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'Got Milk?' Yes, You Do Again

Dairy industry's iconic ad campaign makes a comeback as milk sales shoot up during pandemic

(Newser) - The dairy industry has a familiar question for you: “Got milk?” Six years after the popular tagline was retired, “Got milk?” ads are back. A group funded by the dairy industry is reviving it, hoping to prolong the boost milk has gotten during the pandemic. US milk sales... More »

'What Happens Here, Stays Here' Will Soon Be No More

Las Vegas is reportedly updating its famous slogan

(Newser) - The slogan "What happens here, stays here" is coming to the end of its near 20-year residency in Las Vegas. Insiders tell the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the slogan created in 2002 has been updated to "What happens here, only happens here." The sources say the new... More »

Nike's 'Just Do It' Slogan Was Born From a 1977 Execution

Gary Gilmore uttered 'Let's do it' before his death by firing squad

(Newser) - Amid the reactions—most recently from President Trump and LeBron James —to Colin Kaepernick's new campaign with Nike in honor of its 30-year-old slogan comes an unusual sidebar from the Washington Post on the origins of those three words. As it turns out, "Just Do It" was... More »

BuzzFeed Is No Longer 'Too Lit,' Legally Speaking

'New York Times' lawyers contact BuzzFeed over new slogan

(Newser) - If anyone asks—especially lawyers for the New York Times—BuzzFeed's new Twitter Live show is no longer "too lit for print." Mashable reports BuzzFeed has removed the slogan for its show, AM to DM, from all graphics after the Times' lawyers got in touch. For more... More »

In a Twist, Cops Were the Ones Chanting in St. Louis

'Whose streets? Our streets' went the refrain after arrests

(Newser) - A common chant could be heard on the streets of St. Louis Sunday night as protesters demonstrated over a police shooting. "Whose streets? Our streets" went the refrain, a common one used by Black Lives Matter protesters. This time, however, it was police officers who were doing the chanting,... More »

Fox News Ditches 'Fair and Balanced' Slogan

The network has dropped its longtime motto

(Newser) - Fox is officially no longer "Fair and Balanced." New York reports the network decided to drop the slogan it's used for more than two decades after the removal of Roger Ailes, who came up with it in 1996 as cover for the network's right-leaning news. Fox... More »

Washington Post Rolls Out Ominous New Slogan

'Democracy Dies in Darkness'

(Newser) - The Washington Post has rolled out an ominous new slogan—"Democracy Dies in Darkness." The phrase, one of Bob Woodward's favorites, now appears under the paper's logo on its home page and might be introduced to the print version in the weeks to come. Shani George,... More »

Australian Tourism Slogan Is Pretty Darn Explicit

Yes, you're reading that right

(Newser) - If Virginia being for lovers makes you blush, a new tourism slogan for Australia's Northern Territory will likely give you heart palpitations. Newshub of New Zealand warns its article "contains language which may offend some people," and there's really no way around that. "CU in... More »

Bud Light Drops Dodgy Slogan

Beer promised to 'remove no from your vocabulary'

(Newser) - After an online outcry, Bud Light has ditched a slogan that more than a few critics described as "rapey." As part of the beer's "Up for Whatever" campaign, some bottles were stamped with the slogan "The perfect beer for removing 'no' from your vocabulary... More »

Town Rethinking 'Land of Rape and Honey' Slogan

The 'rape' refers to rapeseed, a crop in Canada's Tisdale ... but still

(Newser) - Scroll down to questions 6 and 7 on the town of Tisdale's survey , and you'll realize this isn't just any ho-hum community-rebranding effort. After asking for the participant's basic stats (age, gender, etc.) and general thoughts on one's impression of the rural Saskatchewan town,... More »

Burger King Scraps Its 40-Year Slogan

'Have It Your Way' ditched for 'Be Your Way'

(Newser) - In what Burger King says is a move to "be connected to pop culture," the chain is ditching its 40-year-old "Have It Your Way" slogan in favor of "Be Your Way," which will be rolled out across the US in the weeks ahead. "We... More »

New Slogan Gathers Steam: 'Kentucky Kicks Ass'

Sadly, it's probably not going to become official

(Newser) - Kentucky's current slogan is "Unbridled Spirit," but two creative advertising professionals don't think that quite sums up what's so great about the state. Their idea for a new slogan: "Kentucky Kicks Ass," NPR reports. Griffin VanMeter and Whit Hiler, both Kentucky natives, explain... More »

Town Considers 'WTF' Slogan

Fruita, Colorado residents would translate that as 'Welcome to Fruita'

(Newser) - A Colorado town with the motto "Honor the Past, Envision the Future" is considering three more letters to advertise itself: "WTF"—as in, "Welcome to Fruita." A couple printed out 500 stickers with the term and handed them out to businesses in downtown Fruita, sparking... More »

New Mexico: We Need a New Slogan

'Land of Enchantment' isn't doing the trick, say state officials

(Newser) - New Mexico has plenty to offer, but people just don't know much about it, say locals after watching tourism plummet almost 10% over the past three years. Now, the state is running a $2.5 million PR campaign to change people's perceptions of the state. "People think... More »

KFC Drops Finger Lickin' Slogan

Move comes as part of a general shift to healthier foods

(Newser) - KFC chicken isn't "finger lickin' good" anymore—after 50 years, the fast food franchise is dropping its famous slogan, reports the Telegraph . The change comes as the chain seeks to emphasize its shift to healthier fare; for instance, it's adding ovens to its kitchens so it can introduced non-fried... More »

Let's Stop Talking In Slogans

Using language to communicate hampered by psychology of advertising

(Newser) - We live in a world of snappy slogans, but that may not be the best way to communicate, write Dan Heath and Chip Heath in Fast Company. "People need a reason to prefer Crest over Colgate," but those same people—that's us—shouldn't talk like toothpaste salesmen. "... More »

Calif. Brewer Wins Fight to Sell 'Legal Weed'

Feds reverse course on double-entendre bottle cap after 6 months of bad publicity

(Newser) - Vaune Dillmann can market his beer from the small California town of Weed with the slogan "Try Legal Weed" after regulators backed off what could have been a drawn-out court battle, the Los Angeles Times reports. The feds tried to block Dillmann, citing a law prohibiting drug references on... More »

Time to Change the Slogan, Obama

Obama must tell story of our economic future

(Newser) - It’s time for Barack Obama to drop the “Change We Can Believe In” slogan in favor of something closer to “Change Before It’s Too Late,” writes Frank Rich in the New York Times. The former phrase fit the Democratic primary throwdown, but now Obama must... More »

'Legal Weed' Beer Slogan Has Feds Hopping Mad

Brewer in Weed, Calif., told to scrap his caps

(Newser) - The feds are cracking down on a small brewer in Weed, Calif., because they're very much unamused by the slogan on his bottle caps: "Try Legal Weed." A bureau of the Treasury Department says the phrase not only alludes to marijuana but misleads consumers about the ingredients of... More »

'The Best Political Team on Television'? Says Who?

Incessant repetition of slogan undercuts CNN

(Newser) - The day of the New Hampshire primary was a big deal for CNN—so big that network honchos apparently couldn't resist forcing on-air talent to repeat their marketing slogan—“the best political team on television”—more than 50 times, by Jack Shafer's count. The cranky Slate media critic... More »

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