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Farm Bureau Calculates Cost of 2024 July Fourth Cookout

This year, it's a record-high $71.22

(Newser) - The American Farm Bureau is out with its annual cost calculation of a Fourth of July cookout, and the 2024 figure is the highest one yet. The AFB looks at how much it would cost to feed a gathering of 10 people with the following: cheeseburgers, chicken breasts, pork chops,...

Here Is the (Controversial) List of Best Cities for BBQ

New Orleans tops the list from Chef's Pencil

(Newser) - Have a hankering for brisket? Pining for pulled pork? We can't blame you, because May is National Barbecue Month, and the smell of smoky, meaty goodness may already be drifting around your neighborhood. Chef's Pencil wanted to see which states can claim their own mini barbecue crowns, and...

Reynolds Wrap PR Stunt Might Appeal to Rib Lovers

Company will pay someone $10K to travel around for 2 weeks sampling spare ribs

(Newser) - If your dream job in this gig economy consists of gnawing meat off the bone for a couple of weeks, you may be just the person Reynolds Wrap is looking for. Per CNN , the aluminum foil and plastic wrap brand is seeking someone to travel across the US for two...

Barbecue Brush Bristle Sends Boy to Hospital

Surgeons want everyone to throw out their wire-bristle brushes

(Newser) - The plight of a Canadian boy who just wanted to eat a hamburger is drawing attention to a risk that many backyard barbecuers may not realize even exists: wire brush bristles ending up in people's throats. CBC reports 6-year-old Anthony Fiore took a bite of a burger in June...

Man Charged in Hot Brisket Attack

Things got heated at Kentucky barbecue competition

(Newser) - A cooking contestant found herself at the business end of a piping-hot piece of brisket when things got out of control at the Kentucky State BBQ Festival on Sunday. Police say 42-year-old Mike Owings threw a 200- to 250-degree piece of beef at Mary Berry during an argument over a...

Fight Over Smoke Threatens Sacred Texas BBQ

Austin decides not to regulate, but neighbors of one restaurant have sued

(Newser) - Austin is a barbecue town, and anyone who lives there "may very well live downwind of a barbecue joint," notes a post at Munchies . That may sound great, but for those who live too close, the smoke can be a real problem. After neighbors complained, a city council...

IBM's Supercomputer Whips Up Own BBQ Sauce

Watson's creation is delicious, humans say

(Newser) - What does a machine with no mouth, no taste buds, and no interest in consuming ribs know about barbecue sauce? Everything, according to IBM. The company says its Watson supercomputer has analyzed huge numbers of recipes and used its "cognitive cooking" abilities to create a delicious BBQ sauce, NPR...

Marinating Meat With Beer Is Good for You

Study reveals that it reduces carcinogen production

(Newser) - If you're like us at this time of year, you're craving some warm spring days, some barbecue, and some beer. Well, now a team of European chemists has discovered that those last two things are even better together than you thought. Normally meat grilled at high temperatures produces...

Beijing Declares War—on BBQs
 Beijing Declares War—on BBQs

Beijing Declares War—on BBQs

Grills blamed for city's pollution problem

(Newser) - Grilled lamb has become a scapegoat for Beijing's notorious air pollution, Reuters finds. Authorities say they have destroyed more than 500 open-air barbecues, which they claim seriously affects the city's air quality. State media showed photos of workers cutting apart the grills, many of which are operated by...

Guy Sells 20-Year-Old McJordan Sauce for $10K

Says he hopes buyer won't try to eat it

(Newser) - A man who used to own McDonald's restaurants in North Dakota is about $10,000 richer after selling a 20-year-old container of McJordan barbecue sauce to a buyer in Chicago. The sauce was used on McJordan Burgers, a promotional dish named for basketball icon Michael Jordan, sold in limited...

Obama Gave Cameron ... a Grill?

It's the latest gift that seems to have come out of left field

(Newser) - It's better than a gift card, but the White House's latest round of gifts for a foreign dignitary is raising a few eyebrows: President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have presented the British PM David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, with a wood and charcoal burning grill...

Brian Palmer: Make This Year's Fourth of July Cookout a Green One
 Make This Year's 
 Cookout a Green One 

Make This Year's Cookout a Green One

Three easy tips for a tasty—and eco-friendly—Fourth

(Newser) - With 10% to 30% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from food, why not make this year’s Fourth of July cookout a green opportunity? In the New York Times , Brian Palmer offers some tips:
  • Don’t boil your potatoes—cube and pan-fry them. That method takes less than a third

Gas Grills Are Un-American
 Gas Grills Are Un-American 

Gas Grills Are Un-American

Josh Ozersky makes a case for charcoal

(Newser) - Gas grilling isn’t just lazy: “It's nihilism in a tank, and it has to stop now,” writes Josh Ozersky in a passionate ode to charcoal grilling. His effusive Time column rhapsodizes about coal, elevating it to the level of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...

'Big Green Egg' Grill Inspires Cult of Eggheads

Combination smoker and grill has devoted following

(Newser) - It's either the savviest marketing ever or a genuine hit: The Dallas Morning News catches up with what it calls the "cultlike following" among adherents of the smoker/grill called the Big Green Egg. "It looks like an alien spaceship; it comes in one color—forest green; it's insanely...

101 Innovative Grill Recipes
 101 Innovative Grill Recipes 
no boring burgers here

101 Innovative Grill Recipes

Put down that pack of hot dogs and try some of these

(Newser) - This Independence Day, don’t limit yourself to burgers and dogs on the grill. Mark Bittman offers up 101 innovative ideas for your backyard BBQ, from meat and veggies to desserts, in the New York Times :
  • Tomatoes: Grill ripe tomatoes until hot and lightly charred; serve with olive oil, salt,

New Zealand Men Greet William With Kisses

Plus, some sausage-wielding prankster crashes prince's BBQ

(Newser) - The Brits may not be known as overly touchy-feely, but Prince William got up close and personal with four grown (and apparently sweaty) men today, as New Zealand's Maori leaders greeted Wills with a traditional hongi, or nose-mashing "kiss." The prince yesterday began his first official visit on...

America's Top BBQ Joints
 America's Top BBQ Joints 

America's Top BBQ Joints

(Newser) - Matt and Ted Lee had a mission. Determined to find the best barbecue in America, they set out on a 3,000-mile odyssey from Kansas City to North Carolina. They’d roll into town and ask the locals where the best barbecue was, making sure to try local favorites like...

Busty Sales Pitch Too Spicy for Ohio Town

Board orders Ken's BBQ joint to put clothes on mannequin BarBe

(Newser) - Ken can keep his BarBe, but only if he dresses her more decently, an Ohio town ruled this week. Kenny Tessel says business is up 40% at his Reading barbecue joint since he put the mannequin outside dressed only in a bikini: “Sex sells.” But after listening to...

Eating Charred Meat Boosts Cancer Risk

(Newser) - Grill-happy Americans who favor burned or charred red meat are 60% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than people who eat less incinerated protein, Reuters reports. Charred meat is known to contain cancer-causing compounds, but the study makes the first direct connection. “Turning down the heat when grilling, frying,...

PETA President Wills Body to Group
PETA President
Wills Body
to Group

PETA President Wills Body to Group

Newkirk suggests her flesh be barbecued, skin made into purse

(Newser) - The president of PETA has written a will donating her body to the organization along with suggestions about how best to use various body parts, TreeHugger reports. First on the list is the request that her “meat” be used as “human barbecue,” to remind the world “...

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