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Ben & Jerry's Workers Love Their Pets. An Idea Was Born

Ice cream maker debuts Doggie Desserts, frozen treats for man's best friend

(Newser) - If your puppy salivates every time he sees you eating an ice cream cone, Ben & Jerry's now has a remedy. Per CNN , the Unilever-owned company on Monday debuted Doggie Desserts , nondairy frozen treats for our four-legged friends that were inspired by the pets of Ben & Jerry's...

Kaepernick Brings His Fight to the Ice Cream Aisle

Via his own Ben & Jerry's flavor

(Newser) - Colin Kaepernick now has his own ice cream flavor. Ben & Jerry's on Thursday announced "Change the Whirled," a non-dairy flavor (in honor of Kaepernick's vegan diet) coming to stores early next year, per Deadspin . The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who is still without an...

More Big Names to Take Action Against Facebook on July 1

Advertising boycott gets a few new companies on board

(Newser) - Facebook has 8 million advertisers. Well, something like 7,999,997—and dropping. Three more big names have said they would join a Facebook ad boycott for the month of July and potentially longer. Ben & Jerry's, Eddie Bauer, and Magnolia Pictures are now on board, joining Patagonia, the...

Ben & Jerry's 'Just Put All Corporate Statements to Shame'
Ben & Jerry's 'Just
Put All Corporate
Statements to Shame'
in case you missed it

Ben & Jerry's 'Just Put All Corporate Statements to Shame'

Company releases statement against white supremacy

(Newser) - Last week, Ben & Jerry's was busy launching a limited flavor called Boots on the Moooo'n. Fast forward a week, and its focus is entirely terrestrial. The company released what CNN terms a "forceful statement" on its website late Tuesday titled "We must dismantle white supremacy....

Lawsuit Takes Issue With Ben & Jerry's 'Happy Cows'

Suit: Some milk comes from cows on factory-style, mass-production dairy operations

(Newser) - Ben & Jerry's is facing a lawsuit accusing the ice cream maker and its parent company of false advertising by saying the milk and cream in its products come from "happy cows." In a complaint filed Oct. 29 in federal court in Burlington, Vermont, where Ben &...

One Ice-Cream Maker Wants to Relax You in a Big Way

Ben & Jerry's wants to sell CBD-infused ice cream

(Newser) - Want to ingest sugar while feeling very relaxed? Ben & Jerry's has you covered, if the FDA approves. The famous Vermont ice-cream maker said Thursday it wants to sell ice cream infused with a hemp-derived compound called CBD, CBS News reports. "You probably know that we're fans...

Company Takes a Tough Pot Stand on 4/20

Ben & Jerry's wants weed convictions expunged

(Newser) - On marijuana's unofficial holiday, Ben and Jerry's took a tough political stand. "It's hard to celebrate 4/20 when so many people of color are still being arrested for pot," the ice cream chain tweeted on Saturday, per KRIS-TV . "We have to do better."...

Ben & Jerry's Launches 'Pecan Resist' Ice Cream

Politically-charged flavor announced ahead of midterm elections

(Newser) - Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's is taking a stand against what it calls the Trump administration's regressive policies by rebranding one of its flavors Pecan Resist, the AP reports. The company and its founders unveiled the limited batch ice cream flavor Pecan Resist Tuesday in Washington ahead...

Unexpected Ben & Jerry's Ingredient: Herbicide

Traces of glyphosate found in ice cream samples

(Newser) - Ben & Jerry's: non-GMO , fair trade , made with " caring dairy " and cage-free eggs , concerned with the environment ... and containing herbicide? The popular ice cream brand is under fire after the Organic Consumers Association released Tuesday a list of food brands found to contain traces of glyphosate, the...

Ben & Jerry's Makes Unusual Rule to Back Gay Marriage

In Australia, you can't get 'same-flavor' servings until same-sex marriage is legal

(Newser) - "Love comes in all flavours," says socially active ice cream giant Ben & Jerry's, which is putting their scoops where their mouth is in a new protest. In a move supporting gay rights, the company’s 26 stores in Australia have “banned” servings of two scoops...

