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Americans Don't Want to Sit Through 2-Hour Movies

A new poll says 92 minutes is the magic number for movie length, but not everyone agrees

(Newser) - Are Americans tired of sitting through endless movies? A new poll surveying 2,000 Americans from Talker Research suggests so. It found that:
  • Most respondents chose 92 minutes as the ideal movie length
  • 15% of respondents wanted to watch movies longer than 120 minutes
  • Only 2% liked movies over 150

'Hollywood of the South' Struggles Amid Strikes

Atlanta, once booming with work for crew and actors, is now at a virtual standstill

(Newser) - A lighting technician is mowing lawns. A camera assistant is teaching guitar again. An actor has thought about shifting careers. For more than a decade, work had been nonstop in Atlanta's booming film industry, thanks to Georgia's extremely generous tax break. Dubbed the "Hollywood of the South,...

Hollywood Writer: Here's Why This Strike Matters

It's tech companies versus organized labor in the 'fight of our generation'

(Newser) - Hollywood writers are on strike because of the difference between broadcast TV and streaming—and because of the wider clash between workers and tech companies, striking writer Rafael Agustin explains at Mother Jones . Agustin writes that while people might feel a dispute between supposedly "rich" Hollywood writers on one...

Suicide Squad Ticket Sales Weak as Delta Surges

The latest wave of COVID infections is keeping movie fans at home

(Newser) - Moviegoing, once expected to be closer to semi-normal levels by now, continues to be battered by the pandemic, the delta variant of the coronavirus, and in-home streaming. The latest casualty: James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, a critically acclaimed, carnage-ridden would-be smash that disappointed with $26.5 million in estimated...

Quiet Place II Opens Big, Hollywood Sighs in Relief

Horror sequel will take in $58M over the long weekend

(Newser) - Moviegoing increasingly looks like it didn't die during the pandemic. It just went into hibernation. John Krasinski's thriller sequel A Quiet Place Part II opened over the Memorial Day weekend to a pandemic-best $48.4 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. Including the Monday holiday, the studio...

In Massive Boost to Movie Industry, NYC Theaters Reopen
NYC's Move May Ripple
Through Movie Industry

NYC's Move May Ripple Through Movie Industry

Nation's No. 2 market allows theaters to reopen, with restrictions

(Newser) - After almost a year, moviegoers are being allowed to return to theaters in New York City—and the Friday reopening is expected to have implications far beyond the Big Apple. The city, America's second-biggest movie market after Los Angeles, where cinemas are still closed, is allowing theaters to reopen...

Actress 'Couldn't Believe' the Review She Got. It Wasn't Good

Carey Mulligan speaks out against 'Variety' film review criticizing her looks

(Newser) - Carey Mulligan was participating in a video series for Variety this week when she took the opportunity to call out the magazine itself. The actress suggested a review of her new movie, Promising Young Woman , published as the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival a year ago, was evidence...

Studios Push Back Bond Film, Other Big Releases

'No Time to Die' won't be out until October

(Newser) - It's still not time for No Time to Die. Producers of the forthcoming James Bond thriller say the film's release has been delayed again, until the fall of 2021, because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The official 007 Twitter account said late Thursday that the 25th...

Queen Revokes Honor for Weinstein
Queen Revokes
Honor for Weinstein 

Queen Revokes Honor for Weinstein

Imprisoned mogul was recognized by British film industry in 2004

(Newser) - Britain on Friday stripped disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of an honor recognizing his contribution to the UK film industry. Weinstein, 68, was given the honor in 2004, the AP reports. The 68-year-old former Hollywood producer was convicted earlier this year of rape and sexual assault against two women and...

In China, Movie Theaters Have Begun Reopening

But they're not exactly crowded

(Newser) - As China considers the pandemic to be easing, the country has begun to reopen movie theaters. More than 500 in five provinces are back in business, Variety reports, though they aren't doing much business. The theaters brought in less than $2,000 combined on Friday. Two provinces reported that...

