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Missing Zoo Leopard Found. Now, Mystery of 2 Cut Fences

Officials at Dallas Zoo say cut was found in fence to leopard enclosure, as well as at monkey habitat

(Newser) - First, the good news: Nova, the clouded leopard who vanished from her enclosure at the Dallas Zoo, has been found . The 4-year-old big cat was found to be missing on Friday morning from the habitat she shares with her sister, Luna, leading the zoo to temporarily shut down "due...

Los Angeles, Mumbai Share Rare Trait Among Mega-Cities

They each have big cats

(Newser) - Los Angeles and Mumbai, India, share many superlatives as pinnacles of cinema, fashion, and traffic congestion. But another similarity lurks in the shadows, most often seen at night walking silently on four paws. These metropolises are the world’s only megacities of 10 million-plus where large felines—mountain lions in...

Mother Chases Down Leopard To Rescue Son

Predator struck at night in an Indian village

(Newser) - When a little boy was snatched by a leopard in India, his mother wasted no time in getting him back. Armed with nothing but her instincts, officials in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh told CNN the woman chased the animal as it dragged the boy away from their...

Model Attacked by Leopard During Photoshoot

36-year-old reportedly suffers severe head injuries

(Newser) - A German model was attacked by a leopard while doing a photoshoot Tuesday. The shoot took place at an animal home, which the BBC describes as a retirement facility for show animals, but it's not clear who organized it or what it was for. Jessica Leidolph, 36, was hospitalized...

'It's Like Seeing a Camel at the North Pole'

Wayward whale is spotted in the River Thames

(Newser) - Two tales of two very different animals being sought by wildlife officials:
  • Thames whale: A young minke whale was lost far from home Monday, trapped in the Thames River upstream of London landmarks after it escaped from rescuers overnight, per the AP . Maritime authorities were trying to recapture the whale

He Paid $150 to Play With Leopard. It Doesn't End Well

Sanctuary owner facing charges, lawsuit in Florida and man is injured

(Newser) - A Florida man got more than he bargained for when he paid $150 to play with a leopard. Dwight Turner was mauled in the backyard of a home in Davie, near Fort Lauderdale, on Aug. 31, leaving his scalp "hanging from his head," according to investigators with the...

Cows With 'Butt Eyes' Ward Off Deadly Attacks
Experts Paint Eyes on
Cow Butts—and It Works
in case you missed it

Experts Paint Eyes on Cow Butts—and It Works

Researchers find a low-cost way to save cattle in Botswana

(Newser) - Want to save cattle from predatory attacks? First, paint eyeballs on their butts. Then see what happens. That's pretty much the gist of a new study out of Botswana—and it worked, Happy Mag reports. Researchers at the University of South Wales painted the eyes on cow butts to...

Old Perfume Taking Up Space? Zoo's Big Cats Will Take It

Banham Zoo puts out a call for perfume, cologne

(Newser) - Have any old bottles of perfume or cologne lying around? Banham Zoo in Norfolk, England, will take them. The zoo says its lions, tigers, and leopards "respond very positively to unique scents when sprayed in their enclosures," and since their supplies are running low, they're hoping the...

Wildlife Photographer: I've 'Achieved My Dream'

Rare black leopards photographed in Kenya

(Newser) - Will Burrard-Lucas scrolled through photo after photo, seeing only hyenas. Then "a pair of eyes surrounded by inky darkness ... a black leopard! I couldn't believe it," the British wildlife photographer says of capturing some of the first scientific evidence of black leopards in Africa in a century....

Monk Meditates in Tiger Reserve, Gets Killed by Leopard

Not a great choice of locale

(Newser) - A Buddhist monk’s monthlong forest meditation was interrupted in a most horrid way Wednesday in India. Rahul Walke, 35, was meditating under a tree in Maharashtra’s Ramdegi forest, home to a Buddhist temple and a protected tiger reserve, when a leopard attacked, reports the Times of India . A...

What's Happening in This Photo Is Kind of Amazing

It shows the rare sight of a leopard cub suckling on a lion

(Newser) - Newly released photographs from a Tanzanian wildlife area show an incredibly rare sight: a leopard cub suckling on a lion believed to have given birth to a litter last month. The 5-year-old lion lies unperturbed as the small leopard, estimated to be a few weeks old, nurses in the photographs...

Zoo Visitor Spots Escaped Leopard

Utah zoo was locked down for 30 minutes

(Newser) - When she got word of a leopard on the loose at the zoo in Salt Lake City, Katie Boender ducked into the nearest building with her group of preschool students: a bathroom. They spent the next 30 minutes holed up there as an emergency team tranquilized the rare animal that...

Leopard Wanders Into School, Mauls 6

Tranquilizers didn't prevent 'attacking spree'

(Newser) - There were no students or teachers around when a leopard wandered into a school in Bangalore, India, early on Sunday morning, but the incident was still a bloody one. According to the Hindu , security workers at Vibgyor High School suspected around 4am that there was a leopard inside the school...

Jet-Black Leopards Have Spots That May Save Their Species

Researchers use an infrared flash to identify the Malaysian animals

(Newser) - Black leopards may owe thanks to a team of scientists at Australia’s James Cook University. The rare leopards, an endangered species living on the Malay Peninsula, have been hard to identify because each one appeared the same—until now. The researchers discovered that the big cats actually have complex...

Roar! World's Rarest Cat Makes a Comeback

Amur leopard has doubled its numbers, but there are still only about 65-69

(Newser) - It's what the WWF is hailing as an "amazing tale of recovery," but the numbers involved are still pretty small: The Amur leopard, dubbed the rarest cat on planet Earth, has doubled its numbers over the past seven years, but as Phys.org reports, there are now...

Leopard Terrorizes India Hospital

Spends 12 hours inside before bursting out through window

(Newser) - Patients in an Indian hospital yesterday received an unusual—and pretty frightening—visitor: a leopard that had turned up in the northern city of Meerut, injuring seven people, per the Hindustan Times . After being teased by "mischievous elements" in a warehouse, the animal headed to the hospital, where it...

Wild Leopard Ate 15 Women, Children: Officials

Officials in Nepal offer $300 for death of man-eating creature

(Newser) - A horrific story from western Nepal: Authorities are hunting for a man-eating leopard that may have killed 15 people, including a 4-year-old boy whose head was found in a forest, CNN reports. At most two leopards are behind the attacks, officials say, because man-eating leopards are so rare—and this...

Leopard Plays Gently With Baby Steenbok ... Before Dinner

Safari spots tender, cruel interaction

(Newser) - Hunger finally won out over cross-species maternal instinct in a heart-breaking South African scene captured by safari participants. Witnesses were transfixed when a female leopard grabbed a newborn steenbok, but stopped from eating almost every time the baby cried. The leopard handled it tenderly several times over a period of...

Zulus Urged to Switch to Fake Fur

Biologist looks to save endangered leopards with synthetic pelts

(Newser) - A leopard can't change its spots, but can South Africa's Zulus trade their traditional leopard-pelt adornments for a cheap knockoff? For the sake of protecting the country's dwindling population of the big cats, conservation biologist Tristan Dickerson hopes they can. Dickerson has created a fake version he...

Leopard Mauls 11 in Indian Village

Big cat dies after battle with villagers

(Newser) - A leopard that strayed into an Indian village mauled 11 people before wildlife officials managed to sedate it with tranquilizer darts. The fully-grown big cat later died of injuries sustained in a fierce battle with villagers, who used knives and stones to beat it back, the AP reports. Six villagers,...

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