Ben & Jerry's Co-Founders Arrested in DC Protest

They were part of Democracy Awakening demonstration

(Newser) - The Ben and Jerry of Ben & Jerry's were among hundreds of people arrested Monday in a protest at the US Capitol over what they perceive to be a corrupt political system. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were taking part in a demonstration by a group called Democracy Awakening,...

Ben & Jerry's Now Has Vegan Ice Cream

Company adds 4 flavors of non-dairy frozen dessert

(Newser) - Raise your spoons: Ben & Jerry's now has non-dairy ice cream after years of being asked to make it. The Vermont ice cream maker has created four flavors using a certified vegan almond milk base, all of them available in pints, the AP reports. Available are the classic Chunky...

Ben & Jerry's Sues Maker of 'Ben & Cherry's' Pornos

Ice cream giant says it's smearing their reputation

(Newser) - Ben & Jerry's wants the porn industry to keep its Schweddy Balls away from its trademark. The beloved ice cream company is suing the makers of the "Ben & Cherry's" series of X-rated films, which includes such classics as, Boston Cream Thigh, Peanut Butter D-Cup, and New ...

Pay Your Respects at Ben & Jerry's 'Flavor Graveyard'
 Pay Your Respects 
 at Ben & Jerry's 
 'Flavor Graveyard' 

in case you missed it

Pay Your Respects at Ben & Jerry's 'Flavor Graveyard'

Vermont site features company's past misses

(Newser) - Ever find yourself missing Rainforest Crunch? How about Fresh Georgia Peach, or Wild Maine Blueberry? Console yourself by making a pilgrimage to Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard in Waterbury, Vermont. The cemetery features gravestones for flavors dead and gone, driven off store shelves because they sold poorly, were too...

Ben & Jerry's Removes Fortune Cookies From Lin Flavor

Original recipe in honor of Knicks star sparked a 'backlash'

(Newser) - Ben & Jerry's might have been, um, Linsane, to think nobody would be offended. The ice cream company recently released a limited-edition flavor in honor of New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin, but promptly removed the bits of fortune cookies mixed in, reports Pints of "Taste...

Ben & Jerry's Backs Occupy Wall Street

Technically, that means the movement has corporate support

(Newser) - First the Marines came to support Occupy Wall Street, then the labor unions . Next up: corporations? Ben & Jerry’s has posted a statement of support on its website —and though you may think of it as a hippie-flavored ice cream company, it’s actually a subsidiary of the...

Moms Boycott Ben & Jerry's Over Schweddy Balls

They're upset about the 'vulgar' flavor

(Newser) - It turns out, not everyone wants to eat something called “ Schweddy Balls .” OneMillionMoms, a sub-group of the American Family Association, is calling for a boycott on the troublemakers at Ben & Jerry’s over this “vulgar new flavor.” In a newsletter to their supporters, spotted by...

Ben & Jerry's Actually Making Schweddy Balls
 Ben & Jerry's 
 Actually Making 
 Schweddy Balls 

Ben & Jerry's Actually Making Schweddy Balls

'We thought it would never happen,' notes NPR

(Newser) - It seemed like it had to be a joke , but it turns out it's just based on one: Ben & Jerry's is indeed making a flavor in tribute to Alec Baldwin's raunchy "Schweddy Balls" skit on SNL, reports NPR, which was itself skewered for its famously...

Coming Soon: Schweddy Balls Ice Cream?

Ben & Jerry's won't confirm or deny hilarious rumor

(Newser) - Ben & Jerry’s is known for its unconventional ice cream flavors , but would they really go this far? Ana Gasteyer started a rumor when she recently told NY1 , “Ben and Jerry's is coming out with a Schweddy Balls ice cream for Christmas this year,” referring to...

Jimmy Fallon Launches His Own Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor, 'Late Night Snack'
It's Fallon Vs. Colbert
in Battle of the Ice Creams
late night wars?

It's Fallon Vs. Colbert in Battle of the Ice Creams

'Late Night Snack' is made with fair trade ingredients

(Newser) - Watch out, Stephen Colbert: You have some late-night competition ... in the form of ice cream. Colbert launched his very own Ben & Jerry's flavor, AmeriCone Dream, in 2007, and last night fellow late show host Jimmy Fallon did the same. Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack is vanilla ice cream...

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