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Man's Appetite for Soft Bacon Leads to Brain Parasites

Case of pork tapeworm larvae infecting brain tissue described in new study

(Newser) - A Florida man who went to his doctor complaining his migraine medication wasn't touching his increasingly frequent and painful headaches was found to have parasitic tapeworm larvae in his brain. After four months of pain, a CT scan revealed fluid-filled sacs throughout the white matter of the 52-year-old's...

Otter-Killing Parasite Also Possible Human Threat

After four sea otters died from a rare form of toxoplasmosis, scientists are warning of a threat to humans

(Newser) - After discovering four sea otters died due to infection by what a UC Davis press release termed an "unusually severe" form of toxoplasmosis, scientists are sounding an alarm. Science reports that veterinary pathologist Melissa Miller first noted the infection in a dead otter in 2020. It wasn't that...

We're Closer Than Ever to Realizing Jimmy Carter's Dream

Only 13 cases of Guinea worm disease were reported in 2022

(Newser) - The planet got incrementally closer to eradicating Guinea worm disease last year. The Carter Center on Tuesday announced there were just 13 cases of the disease reported worldwide in 2022, down two from the year prior for a 13% drop (the initial count of 14 was later confirmed to be...

Wolf Researchers: 'We Just Open-Mouthed Stared at Each Other'

Wolf Researchers:
'We Just
Stared at Each Other'

Wolf Researchers: 'We Just Open-Mouthed Stared at Each Other'

Wolves infected with a brain parasite are more likely to lead their pack, study suggests

(Newser) - What compels some animals—maybe even humans—to become leaders of their pack? A new study suggests the answer could be surprisingly simple: a brain parasite. Researchers studying Yellowstone wolves discovered that those infected with a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii are more likely to become pack leaders or to roam...

'Those Are Not Parasites. They Are Obviously Crazy People'

Inside the rise and fall of Black Oxygen Organics

(Newser) - As far as multi-level marketing companies go, the now-defunct Black Oxygen Organics ("BOO" to its fans) belongs in a category of its own, and not a good one. That's the case Haley Weiss makes in a lengthy piece for Vice about BOO, which "was dedicated to the...

Parasite Is Hiding in Salad Mixes Across 8 States

206 people have already tested positive

(Newser) - Salad lovers, watch out: The FDA and the CDC are warning about an outbreak linked to certain salads sold at Jewel-Osco, Hy-Vee, and Walmart stores, USA Today reports. Long story short, the stores are recalling garden-salad mixes made by a Fresh Express facility in Streamwood, Illinois, and other brands may...

After Her Trail Run, a Gross Medical Rarity
After Her Trail Run,
a Gross Medical Rarity
new study

After Her Trail Run, a Gross Medical Rarity

Woman is 2nd person to have parasitic worms show up in her eyes

(Newser) - A 68-year-old US woman has earned a very unwanted distinction: She is just the second human on record to show up at the doctor's office with parasitic eye worms more common to cows, reports Live Science . The unidentified woman splits her time between Nebraska and California, and researchers explain...

Number of People Getting Sick in Their Pools Is Rising: CDC

Parasites from fecal matter are more prevalent, thanks to people with diarrhea: CDC

(Newser) - Summer is here, meaning pool season is here, meaning ... hello, parasite overlords? Per USA Today , the CDC reports that each year, between June and August, there's a marked increase in the number of sicknesses from the cryptosporidium, or crypto, parasite found in "treated recreational waters." And from...

His Friends Dared Him to Eat a Slug. He Died 8 Years Later

Sam Ballard contracted parasitic infection after challenge by pals in 2010

(Newser) - "In a single night, his life … changed forever." So says the host of an Australian TV show in her tribute column to Sam Ballard, a young man who took an ill-advised dare from his friends in 2010 and just died from complications related to that challenge. The...

Pals Buried Him in Sand. Then, the Grossness Started

Teen develops hookworms after trip to Florida beach

(Newser) - It seemed like harmless good fun: Friends buried 17-year-old Michael Dumas of Memphis in the sand at Florida's Pompano Beach while on a church trip last month. Then came the hookworms, reports LocalMemphis . Dumas' mother, Kelli, says her son developed the parasite in one of his feet, and she...

