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After 17-Year Break, Region Expects Millions of Cicadas

Insects are harmless to humans, but they're loud

(Newser) - They're no giant murder hornets , but they do make a racket. Millions upon millions of cicadas are due to surface this year after 17 years in the ground, CNN reports. People in Southwest Virginia, parts of North Carolina and West Virginia will witness the event this year, per Virginia... More »

17-Year Cicadas Are Coming ... as Many as 1.5M an Acre

Get ready Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia

(Newser) - There will soon be a buzz in the air in the Northeast. Billions of cicadas with a 17-year life span have spent the entire 21st century underground in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, reports Fox News . But when nighttime soil temperature hits 64 degrees for four... More »

How to Survive Cicada Invasion: Eat Them

Cicadas are 'the shrimp of the land,' say scientists

(Newser) - Billions of bug-eyed cicadas are set to swarm the East Coast . So what will you do when "swarmageddon" hits? You can stay inside and grumble about the insects' loud sex noises, or, scientists say, you can just eat them. Cicadas are "the shrimp of the land," entomologist... More »

Billions of Red-Eyed Cicadas to Swarm East Coast

Bugs will overrun Eastern states looking for sex in 'Brood II'

(Newser) - Any day now, billions of cicadas with bulging red eyes will crawl out of the earth after 17 years underground and overrun the East Coast. The insects will arrive in such numbers that people in the southern state of North Carolina to Connecticut in the northeast will be outnumbered roughly... More »

Missouri Health Officials Nix Cicada Ice Cream

New flavor bugs food code enforcers

(Newser) - The 13-year cicadas are out in Missouri but an ice cream parlor's attempt to turn the bugs into a seasonal treat has been thwarted. Health officials descended on Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream after its first batch of cicada ice cream sold out and told them not to make... More »

Coming Soon: 13-Year Cicadas

It's gonna get loud in the South

(Newser) - We saw their parents in 1998; now the 13-year cicadas are emerging again from underground. Get ready for raucous mating calls and shells everywhere, advises the Herald-Review of Decatur, Illinois. (The 13-year cicadas stay mostly in the South but hit parts of Illinois and Indiana.) “They are out... More »

Cyborg Bugs Could Warn of Fires, Chemical Attacks

(Newser) - Cyborg bugs may sound like creatures in a Michael Bay movie, but they could save your life, New Scientist reports. The Pentagon is trying to implant electrodes in crickets and cicadas—which communicate via wingbeats—and program them to “speak” differently around certain chemicals. “The insect itself might... More »

Cicadas Are Almost Gone

And what a mess they leave behind

(Newser) - The Brood XII cicadas have almost finished their every 17 year breeding frenzy.  And what a mess and odor they are leaving in their wake.  Chicago Tribune writer Ted Gregory describes the odor of dead cicadas as "somewhere between rotting raccoon and cut grass." More »

They're Here

(Newser) - The Brood XIII cicadas are emerging throughout the Midwest in an every-17-year fit of Darwinian survival.  Scientists theorize that their abundance — they emerge by the millions per acre—is an evolutionary advantage: Because of their numbers, predators (primarily birds, insects and fish) cannot possibly eat all of them.... More »

9 Stories
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