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China's 'Around the World' Missile Test Raises Alarms

'They look like a first-use weapon,' Gen. John Hyten says of hypersonic missile

(Newser) - The second-highest figure in the US military says a hypersonic missile China tested in July "went around the world," raising the possibility of a surprise nuclear attack on the US. "They launched a long-range missile. It went around the world, dropped off a hypersonic glide vehicle that...

China May Already Have a Nuclear Triad: Pentagon

Report says country's nuclear force is growing faster than predicted

(Newser) - China is expanding its nuclear force much faster than US officials predicted just a year ago, highlighting a broad and accelerating buildup of military muscle designed to enable Beijing to match or surpass US global power by mid-century, according to a Pentagon report released Wednesday. The number of Chinese nuclear...

Scientist Made Nuclear Power of Pakistan— and Others

US confronted president with evidence of Abdul Qadeer Khan's double-dealing

(Newser) - Abdul Qadeer Khan, the scientist most responsible for making Pakistan a nuclear power who became a rogue dealer of nuclear technology and equipment, has died. He was 85. Doctors said Khan had COVID-19 and died of breathing difficulties, the Wall Street Journal reports. Pakistan held a state funeral for him...

State Department: Here's How Many Nukes US Has

In reversal of Trump administration policy, it discloses the number

(Newser) - In a reversal of Trump administration policy, the State Department on Tuesday disclosed the number of nuclear weapons in the US stockpile, the AP reports. It said this will aid global efforts to control the spread of such weapons. The number of US weapons, including those in active status as...

Report Holds 'Deeply Troubling' News on N. Korea's Nuclear Reactor

Yongbyon nuclear reactor, inactive since 2018, seems to have been restarted

(Newser) - North Korea appears to have restarted the operation of its main nuclear reactor used to produce weapons fuels, the UN atomic agency said, as the North openly threatens to enlarge its nuclear arsenal amid long-dormant nuclear diplomacy with the United States. The annual report by the International Atomic Energy Agency...

Researchers See Signs of New Nuclear Missile Silos in China

This is what we've been warning about, Defense Department says

(Newser) - For the second time this summer, satellite images seem to show a field of silos under construction that could launch nuclear missiles. Researchers from the Federation of American Scientists spotted the construction in the western province of Xinjiang, the BBC reports. They saw sites for 14 silos, just under two...

Underground Tank Leaking Nuclear Waste

Agency says there's no health risk, but watchdog says there are no good radioactive leaks

(Newser) - An underground storage tank dating to the Manhattan Project is leaking nuclear waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state. About 3½ gallons of radioactive material per day is seeping into the ground, the state Department of Ecology said. That adds to the 200,000 gallons that's leaked...

Nuclear Fallout From Long-Ago Tests Show Up in US Honey
Newest Ingredient
in US Honey:
Nuclear Fallout

Newest Ingredient in US Honey: Nuclear Fallout

Scientists say we shouldn't be worried about radioactive traces from bomb tests in '50s and '60s,

(Newser) - Some cesium with your chamomile tea? If you use honey, there's a distinct possibility you may have ingested the radioactive version of the element, thanks to nuclear fallout from decades-ago bomb tests that's showing up in US honey, per Science . In research published last month in Nature Communications...

UN Report: North Korea, Iran Have Teamed Up

Iran denies cooperative missile development

(Newser) - North Korea is funneling millions of dollars stolen by hackers into nuclear weapons, according to a new and confidential UN report, which also points the finger at Iran. The document accuses Kim Jong Un's regime of coordinating "operations against financial institutions and virtual currency exchange houses" to pay...

Biden Put Out the Offer. Putin Just Responded

Russia says it welcomes US president's proposal to extend nuclear arms control treaty

(Newser) - The Kremlin on Friday welcomed President Biden's proposal to extend the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty between the two countries, which is set to expire in less than two weeks. Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that Russia stands for extending the pact and is...

'Peace Clock' Reset After US Nuke Test

'Nightshade A' test happened in Nevada in November

(Newser) - The "Peace Watch" clock in the Hiroshima Peace Museum keeps track of the number of days since the last nuclear test and is usually reset to zero after a test occurs. On Monday, it was reset from 705 days to 49 after news of a US nuclear test in...

Kim Jong Un Slams N. Korea's 'Biggest Enemy'

Spoiler alert: That would be the United States

(Newser) - President-elect Biden is on the brink of moving into the White House, but as far as Kim Jong Un is concerned, that doesn't change how he views the United States. In fact, per North Korean state media, Kim says the US remains his nation's "biggest enemy" and...

Pelosi Calls Pentagon, Worried About Nuclear Codes

Joint chiefs chairman discusses steps involved should president try to order a military strike

(Newser) - The Pentagon has assured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that there are barriers to President Trump ordering a nuclear strike before he leaves office, reports USA Today . Pelosi told House Democrats in a letter Friday that she'd spoken to "Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to...

'This Is Looking Like Worst Hacking Case in History of America'

Mitt Romney says silence from White House on alleged Russian attack 'inexcusable'

(Newser) - An alarming development in the massive cyberattack on American government systems: Sources tell Politico that the agencies that maintain America's nuclear weapons stockpile were compromised in the attack, which is strongly suspected to have been carried out by Russia. The sources say they have found evidence that hackers accessed...

US Warns Russia About New 'Costly Arms Race'

Both nations reject proposals on nuclear weapons

(Newser) - The US and Russia on Friday rejected each other's proposals for potentially salvaging the last remaining legal constraint on their strategic nuclear forces. President Vladimir Putin called for an unconditional extension of the soon-to-expire New START treaty, the AP reports, and the White House called that a "non-starter....

In '11th Hour' of Nuclear Pact, an Offer From Putin

Russian president wants to extend treaty for one year, but US has a new ask

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin made a strong call on Friday to save the last existing nuclear arms control pact between his country and the United States, proposing to extend it for at least one year. Putin's statement comes amid conflicting signals from Russian and US diplomats about the fate...

Kim Jong Un: We're Ready to 'Fully Mobilize'

And North Korea shows off its big new weapon

(Newser) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned Saturday that his country would "fully mobilize" its nuclear force if threatened as he took center stage at a military parade in which the country unveiled what appeared to be a new intercontinental ballistic missile and other additions to its growing weapons...

Pentagon: China Is Working to Double Size of Nuke Arsenal

But country currently only has modest number of warheads, report states

(Newser) - China currently has fewer nuclear warheads than France, but it is working hard to double that number in the next decade, the Pentagon says. The Pentagon, releasing its estimate of China's warheads for the first time, believes they number in the low 200s, compared to around 300 for France...

US Agencies: N. Korea Funds Nukes With 'Bank Robbery'

FBI, Treasury, and other agencies say hacking scheme 'may erode confidence' in banking systems

(Newser) - Hackers linked to North Korea's government are trying to rob banks around the world to fund the country's nuclear weapons programs. That's according to the FBI, the US Treasury, US Cyber Command, and Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which warned of the behavior in...

US Worried About Activity at China Nuclear Test Site

Officials suspect Beijing may have violated ban

(Newser) - With US-China relations already frayed over the coronavirus pandemic and trade, nuclear tensions may be on the horizon. The Wall Street Journal , citing a new arms-control report that the State Department plans to make public, reports that US authorities suspect Beijing has been violating an international ban on nuclear tests...

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