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'True Action Legend' Who Wowed Tarantino Dead at 82

'Kill Bill' star Sonny Chiba starred in more than 100 films

(Newser) - Japanese actor Sonny Chiba, who wowed the world with his martial arts skills in more than 100 films, including Kill Bill, has died. He was 82. Chiba, known in Japan as Shinichi Chiba, died late Thursday in a hospital near Tokyo, where he'd been treated for COVID-19 since Aug....

Loughlin Gets 'Worst' Advice From Prison Coach

The 'Fuller House' actor is learning about survival behind bars, in case she's found guilty

(Newser) - Facing a stint in the big house? You might want to learn the ropes first. That's what Lori Loughlin is thinking, based on two reports about expert advice she's getting on prison survival—including a few martial-arts techniques. "She has someone who is advising her what to...

Court Rules on Weapon Made Famous by Bruce Lee

Judge Pamela Chen rules in light of the Second Amendment

(Newser) - A 1974 New York state ban on nunchucks that was put into place over fears that youth inspired by martial arts movies would create widespread mayhem is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment, a federal court has ruled. Judge Pamela Chen issued her ruling Friday in a Brooklyn federal court on...

Taekwondo Rocked by Sex Allegations Against Brothers

Olympic and Taekwondo officials ignored decades of abuse: lawsuit

(Newser) - Four former elite taekwondo athletes have filed a class-action lawsuit against USA Taekwondo stars Steven and Jean Lopez for sexual assault, reports NPR . The suit, which names the Lopez brothers, the US Olympic Committee, and USA Taekwondo, was brought by four women including Heidi Gilbert and Mandy Meloon, both world...

Master Who Claimed Credit for Bruce Lee's Kick Has Died

Jhoon Rhee popularized taekwondo in the US beginning in the 1950s

(Newser) - Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, the man known as the "father of American Taekwondo," died Monday after a long illness at age 86, reports the AP . His son, Chun Rhee, said his father died in hospice care in Arlington, Va. Jhoon Rhee was a 10th-degree black belt credited with popularizing...

Cops Claim Jiu-Jitsu Is Illegal, Threaten to Arrest Kids in Canada

Tournament postponed after police cite Criminal Code

(Newser) - For almost a decade, the annual Canadian championship in Brazilian jiu-jitsu has gone off without a hitch. That changed this past weekend when officials called off the event at the last minute upon discovering that it was illegal in the eyes of police. In a Facebook post on Saturday, a...

Kidnapping Thwarted by Girl's Kung Fu Punch

'It hurt him,' says 8-year-old

(Newser) - A would-be kidnapper got more than he bargained for after snatching a girl from her bed Sunday. Authorities say a man broke into a home in El Cajon, Calif., through an unlocked window, then grabbed an 8-year-old girl from her upstairs bedroom. Unbeknownst to her attacker, the girl knew kung...

Cops: Martial Arts Instructor Knocks Out 5-Year-Old

He's been charged with felony child abuse

(Newser) - A 21-year-old martial arts instructor was arrested this week and charged with felony child abuse after allegedly knocking a 5-year-old student unconscious, the Washington Post reports. Police say Justin Branick was teaching a taekwondo class at Virginia's Tiger Martial Arts Academy in Bristow on Tuesday when he got mad...

Jackie Chan: I'm Done with Action Movies

Chan, 58, says new goal is to be 'Asian Robert De Niro'

(Newser) - The Kung Fu superstar is hanging up his black belt. Jackie Chan says he's done making action movies, reports US Weekly . Chan revealed his decision at the Cannes film festival, where he was promoting his 100th film—Chinese Zodiac. "This will be my last action movie," said...

Watching Cage Fighting Saved Me: NY Subway Hero

Joseph Lozito's leg sweep defeated crazed knifeman Maksim Gelman

(Newser) - The New York City subway rider who helped disarm a knifeman accused of murdering four people and wounding several others says watching mixed martial arts fights on TV for 20 years likely saved his life. As slasher Maksim Gelman lunged at Joseph Lozito with a huge knife, Lozito used his...