Studio Makes 'Unheard of' Move on Cats

Theaters will receive a version with tweaked special effects by Tuesday

(Newser) - No sooner had Cats opened at theaters everywhere Friday than operators were told they'd be getting a new version. A memo says the tweaked film will have "improved visual effects." Studio executives and theater operators said sending out a reedited copy after the film has been released...

Filmmakers Hate This New Netflix Feature

It allows content to be sped up or slowed down

(Newser) - If you want to binge-watch Stranger Things in record time with the characters sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks, you might like a new feature Netflix is testing—but filmmakers are not happy about it. Netflix is facing a backlash over the new feature, which allows viewers to speed up...

Film Icon Kidnapped by North Korea Dies
Film Icon Kidnapped
by North Korea Dies

Film Icon Kidnapped by North Korea Dies

Choi Eun-hee later shared recording in which Kim Jong Il apologized

(Newser) - Choi Eun-hee led a fascinating life—even before the actress was kidnapped by North Korean agents and forced to make films for the state. A film icon, Choi died Monday at a South Korean hospital, where she was receiving dialysis, her son tells Yonhap News . She was 91. Beginning her...

Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun Sequel
Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 2

Maverick will be back

(Newser) - Tom Cruise has confirmed he'll be in Top Gun 2, and while there aren't many 54-year-old Navy fighter pilots in the real world, Maverick is unlikely to spend the film on desk duty. Cruise told Aussie interviewers Tuesday he'll be appearing in a sequel to 1986's...

Steve Bannon: the Hollywood Bigwig Who Wasn't?

Steve Bannon:
the Hollywood
Bigwig Who

Steve Bannon: the Hollywood Bigwig Who Wasn't?

Trump's strategist brags about his time in Tinseltown, but others' memories are murky

(Newser) - Over the past eight months, Steve Bannon has worked his way into the general US consciousness, first as an ex-Breitbart exec tapped as Trump's new campaign chief , next as a "terrifying man" who wanted to set the DC establishment ablaze, and finally, as a White House fixture . But...

Elijah Wood: Hollywood Is Hiding Pedophile Scandal

"There are a lot of vipers in this industry."

(Newser) - Elijah Wood, who started his movie career with a bit part in Back to the Future II when he was just 8 years old, says Hollywood is rife with pedophiles and he might have been a victim if his mother had been less protective. In a Times of London interview,...

Hollywood Gets Diversity 'Report Cards' (They're Not Good)

2 analyses issue dismal grades for including women, minority, LGBT actors and directors

(Newser) - The #OscarsSoWhite hashtag has bounced around Twitter since last year, and it doesn't look like Hollywood's lack of diversity will be resolved anytime soon, per a USA Today report. The paper surveyed 14 studios about 184 movies being released in 2016, and the results show "disappointingly few...

Netflix's Latest Coup: Debut of Crouching Tiger Sequel

Martial arts movie part of deal to shake up movie biz

(Newser) - The sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is set to deliver a high-flying kick to the movie business as we know it with a first-of-its kind distribution deal. The deal with the Weinstein Co. will see the martial arts movie released simultaneously on Netflix and in some Imax theaters next...

Movie Prices May Drop One Day a Week

As fewer Americans head to the cinema

(Newser) - Got a free weeknight? Going to the movies may soon become a more affordable option. Last year, US movie theaters sold 1.34 billion tickets, down 1.5% from the year before. And ticket sales dropped 11% between 2004 and 2013, the Motion Picture Association of America reported yesterday. To...

New Movie Strategy: Buy Ticket, Get Video

Canadian deal inspires Hollywood

(Newser) - Some Canadians who went to see Pacific Rim this summer shelled out twice the standard price for a ticket—and got a digital download of the movie, too. The $19.99 SuperTicket was offered by Cineplex, a company that dominates the Canadian cinema market, and the idea has inspired the...

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