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Shots Fired in Apparent Confusion Over Bigfoot

Man complains that hunter nearly killed him in case of mistaken identity

(Newser) - Just your everyday sheriff's message: "It is of great concern that this individual might think it’s OK to shoot at anything he thinks is Bigfoot." The warning comes out of Montana, from Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton, reports McClatchy . A 27-year-old man told deputies... More »

Positive She Saw Bigfoot, She's Suing California

Claudia Ackley says state is endangering people by not recognizing that Sasquatch exists

(Newser) - Claudia Ackley is positive that she and her two daughters came across Bigfoot in a tree in southern California last year, but when she called different state authorities to report the sighting, she got the same response. Nope, they told her, you saw a bear. As a result, the 46-year-old... More »

Woman Blames Car Crash on Sasquatch

She says she saw Bigfoot chasing deer along Idaho highway

(Newser) - A 50-year-old Idaho woman swears a car accident Wednesday night wasn't her fault; she was distracted by Bigfoot. The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports the woman was driving along US Highway 95 north of Potlatch around 11:30pm when she says she saw a Sasquatch chasing deer along the side... More »

Guy Who Shot the Most Famous 'Bigfoot' Footage: 'It Ruined Me'

40 years later, Bob Gimlin helps fuel the legend

(Newser) - Bob Gimlin still remembers the dark hair, swinging arms, and that glance over the shoulder. Of course, he had a lot of time to consider the encounter that changed his life during his more than 30 years of silence. In a lengthy piece for Outside , Leah Sottile delves into the... More »

Police Not Amused by This Bigfoot Sighting

Maine man charged with criminal mischief over graffiti

(Newser) - A pint-sized version of Bigfoot has been popping up all over Kennebunk, Maine, in the form of graffiti, but police say the local run is over for Sasquatch. They've charged 36-year-old Freeman Hatch with criminal mischief, accusing him of defacing public property with the drawings, reports the Bangor Daily ... More »

Next for Bigfoot Hunter: IPO

Profits could be elusive or nonexistent, analysts warn

(Newser) - If you trust the business sense of a guy who thought a rubber gorilla suit was a Bigfoot carcass, the Wall Street Journal may have uncovered an exciting investment opportunity for you. Tom Biscardi, the self-proclaimed "leading expert" on Bigfoot, has founded a firm called Bigfoot Project Investments and... More »

Researcher: I Found Proof of Bigfoot in Russia

The latest supposed evidence is a piece of bark

(Newser) - People in the US have long been on the hunt for Bigfoot, just like those in Canada are in search of Sasquatch and the Himalayas lay claim to the Yeti. But did you know Russians have their own version of an extra large and hairy primate, the Almas? And now... More »

DNA Tests Find No Bigfoot, Possible Yeti

Most hair samples were from bears, cows, raccoons

(Newser) - If there are mysterious, hairy humanoids roaming the wilds of North America, they don't seem to be leaving any DNA behind, according to researchers who have carried out the first-ever comprehensive genetic review of hair samples supposedly from Bigfoot, the Sasquatch, or the Yeti. The alleged Bigfoot samples turned... More »

Bigfoot Hunter Admits Hoax

Corpse was made by a toy shop

(Newser) - You might want to sit down: It turns out that the guy who said he killed Bigfoot after luring it with Walmart pork ribs was lying. Again. Rick Dyer's money-making hoax fell apart when his own spokesman learned the sad truth that the supposed corpse was fake and decided... More »

Bigfoot's Corpse? Hunter Says He's Got It

Rick Dyer claims to have body of legendary creature

(Newser) - This time hunter Rick Dyer has really captured Bigfoot—like really for real. And he's released an image of a creature that he says will ensure his place in history, the Huffington Post reports. "Bigfoot is not a tooth fairy—Bigfoot is real," he told KSAT . "... More »

Oklahoma Bigfoot Hunt Ends Very Badly

1 shot, 3 arrested, 0 Sasquatches

(Newser) - If Bigfoot is lurking in the woods of Rogers County, Oklahoma, this sounds like the wrong group to send to hunt the creature down: Three people were arrested and one was hospitalized after a hunting trip, supposedly to find Sasquatch, went incredibly wrong, News9 reports. After Omar Pinera, 21, was... More »

Scientist 'Solves' Yeti Mystery

Geneticist suspects it's a polar bear-brown bear hybrid

(Newser) - Whether you call it the Abominable Snowman or yeti, the mythical creature may have just jumped from the pages of fiction to the world of fact. Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes performed DNA testing on 27 suspected yeti samples that had been sent to him from around the world, and got... More »

Man Killed While Posing as Bigfoot

Cars strike Montanan hoping to be mistaken for Sasquatch

(Newser) - A Montana man dressed up as what he hoped would be taken for Bigfoot was struck by two cars and killed. Randy Lee Tenley, 44, was wearing a hard-to-see military-type "Ghille" camouflage suit and was standing along a highway near Kalispell as the light was fading when he was... More »

Oxford Scholars Search for Yeti

Will use genetic analysis in serious investigation

(Newser) - The search for the yeti is going high-tech. Thanks to genetic analysis, Oxford researchers hope to say for sure whether the creature of lore exists, Gizmodo reports. Working in conjunction with the Lausanne Museum of Zoology, researchers are asking people who claim to have evidence of the yeti to send... More »

Bigfoot Search Requires Permit: Park Rangers

31 Sasquatch seekers stopped in Arkansas

(Newser) - The National Parks Service doesn't allow just anyone to conduct a search for Bigfoot. A man conducting a group mission to track down Sasquatch was halted by park rangers who told him he needed a permit, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports. That's because the leader of the search around... More »

'Bigfoot' Files Free Speech Suit

Costumed filmmaker says NH stomped on his rights

(Newser) - An amateur filmmaker kicked out of a state park while impersonating Bigfoot says his rights have been stomped on. Jonathan Doyle dressed up as the mythical creature, ran around New Hampshire's Mount Monadnock, then shed the disguise and interviewed hikers about what they'd seen. Park rangers barred him from filming... More »

Animal Planet Hunts Bigfoot

It's filming today in a North Carolina national forest

(Newser) - Watch your back, Bigfoot. Animal Planet's coming. The cable channel is sending a film crew into a national forest near Charlotte, NC, today to try to catch a glimpse, reports the Charlotte Observer . The crew is following along with local retiree Michael Greene, who swears he saw the big guy... More »

NC Man Spots 'Bigfoot'

'You get out of here,' mountain man told 'beast'

(Newser) - A North Carolina man who chased a hairy, six-fingered creature off his property, says he's sure he was dealing with Bigfoot. Tim Peeler says he saw the 10-foot-tall bearded creature after hearing grunts and screeches outside his mountain home. "I rough-talked him and said, ‘You get away from... More »

Men Admit Bigfoot Hoax

(Newser) - Bigfoot hunters will just have to keep looking. Two Georgia men’s story about finding Sasquatch has—surprise!—turned out to be a hoax, Cox News Service reports. Their ruse fell apart when a block of ice containing the “body” melted—leaving behind a rubber monkey suit. The... More »

'Bigfoot' DNA Actually Human, Opossum

Sasquatch expert blames contamination, will perform autopsy

(Newser) - DNA from an alleged Bigfoot carcass is actually part human, part opossum, a scientist said today. A University of Minnesota expert debunked the DNA at a Palo Alto, Calif. press conference before the two men who allegedly found the corpse—and who sell Bigfoot merchandise. The head of a group... More »

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