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Sorkin Dumps Agency After Agent's 'Wrong' Posts on Israel

'West Wing' creator is returning to WME after Maha Dakhil's online remarks on 'genocide'

(Newser) - As some people are being fired for their social media posts regarding the Israel-Hamas war , others are making their own moves. Among them: West Wing creator and writer Aaron Sorkin, who's dropped CAA as his agency and moved back to WME after his agent, Maha Dakhil, put up a...

Jeremy Strong on New Yorker Profile: 'I Felt Foolish'

'Succession' actor is speaking out on the commotion, calls article a 'profound betrayal'

(Newser) - Update: Jeremy Strong has stayed mum since last year's polarizing New Yorker profile on him, which portrayed the Succession star as an extremely serious actor considered by some to be "self-indulgent." Now, the 43-year-old actor is speaking out, telling Vanity Fair that the article "felt like...

Kidman Is 'Sensational' in Being the Ricardos
Kidman Is 'Sensational'
in Being the Ricardos 

Kidman Is 'Sensational' in Being the Ricardos

But some critics say biopic feels overstuffed

(Newser) - Critics are split on Being the Ricardos: Some say the biopic, which tells the story of I Love Lucy through one hectic week of production in 1952, is a triumph, while others say writer and director Aaron Sorkin has tried to pack far too much into two hours. But most...

Social Network Writer to FB CEO: Stop 'Assaulting Truth'

Aaron Sorkin takes Mark Zuckerberg to task for not vetting political ads

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg has been making the rounds defending Facebook's decision not to fact-check or censor political ads, saying he doesn't feel the social media site should be in the business of stymieing free speech. Except screenwriter Aaron Sorkin doesn't exactly think that's what Facebook's move...

Harper Lee's Estate Suing Over Sorkin's View of Atticus

Broadway play is still set to open in December, however

(Newser) - A Broadway production of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird is still set to open this year despite a lawsuit filed by the estate of the author, an attorney for the producer said. Jonathan Zavin, who represents Scott Rudin's Rudinplay Inc., said Thursday the adaptation is scheduled to...

Molly's Game Is Classic Sorkin
Molly's Game Is
Classic Sorkin

Molly's Game Is Classic Sorkin

Jessica Chastain's performance generates Oscar buzz

(Newser) - Aaron Sorkin makes his directorial debut in Molly's Game , derived from Molly Bloom's tell-all book of the same name. It chronicles the real-life events surrounding Bloom's weekly high-stakes poker game frequented by celebrities before it was busted by the FBI. Critics give the film starring Jessica Chastain...

George RR Martin Has Ominous Forecast After US Election

'Winter is coming. I told you so'

(Newser) - George RR Martin, the author behind possibly the bloodiest fantasy series of all time , Game of Thrones, has a dire prediction now that the US has elected soon-to-be President Trump: "Winter is coming. I told you so." The sentiment came as part of a blog post titled "...

Aaron Sorkin Bringing To Kill a Mockingbird to Broadway

Adaptation of Harper Lee novel scheduled for 2017-2018 season

(Newser) - It's already been made into an Oscar-winning movie ; now To Kill a Mockingbird is being transformed into a Broadway production. The New York Times reports that Harper Lee's acclaimed 1960 novel will be adapted for the Great White Way by Aaron Sorkin, best known for his work on...

Fassbender Is Brilliant as Steve Jobs
 Is Brilliant as 
 Steve Jobs 

Fassbender Is Brilliant as Steve Jobs

Critics love him and Aaron Sorkin's 'three-act' script

(Newser) - Audiences have given Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs a so-so rating of 65% on Rotten Tomatoes . Critics, on the other hand, have given it a 91% rating, calling the film one of the year's best. Here's what they're saying:
  • The film unfolds like a "three-act play,

Twitter Erupts Over Blanchett's New Role

She'll play Lucille Ball in biopic to be written by Aaron Sorkin

(Newser) - I Love Cate doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but no matter: Cate Blanchett has signed on to play Lucille Ball in an authorized biopic following the actress' 20-year marriage to Desi Arnaz, reports the Hollywood Reporter . The couple's children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr....

