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Error Sends European Lawmakers' Train to Disneyland

Signaling error results in brief stop at Paris theme park

(Newser) - Hundreds of members of the European Parliament were accidentally diverted to Disneyland Paris in a strange turn of events Monday morning. The MEPs were en route from Brussels to Strasbourg via train when a rail signaling error instead sent them to Marne-la-Vallée, the Disneyland Paris stop. Ultimately, the error...

Fan Completes a Truly Bonkers Disney Challenge

Nathan Firesheets rode every available ride at all 12 Disney theme parks in 12 days

(Newser) - It's fair to call Nathan Firesheets a Disney superfan, especially after he ventured to all 12 Disney theme parks, spread across the globe from Paris to Tokyo, in exactly 12 days. And not just to take a quick look at each. To prove his dedication, Firesheets made it onto...

Video Shows Disney Park Worker Ruining Marriage Proposal

Disney says it has offered to make things right

(Newser) - Arguably the most romantic moment in a young couple's relationship was ruined recently by a Disneyland Paris employee, and the theme park has been heavily criticized after video of the interrupted marriage proposal went viral. A man (who had apparently asked a park employee for permission before doing so)...

Guy Takes LSD at Disneyland Paris, Has Quite the Adventure

After first falling, appropriately, into the Adventureland lake

(Newser) - A Swiss tourist took LSD at Disneyland Paris, fell into a lake, then disappeared for hours before turning up naked more than a mile away. It must've been quite a trip, though the 32-year-old engineer's memory is faulty. Indeed, he couldn't recall the events of Friday evening...

Dead Body Found at Disneyland Paris

Worker died in apparent accident

(Newser) - A dead body—a real one, not one created for the attraction—was found inside the haunted mansion ride at Disneyland Paris Saturday morning. The 45-year-old park employee is believed to have been electrocuted while fixing a light fixture inside the ride, which is called Phantom Manor at the Paris...

Man With Guns, Extra Ammo Arrested Near Disneyland Paris

Police also arrested a woman with the man

(Newser) - A 28-year-old man allegedly carrying two guns was arrested Thursday while attempting to enter the Hotel New York at Disneyland Paris in France, the Guardian reports. In addition to the guns, the man reportedly had a copy of the Koran and a box of ammunition, according to the BBC . He...

Guy Visits All 13 Disney Parks, Turns 'Disneyphile'

Brooks Barnes finds 'quirky surprises' from Hong Kong to Paris

(Newser) - Brooks Barnes once thought only the "zip-a-dee-doo-deranged" made an effort to visit all 13 Disney amusement parks around the globe. Hired to report on Disney in 2007, however, he began visiting several of the parks on business. Soon, a burning curiosity made him visit the full set as only...

Paris Suicides Expose Disney's Dark Side

Uncaring management blamed for worker deaths

(Newser) - Heartless managers are turning the Magic Kingdom into a hellish place to work, say labor leaders at Disneyland Paris. Cost-cutting at the theme park means that worker numbers have been slashed despite more visitors, leaving staff overworked and undervalued. Two Disney workers have killed themselves since the beginning of the...

Twin Suicides Rattle French Disney
Twin Suicides Rattle
French Disney

Twin Suicides Rattle French Disney

Union links deaths to 'humiliating' working conditions

(Newser) - Two employee suicides linked to "humiliating" working conditions have rattled France Disney and sparked an investigation. A manager hanged himself at his home just weeks after a company cook threw himself in front of a train. The Disney manager told colleagues before his death that he wanted out of...

Wedding Bells for Sarko, Bruni?
Wedding Bells for Sarko, Bruni?

Wedding Bells for Sarko, Bruni?

Recent jewelry-trading reported, but French prez has no comment

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy and very new girlfriend Carla Bruni may soon tie the knot, gushes French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche, citing decidedly anonymous sources. Sarkozy reportedly gave the Italian supermodel/songstress a heart-shaped pink diamond ring and plans to wed her on February 8 or 9, writes the AP. Presidential spokesmen...

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