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Low on Recruits, Army Expands Mental Health Waivers

Recruits with history of self-harm, drug abuse now have a chance

(Newser) - The Army, facing the challenge of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers by September next year, has opened the door to people with mental health issues that would have prevented them from signing up in the past. According to documents obtained by USA Today , the Army will now consider granting waivers...

Army Recruiters May Have Pocketed Millions in Scam

1.7K recruiters suspected of abusing reward program

(Newser) - Pentagon fraud investigators believe large numbers of recruiters used the Army's efforts to boost its ranks to boost their own bank accounts. Internal documents show that more than 1,700 recruiters are suspected of defrauding an Army National Guard and Reserve program that paid $2,000 bounties to civilian...

Mom: My Son Dieted to Death ...Thanks to the Army

Glenni Wilsey lost 85 pounds in less than 4 months

(Newser) - Glenni Wilsey, about six feet tall, weighed roughly 270 pounds in high school. When he died this month at age 20, he weighed just 197 pounds. He had shed 85 pounds in only 3 and a half months—because, his mother says, Army recruiters encourgaged him to do so. Wilsey...

Imposter Tricks Army to Become an Officer

26-year-old with no experience put in position to lead troops

(Newser) - A Texas man with no military experience managed to trick the Army into letting him enter a reserve unit as a noncommissioned officer earlier this year, putting an untrained soldier in a leadership position in a time of war, an AP investigation has found. Jesse Bernard Johnston III, 26, joined...

Economy Sparks Record Military Recruitment

Bleak employment, bonuses boost numbers to highest level since draft ended

(Newser) - The recession has helped boost the US military to its best recruitment year since the post-Vietnam switch to an all-volunteer force. Recruiters hit or exceeded all their targets for the first time since 1973, surprising even Pentagon officials. In addition to rising unemployment, recruiting was helped by bonuses, a recruiting...

Army Recruiters' Video Arcade Draws Fire

Simulations ignore 'reality of war itself:' Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges

(Newser) - The Army Experience Center in Philadelphia—a sort of video arcade/recruiting center—has numerous detractors, and those opponents have an influential ally. “This is just a new version of an old attempt” at recruiting, Pulitzer Prize winner and former New York Times war correspondent Chris Hedges tells dscriber. The...

No Child Left Unrecruited
No Child Left Unrecruited

No Child Left Unrecruited

Pentagon uses NCLB, other sneaky means to get info on teens in high school

(Newser) - The military is using a host of behind-the-scenes methods—including the No Child Left Behind Act—to gather information on high school students for recruitment, writes David Goodman in Mother Jones. A little-known provision in NCLB, for instance, requires schools that get funding to supply recruiters with info on all...

Army Uses Facebook, Twitter to Recruit

(Newser) - Uncle Sam wants you…to friend him on Facebook. Social networking sites have become a key part of the army’s recruitment process, the AP reports. Recruiters try to friend prospective soldiers on Facebook, while Gen. Ray Odierno updates his “fans” on the progress in Iraq. The sites have...

Army May Not Want You So Bad After All

Jobless rate drives surge in applicants

(Newser) - Rising unemployment and safer conditions in Iraq have boosted interest in joining the Army, allowing recruiters to raise acceptance standards. The Washington Post reports that felons and recent drug users need not apply, and the pool of applicants also is better educated. For the first time since 2004, the Army...

Psst, Fat Boy: Uncle Sam Wants You

Military tells recruits with high BMI that they can sign up now, lose weight later

(Newser) - To reel in more recruits, the US Army is relaxing weight restrictions on would-be soldiers. A waiver program gives outsize volunteers a year after signing up to get in shape, measured by body-mass index, or be booted, the Christian Science Monitor reports. With the youthful population consuming more and exercising...

Army School Gets Dropouts Ready to Serve

Military needs more eligible recruits to fill its ranks

(Newser) - The US Army today opened its first prep school to prepare high school dropouts for military service, the AP reports. With wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and not enough eligible recruits, the Army wants unqualified prospects to earn their GEDs. "Only three out of every 10 people of military...

Cops Say Letters a Coincidence
Cops Say Letters a Coincidence

Cops Say Letters a Coincidence

Envelopes sent to lawmakers not related to Times Square bombing

(Newser) - A hundred members of Congress got envelopes yesterday stuffed with a political rant, a photo of a man in front of the Times Square military recruiting station, and the bold taunt, “We did it.” But, bizarrely, they weren't  connected to the blast that damaged the landmark yesterday morning,...

NY Cops Probe 2 Similar Bombings
NY Cops Probe
2 Similar

NY Cops Probe 2 Similar Bombings

Serial bomber could be at work in Manhattan

(Newser) - Police and federal agents are looking into striking similarities between yesterday's Times Square bombing and two earlier explosions to determine if there could be a serial bomber at work, the New York Times reports. The device, timing, method of delivery and suspect in the Times Square attack at a military...

Letters Linked to NYC Bombing Claim 'We Did It'

They were sent to Capitol Hill; bomber remains unknown

(Newser) - As many as 10 Capitol Hill offices received letters today with a photo of a man standing in front of the Times Square military recruiting office before it was struck by a small bomb. A message with the photo reads, “Happy New Year, We Did It,” the AP...

Explosion Hits Times Square Recruiting Office

None injured in blast that damaged entrance

(Newser) - Police are investigating an explosion that shattered the entrance to an Army recruitment office in Times Square early this morning, the AP reports. No one was injured, but police cordoned off the area, and prevented subway trains from stopping in the square briefly. “I was up on the 44th...

Uncle Sam Wants ... Anybody
Uncle Sam Wants ... Anybody

Uncle Sam Wants ... Anybody

Military lowers standards, hits new low in recruiting high school graduates

(Newser) - The Army is lowering standards to meet recruiting goals, with the percentage of high school-educated recruits dropping to a new low of 70.7% last year, reports the Washington Post. The Army hasn't reached its goal of 90% since 2004. A new study also shows that the number of "...

Uncle Sam Wants You (But He'll Talk to Mom First)

New bonuses offer help on mortgages, business startups

(Newser) - Army recruiters will soon promise recruits hefty bonuses to buy a home or start a business in a bid to sway their parents that enlisting is a good investment, the Wall Street Journal reports. "We know most 18-year-old kids don't think about mortgages yet," says a Pentagon official....

Army, Told to Grow, Focuses on Retention

With new recruits ever-harder to come by, keeping soldiers is key

(Newser) - Ordered to expand its forces, the US Army is shifting its strategy from recruitment to keeping the soldiers it already has. One reason is the decreasing number of suitable applicants. "We have to retain more soldiers if we're going to grow the Army [in full] by 65,000,"...

Got a Record? No Problem
Got a Record?
No Problem

Got a Record? No Problem

US military wants to ease entry, but some officers worry about 'problem children'

(Newser) - Seeking to swell enlisted ranks, the Pentagon may let more minor criminals enlist in the military, the AP reports. "I do believe it needs to be done," an Army official said of the proposed plan. "There are really anomalies out there"—like recruits who have youthful...

For Fast Recruits, a Fast $20K
For Fast Recruits, a Fast $20K

For Fast Recruits, a Fast $20K

"Quick Ship" bonus meant to remedy enlistee shortage

(Newser) - An understaffed Army is testing out a tidy bonus to entice enlistees who agree to ship out to basic training within 30 days of signing up. The Army will be offering the $20K "Quick Ship" bonus until September to try and reach an increasingly ambitious recruiting goal of 80,...

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