal

93.6% of writers approve contract

(Newser) - Writers Guild members have ratified the 3-year deal that ended their strike earlier this month, union leaders reported yesterday.  “This contract is a new beginning for writers in the digital age,” said WGA chief Patric Verrone. The deal gives the WGA jurisdiction over writing for new-media products,... More »

There Will Be Bad Banter

Shorter schedule leaves this year's patter less edited, scribe says

(Newser) - Oscar banter may provide the show's shakiest moments, but stars and scribes are known to battle over these lines behind the scenes, the Los Angeles Times reports. This year though is different: The show's strike-shortened schedule is sparing writers from the usual pre-show scrutinty. "The celebrities and their support... More »

Networks Race to Catch Up

Producers, writers scramble to get fall TV season in shape

(Newser) - With the TV writers back at work, the networks are scrambling to put together some semblance of a fall season, the LA Times reports. Pilot scripts and casting calls are weeks behind where they'd normally be, and studios are trying to determine which already-in-hand scripts to produce. "I feel... More »

The Writers' Strike's $3.5B Price

Industry shakeup cost LA a bundle, economist tells Newsweek

(Newser) - With the writers' strike settled and Hollywood returning to work, Newsweek asks entertainment industry economist Mark Young what toll the strike took on Los Angeles. Based on lost productivity and uncollected taxes, Young pegs the hit at “around $3.5 billion … it's still a little too early to... More »

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