Martial Arts Expert Busts Out Underage Lesbian Lover

15-year-old taken from center where she was being 'cured'

(Newser) - A lesbian martial arts expert staged a jailbreak to free her 15-year-old lover from protective custody in Indonesia, according to cops. The girl—who authorities say admitted to having a sexual relationship with her 26-year-old taekwondo teacher—was placed in detention to "cure" her after her parents became suspicious...

Aussie Ninjas Foil Mugging
 Aussie Ninjas Foil Mugging 

Aussie Ninjas Foil Mugging

Ninjitsu class interrupts attack outside martial arts school

(Newser) - A gang of would-be muggers picked the worst dark alley in Sydney to attack their victim—right outside the gates of a ninja school. A student at the Japanese martial arts school saw the attack and raised the alarm. The attackers hotfooted it as five black-clad ninjas ran out, the...

Churches Ask Men to Fight Like Jesus

The latest trend combines Christianity with mixed martial arts

(Newser) - Jesus just too wimpy for you? Fear not: A new crop of churches that combine religion with mixed martial arts could solve all your spiritual problems. "Compassion and love—we agree with all that stuff, too," one pastor tells the New York Times , "but what led me...

Latest Undeserved Honor: Black Belt
 Latest Undeserved 
 Honor: Black Belt 

Latest Undeserved Honor: Black Belt

Obama is now a master of tae kwon do, with 0 years practice

(Newser) - This has gone too far. First President Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize “without actually producing any peace,” writes Andrew Malcolm. Now the South Korean president has awarded him a black belt in tae kwon do “after zero long years of study. What would Chuck Norris do?”...

Korean Tourists Floor Robber With Taekwondo

Would-be baddie thanks cops for saving him from beating

(Newser) - A group of South Korean tourists thwarted a robber yesterday in Rome with some cool Taekwondo moves that left him terrified, ANSA reports. The man assailed the group with a knife and grabbed a handbag, but one of the Koreans decked him before he could escape. By the time police...

Kung Fu Sect May Have Killed Carradine: Lawyer

Actor 'very interested' in exposing underworld

(Newser) - A secret kung fu sect may have killed actor David Carradine for uncovering its secrets, his family's lawyer says. "If there was some foul play, that that may be the first area where" authorities "should look," Hollywood lawyer Mark Geragos said on Larry King Live. He...

Carradine: An 'Actor's Actor'
 Carradine: An 'Actor's Actor' 

Carradine: An 'Actor's Actor'

(Newser) - David Carradine was “an actor's actor,” Brian Warmoth writes on, “a performer who left an indelible mark on everything he did with adeptly conceived roles in even the campiest environments.” Though best known for his '70s role on the TV show Kung Fu and...

Boxer Challenges Brown to 'Real' Fight

Facebook group invites public to be 'next in line'

(Newser) - At least 1,223 people want to see Chris Brown get in another fight, and a Los Angeles martial arts expert is one of them, Fox News reports. Anthony Geisler, president of LA Boxing, started a Facebook group called "I want to fight Chris Brown" that invites the singer...

Fighter, Wife Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Levens had been banned from mixed martial arts circuit for pain killer

(Newser) - An extreme martial arts fighter known as "the executioner" and his wife have been found dead in their California home in what police are investigating as a murder-suicide, reports the Los Angeles Times. A gun was found next to the body of Justin Levens, 28, who died from a...

Cuban May Face Ban for Kicking Ref
 Cuban May Face Ban
 for Kicking Ref

Cuban May Face Ban for Kicking Ref

Taekwondo association apologizes for kick

(Newser) - Cuban martial artist Angel Matos may be banned from taekwondo for life after deliberately kicking a referee in the face, the AP reports. Matos was winning his bronze-medal match in Beijing when he was disqualified for taking too long a break after a hit. He angrily questioned the call, pushed...

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