Leaked Sony Emails Decry 'Irritating' James Franco

Plus, more on Angelina Jolie, Aaron Sorkin, Amy Pascal

(Newser) - Celebrities continue to be embarrassed by the leaked emails coming out of the Sony hack, and the latest victim is James Franco. Franco stars in The Interview, the movie about a Kim Jong Un assassination plot that may or may not be the reason Sony was hacked in the first...

Sony to Media: Stop Using Hacked Documents

Studio threatens legal action over 'stolen information'

(Newser) - Sony is calling on news organizations to stop publishing the mountain of information coming out of hackers' breach of company data. After the emergence of material ranging from Hollywood pay to personal attacks on Angelina Jolie , a letter to the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Gawker, and other media...

Obama Rings Hollywood's Cash Register for $2.3M
Obama Rings Hollywood's Cash Register for $2.3M

Obama Rings Hollywood's Cash Register for $2.3M

President attends Conn. fundraiser with Anne Hathaway, Aaron Sorkin

(Newser) - President Obama was again feted by Hollywood VIPs last night, from Jerry Springer to Anne Hathaway, but this time Hollywood came to his coast for a Connecticut fundraiser. Harvey Weinstein hosted the fundraiser at his home, and the 60 attendees—who paid $38,500 each—also included Aaron Sorkin, Joanne...

HBO Renews Newsroom
 HBO Renews Newsroom 

HBO Renews Newsroom

Critical reception not bad enough to sink Aaron Sorkin's latest

(Newser) - It seems HBO isn't sweating the mostly terrible reviews The Newsroom has garnered so far. The network has already renewed Aaron Sorkin's polarizing media drama for another season, the Huffington Post reports. Newsroom had decent ratings for its premiere, drawing 2.1 million viewers, though that figure dropped...

Dan Rather: HBO's Newsroom Totally Gets It

Aaron Sorkin's show should guide CNN: David Carr

(Newser) - Early reviews slammed Aaron Sorkin's new HBO show The Newsroom; Emily Nussbaum at the New Yorker , for example, feels it "gets bad so quickly that I found my jaw dropping." But a bona fide TV news legend begs to differ. "The show gets close to...

Sorkin's Newsroom Feels a Little Preachy
 Sorkin's Newsroom 
 Feels a Little Preachy 
TV review

Sorkin's Newsroom Feels a Little Preachy

HBO show has some critics carping

(Newser) - For those who believed Aaron Sorkin could do no wrong, The Newsroom is a disappointment. Chronicling the life of a cable news station as it grapples with events from years back—the BP oil spill, for insance—it's preachy and perhaps overly optimistic, critics say.
  • In the Daily Beast

Aaron Sorkin Writing Steve Jobs Movie?
 Sorkin Writing 
 Steve Jobs 
rumor mill

Sorkin Writing Steve Jobs Movie?

'Social Network' writer said to be considering the offer

(Newser) - Sony is making a Steve Jobs movie based on the biography by Walter Isaacson, and none other than Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin is being courted to write it, the Los Angeles Times reports. A source says Sorkin is considering the idea, but neither Sorkin nor Sony gave an official...

RFK Granddaughter Gets Big Hollywood Break

Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy scores role in Sorkin pilot

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter has nabbed her first big acting break: Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy has scored a role in Aaron Sorkin's HBO pilot. More As This Story Develops, a show about cable news, also stars such boldface names as Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Olivia Munn, and Dev...

'Dazzling' Social Network Is 'Absurdly Enjoyable'
 'Dazzling' Social Network 
 Is 'Absurdly Enjoyable' 
review roundup

'Dazzling' Social Network Is 'Absurdly Enjoyable'

Critics still raving about the Facebook movie

(Newser) - On the eve of its opening, the Social Network continues to get serious love from reviewers. The Facebook movie's Rotten Tomatoes score is humming along at a 98% positive clip. Samples:
  • Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal : It "quickly lifts you to a state of exhilaration, and pretty much keeps

The Social Network Gets Zuck All Wrong
The Social Network Gets Zuck All Wrong

The Social Network Gets Zuck All Wrong

Harvard classmate says Mark was cool kid on campus

(Newser) - Aaron Sorkin’s new movie, The Social Network, appears to be a "paranoid, sleazy, and grim" imagining of the founding of Facebook, in which Mark Zuckerberg, a cantankerous outsider, creates his social network in a bid to impress buxom women and callow preppies. “That completely misses the point,...

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