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NY Sues Beef Giant Over 'Greenwashing'

Lawsuit seeks court order for JBS to end 'Net Zero by 2040' campaign

(Newser) - Brazilian beef giant JBS made "sweeping representations to consumers" about plans to become more environmentally friendly when no such plans existed, New York Attorney General Letitia James says in a lawsuit over alleged "greenwashing." The lawsuit against the American arm of the world's largest meat producer...

Subway Will Handle Its Meat Differently
Subway Rolls Out
an $80M Change

Subway Rolls Out an $80M Change

Deli meat will now be sliced fresh daily in most US locations

(Newser) - Subway hasn't had the best week public relations-wise , but the sandwich giant is rolling out what CNN terms a "big change" to its deli meat. Starting Wednesday, some 20,000 of the chain's US restaurants will slice its ham, pepperoni, roast beef, salami, and turkey fresh in-store...

Japanese Vending Machines Now Dispensing Whale Meat

Conservationists are worried about the development

(Newser) - A Japanese whaling operator, after struggling for years to promote its products amid protests from conservationists, has found a new way to cultivate clientele and bolster sales: whale meat vending machines. The Kujira (Whale) Store, an unmanned outlet that recently opened in the port town of Yokohama near Tokyo, houses...

Couple Who Won Pig Wanted to Bring Her Home. The Fair: Nope

South Florida Fair insisted 'terminal' auction rules couldn't be changed to save swine from slaughter

(Newser) - When Meg and Eric Weinberger recently attended the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, they had their eyes open for a pig to bring home to their animal sanctuary, Rescue Life in nearby Palm Beach Gardens. They became enamored with one pig in particular named Bella B Swine, and...

In World First, Dutch City Bans Ads for Meat
Dutch City Bans
Meat Advertisements

Dutch City Bans Meat Advertisements

Haarlem officials blame massive farms for worsening the climate

(Newser) - A city in the Netherlands has become the first in the world to ban advertisements of meat in public places. Starting in 2024, the ads will be barred from appearing on buses, billboards, screens, etc., reports the Guardian . Officials behind the move say it's intended to help the climate—...

Customers Have Beef With Cracker Barrel's New 'Sausage'
Cracker Barrel's New 'Sausage'
Creates Online Ruckus
in case you missed it

Cracker Barrel's New 'Sausage' Creates Online Ruckus

Chain's ad promoting plant-based Impossible brand generates backlash from customers

(Newser) - It seemed an innocuous enough ad for Cracker Barrel. "Discover new meat frontiers," the restaurant chain announced in a Monday social media post . "Experience the out of this world flavor of Impossible Sausage Made From Plants next time you Build Your Own Breakfast." The accompanying photo...

We Probably Didn't Have a Meat Shortage After All

House panel report: Tyson, other meat-processing companies made 'baseless' claims of scarcity

(Newser) - Workers at meat-processing plants were forced to clock in to work during the early days of the pandemic, thanks to an executive order out of the Trump administration deeming them essential workers amid what was said to be a beef and pork shortage. Except now it seems that last part...

Look Out, West Coast, Here Comes the Meat-Allergy Tick

It's been documented as far west as Nebraska, but California is in its sights

(Newser) - When scientists first figured out years ago that a particular tick was making people allergic to meat , it was an odd malady mostly confined to southern states. But the New York Times reports that the Lone Star tick has been busily expanding its territory in the interim. Researchers have mapped...

Carl Icahn Takes On McDonald's Over Pig Treatment

Financier buys small stake, wants to make moves over its treatment of pigs used for pork

(Newser) - Carl Icahn holds a small stake in McDonald's, but the financier has two things he wants now that he's a player in the company's machinations: two people of his choice named to the Mickey Dee's board, as well as an improvement in how the company treats...