Lump on Woman's Face Turns Out to Have Living Thing Inside

Well, this is disturbing

(Newser) - A Russian woman who watched perplexed as a lump appeared on her face and then moved from one place to the next discovered the lump was alive. Specifically, the woman had a parasitic worm, whose movement she tracked in selfies. Per LiveScience , the woman first photographed the lump below her...

After BMJ Shares Cheeky Photos, Embarrassed Couple Butts In
They Were Treated
for a Parasite.
Then Their Butts
Were Everywhere

They Were Treated for a Parasite. Then Their Butts Were Everywhere

'BMJ' withdraws journal article after embarrassed patients complain about the exposure

(Newser) - After suffering painful red rashes on their backsides, a husband and wife were left red in the face—so much so that a case study of their ordeal has now been pulled from the prestigious British Medical Journal. As BMJ tells the Washington Post , the British pair whose bottoms became...

Suit: Trip to Amusement Park Ended With Eye-Eating Parasite

Robert Trostle is suing Kennywood for negligence

(Newser) - Its website proclaims Kennywood "Pittsburgh's best amusement park." Robert Trostle would likely append "for contracting an eye-eating parasite" to the end of that. That's what the Squirrel Hill man is claiming happened to him during a July 2 visit to the Pennsylvania park, per a...

Study Suggests Old Parasite Is Killing Vietnam War Vets

It can take decades for symptoms of the cancer to appear

(Newser) - A half a century after serving in Vietnam, hundreds of veterans have a new reason to believe they may be dying from a silent bullet—test results show some men may have been infected by a slow-killing parasite while fighting in the jungles of Southeast Asia. The Department of Veterans...

North Korean Defector Is Ravaged by Parasites

Doctors say he's filled with them, hinting at poor diet and worse health

(Newser) - As if multiple bullet wounds weren't enough, the North Korean soldier who defected across the DMZ on Monday has "an enormous number" of parasites posing a risk to his recovery, according to South Korean doctors. "I've never seen anything like this," surgeon Lee Cook-jong says,...

Third World Parasite May Be Thriving in Rural Alabama

Small study finds alarmingly high prevalence of hookworm

(Newser) - Hookworm is a disease more commonly associated with third-world countries, but a small study out of Alabama suggests it has a disturbingly strong foothold in the US. The study by the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine focused on rural Lowndes County, reports the Guardian . The...

Germany Considers Sale of Parasitic Worm Eggs ... as Food

Thousands of people around the world already take them

(Newser) - Let's get one thing straight: Parasitic worms can and do cause serious problems in the animals they infect, and it's largely seen as a good thing that most humans in wealthier nations don't have to deal with them. Hookworms, for instance, cause anemia, diarrhea, and pain, while...

Doctors Warn of Painful Parasite Hiding in Your Sushi

Cases of anisakiasis are on the rise in the West

(Newser) - Beware your next Seattle roll ; doctors say it could contain something that should never be found in sushi (besides cream cheese): a "worm-like" parasite. A paper published Thursday in BMJ Case Reports says cases of anisakiasis are on the rise in the West due to the increasing popularity of...

Brain-Infecting Worm Booming in Popular Vacation Destination

Sharp uptick in cases of rat lungworm disease on Maui

(Newser) - A parasitic worm that infects people's brains is turning up more frequently on Maui, and Hawaiian officials are getting worried. "It’s like having a slow-moving bullet go through your brain," says state epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park, per the AP , explaining the effects of rat lungworm disease....

From Guy's Mouth, Doc Pulls Longest Tapeworm He's Ever Seen

From Guy's Mouth,
Doc Pulls Longest
Tapeworm He's
Ever Seen

From Guy's Mouth, Doc Pulls Longest Tapeworm He's Ever Seen

Picture a clown's endless scarf gag ... but with a tapeworm

(Newser) - If you have anti-nausea medication handy, you might want to grab it. Doctors are telling of a remarkable medical case in which they had to a remove a 6-foot-long tapeworm from a man's gut by pulling it through his mouth. Live Science explains that the 48-year-old patient from India...

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