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King Charles Releases First Christmas Card

It features photo taken days before queen's death

(Newser) - King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort, didn't offer a roundup of family news in their Christmas card this year—but if they had, "became King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort" would surely have been top of the list. Their card featured a photo taken by award-winning photographer Samir...

Prince William, Duchess Kate Release Casual Christmas Card

The photo is from a family vacation

(Newser) - It’s the most relatable thing in the world: A busy couple with three young kids sends out a card with a photo from a vacation you didn’t even know they went on, and puts the photo on Instagram , too, just in case. Prince William and Kate Middleton released...

Controversial First Christmas Card Is Now Up for Grabs

People making merry on the 1843 card irked Victorian-era teetotalers

(Newser) - The first commercially printed Christmas card is up for sale—a merry Victorian-era scene that scandalized some when it first appeared in 1843. The card, being sold online starting Friday through a consortium run by Marvin Getman, a Boston-based dealer in rare books and manuscripts, depicts an English family toasting...

Behold, the Royal Christmas Cards
Behold, the Royal
Christmas Cards

Behold, the Royal Christmas Cards

Charles, William, Harry and their families release the chosen images

(Newser) - British officials have released the photos chosen by members of the royal family for their Christmas cards. Prince William and his wife Kate are shown outside in casual clothes, their three young children in tow, per the AP . Prince Harry and Meghan chose a black and white motif that shows...

Woman Sent a Christmas Card in '41. It's Been Sent Every Year Since

Nebraska woman first sent it to her cousin 76 years ago in tradition that outlived one of them

(Newser) - For three quarters of a century, the same Christmas card featuring a Scottish man in a kilt has made its way through the mail either to or from a Nebraska woman. It began in 1941, reports the Kearney Hub , when Lois Margaret Frandsen of Dannebrog sent the card to her...

Prince William Continues a Christmas Tradition

Family releases a Christmas card

(Newser) - Prince William and Kate have continued their holiday tradition of releasing a family Christmas card. The new one features the royal parents along with children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, all of them clad in blue, notes People . The image was shot earlier this year at George's fourth birthday...

Kansas Woman's Topical Christmas Card Goes Viral

She invokes plight of Syrian refugees

(Newser) - Whitney Roberts Logan hasn't felt quite as "merry" this season as she did when she wrote that one word on her Christmas card last year. With the number of Syrians killed in that nation's civil war estimated at near half a million, as PBS reported earlier this...

Here It Is: the Royal Holiday Card

William and Kate wish you a very merry Christmas

(Newser) - It's a lot easier to get your holiday cards out on time if you just tweet them out to the world at large: "Merry Christmas from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte," Kensington Palace tweeted Friday, along with a new family photo...

This Princess Is Going to Disney World

Safyre Terry, 8, captured the world's heart after her plea for Christmas cards

(Newser) - The story of Safyre Terry , an 8-year-old who lost her entire family in an arson fire more than two years ago, touched the world. After the little girl's request for Christmas cards went viral—more than 300,000 letters have flooded her mailbox since—she got another surprise Monday:...

Man Sends Christmas Cards to Queen, Gets Noticed

He sent them to Elizabeth II for 60 years

(Newser) - If you're a commoner who wants to get Queen Elizabeth II's attention, apparently it is possible, but it will take decades of work. In a touching Facebook post pointed out by Mashable , Andrew Simes writes that his grandfather had always made it a point to send a Christmas...

Whole Family Packs Heat in Lawmaker's Xmas Card
Whole Family Packs Heat
in Lawmaker's Xmas Card

Whole Family Packs Heat in Lawmaker's Xmas Card

Even Michele Fiore's grandson holds a handgun

(Newser) - Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore has wished America a merry Christmas from her, her family, and their guns. In a Christmas card posted on her Facebook page , the Republican lawmaker poses with family members who are holding an assortment of firearms, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal , which notes that Fiore is...

Dying Girl, 6, Gets Mountain of Christmas Cards, Parade

This may be Addie Fausett's last Christmas

(Newser) - Addie Fausett inexplicably stopped growing when she was 3, and at now, at 6 and with her illness still undiagnosed, she's expected to live just one more year. Unpredictable outbursts are among her symptoms, so she can't play with any children other than her two sisters—and for...

Dying Girl Flooded With Christmas Cards

Addie Fausett of Utah isn't expected to see another holiday

(Newser) - If doctors are correct that 6-year-old Addie Fausett of Utah won't live to see another Christmas, her family has arranged to make her last one memorable. When Addie, who stopped growing at age 3, said she wanted to have friends like her older sisters, her grandmother took to Facebook...

Holiday Cards Have Gotten So Self-Serving
Thanks So Much for Your
Holiday Card! It Stinks

Thanks So Much for Your Holiday Card! It Stinks

Friends, family don't even bother to write a note: Eric Hoover

(Newser) - Notice how impersonal and self-promotional holiday cards are these days? "Today’s cards may appear more personalized—with photos of spouses, kids and pets," Eric Hoover writes at the Washington Post . Yet on the backside of each card, "I usually find no trace of ink, no original...

Kardashians' 'Dystopian' Christmas Card Cost $250K

Oh, and it took 3 days. Merry Kri ... oh, never mind

(Newser) - Every year, the Kardashian-Jenner clan comes together to take a ridiculous picture and slap it on a Christmas card that they then do not send to normals like you. And this year, that Christmas card cost $250,000 to make, thanks to the fancy photographer they used ... and it took...

Police Chief Sends Crooks Holiday Cards

Complete with image of gun-totin' Santa in bulletproof vest

(Newser) - Criminals in a Canadian city will be receiving an unexpected Christmas card this year ... from the police chief. The card being sent out this week to "prolific offenders, property offenders, and persons known for drug and gang activity" feature the chief wearing a Santa suit (and a bulletproof vest...

Palin Rips Obama Family Holiday Card

What, did you expect her to like it?

(Newser) - Is someone a little put out that she didn’t get a holiday card from the first family? Sarah Palin was recently on Fox News criticizing the Obama family’s pic , noting that the card—which features Bo Obama in front of a White House fireplace—focuses on the dog...

Facebook May Kill Christmas Letters
 Facebook May Kill 
 Christmas Letters 

Facebook May Kill Christmas Letters

... but there's a way to save them

(Newser) - As Francine Kiefer sat down to write her annual Christmas letter this year, it struck her that friends and family already knew all the stuff she was putting down on paper—courtesy of Facebook. Looks like the days of this annual rite might be numbered, she laments in the Christian ...

Holiday Greetings Should Come From the Hand
Holiday Greetings Should Come From the Hand

Holiday Greetings Should Come From the Hand

Lousy handwriting is no excuse for e-cards, writes Meghan Daum

(Newser) - Meghan Daum is sick of receiving e-cards with dancing Santas and singing snowmen instead of real Christmas cards, and she's got a theory why people are sending so many of them. It's not laziness or a wish to save paper, it's because too many people—including herself—have let the...

UK Chain Yanks 'Anti-Redhead' Xmas Card

Mom complains about card poking fun at 'gingers'

(Newser) - British supermarket giant Tesco has yanked a card from its shelves that poked fun at redheads after complaints from the outraged, red-haired mother of three redheaded daughters. The company said the card—which pictured a red-headed toddler with Santa and the words "Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones"...

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