Better Open Up Your Wallet for That BLT

Bacon prices are the highest they've been in 4 decades

(Newser) - Not since the Reagan years will a side of bacon set you back as much as it does now. CNN reports that the price of the breakfast staple is the highest it's been in four decades when adjusted for inflation, with the average cost rising close to 30% over...

Feds Are Changing 'Product of USA' Meat Rules

That 'product of USA' often isn't, it turns out

(Newser) - It's something White House press secretary Jen Psaki learned "that I found a little outrageous," she says: Most grass-feed beef bearing the label "product of USA" is no such thing. Rather, it's raised and slaughtered abroad and then brought to the US for processing, and...

2nd-Biggest US Meat Producer Recovering From Cyberattack

JBS says it has made 'significant progress' in getting back online

(Newser) - The world’s largest meat processing company is getting back online after production around the world was disrupted by a cyberattack just weeks after a similar incident shut down a US oil pipeline. Brazil’s JBS SA said late Tuesday that it had made "significant progress" in dealing with...

Another Cyberattack in the US: 'Why Would They Stop?'

JBS, the world's largest meat supplier, is hit in US and Australia

(Newser) - First a gas pipeline was the target of a cyberattack. Now, the world's largest meat company. JBS Inc., which has more than 150 locations around the globe, announced it was the target of an "organized" attack against some of its servers, affecting IT systems in the US and...

3-Star Restaurant Known for Meat Ditching the Meat

Eleven Madison Park will be almost entirely vegan upon reopening

(Newser) - A Manhattan restaurant once considered the best in the world will no longer serve meat. David Humm's Eleven Madison Park, which topped the World's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2017 but failed to land a place in 2019 , plans to serve "an eight to ten course menu...

New Shortage for US Restaurant Chains: Chicken

Popularity of fried-chicken sandwiches at big chains is part of the problem

(Newser) - Add chicken to the list of products in short supply these days. Bloomberg reports that soaring demand at fast-food restaurants has resulted in a poultry crunch across the US. The Bojangles chain reported a "system-wide shortage" of chicken tenders this week, while industry behemoth KFC says it is just...

Governors Duel Over Whether to Eat Meat on Saturday

Colorado declares it 'MeatOut Day,' Nebraska declares it 'Meat On the Menu Day'

(Newser) - Last month, Colorado declared Saturday, March 20, "MeatOut Day," encouraging residents to go meatless on that day. Now, neighboring Nebraska has declared the same day "Meat On the Menu Day" in a direct rebuttal of Colorado's move. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said the nonbinding MeatOut Day,...

This Might Be the Brave New World of Steaks

Israel's Aleph Farms uses 3D printing to create a lab-grown ribeye

(Newser) - You can order a steak rare, well done, and now, 3D printed. An Israeli company has produced what it calls the "world's first slaughter-free ribeye steak," reports Bloomberg . The product from Aleph Farms is the latest entry in the emerging field of alternatives to traditionally raised meat....

Organic Meat Production Is No Better for the Planet
Study: Meat Prices
Should Jump 146%
new research

Study: Meat Prices Should Jump 146%

If they're to cover their associated climate costs, that is

(Newser) - You're doing the planet no favors by eating meat that was produced organically, at least when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions—and whatever meat you're eating, it should cost much, much more than it currently does. That's the determination of a new analysis based on German...

Purists Are Losing It Over US Version of Spanish Delicacy

It's 'not the same thing at all,' says ham expert in Spain

(Newser) - Like acorn-fed Iberian ham? Well, now you can try US versions of the Spanish delicacy—a development that culinary purists are none too thrilled about, the Guardian reports. "The real problem is that we are a nation of idiots who have given away our heritage that our governments have...

Illnesses at Meat Plants Continue to Rise

Numbers increasing as more plants reopen across the country

(Newser) - The Washington Post and the New York Times have front-page stories Tuesday on the nation's meat plants, and both report that outbreaks among workers are continuing as more plants reopen. Exact numbers are hard to come by because the plants, deemed essential businesses, are not legally obligated to report...

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