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Cops: We Busted Crook. Her Name Is 'Crook'

Josephine Crook charged with stealing ladies' undies from Kohl's

(Newser) - Much like a guy named "John Pirate" probably shouldn't try to make a living terrorizing the high seas, someone with the surname "Crook" raises eyebrows when they turn to a life of crime. California cops say they arrested one Josephine Crook on Friday on suspicion of commercial...

Mormons Explain Their Sacred Undergarments

 Mormons Explain 
 Their Sacred 
in case you missed it

Mormons Explain Their Sacred Undergarments

An LDS Church video makes plain: They are not 'magic underwear'

(Newser) - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wants to clear something up: The "temple garment" that devout adult Mormons wear is not "magic underwear." As a rep for the LDS Church puts it, "Because there is little or no accurate information on this subject on...

Survey: Men Hang Onto Their Underwear for 7 Years

(If the Brits are anything to go by)

(Newser) - Some less-than-appealing news from Britain: There's a decent chance the guy sitting next to you is wearing 7-year-old underwear. That's the average length of time men hang on to their undies before buying new ones, a UK survey finds, as noted by the Huffington Post . "I know...

India Students Invent Anti-Rape Lingerie

It's electrified, will shock assailants and notify authorities

(Newser) - Now this is an ingenious invention: Indian engineering students have come up with anti-rape lingerie. It's not only electrified and can shock a person as many as 82 times; it is also equipped with communications software so it can alert authorities, and GPS so authorities can locate the victim,...

Jon Hamm Gets Awkward Warning Over Tight Pants

Please wear underwear, 'Mad Men' producers beg

(Newser) - Producers had to have an awkward, but possibly flattering, conversation with Jon Hamm on the set of Mad Men, an AMC insider tells the New York Daily News . "This season takes place in the 1960s, where the pants are very tight and leave little to the imagination," the...

Smugglers Busted With Primates in Their Skivvies

Lorises headed to Dubai from Bangkok

(Newser) - Is that a slender loris in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? In this case, it was the former: Three United Arab Emirates men headed to Dubai from Bangkok were caught with small primates in their underwear. Two were carrying mammals called slender lorises, Sri Lanka...

Sheriff-Imposed Pink Undies Blamed for Man's Death

Mentally ill man stripped by deputies feared underwear was rape prelude

(Newser) - Forcing inmates to wear pink underwear was one of the moves that led Joe Arpaio to call himself "America's Toughest Sheriff"—but those undergarments may be his downfall. A federal court has ordered a new trial in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a...

Special Skier's Underwear Banned at World Cup

It apparently gives athletes an unfair advantage

(Newser) - The newest suspicions of cheating in sports come not from the use of performance enhancing drugs but from the wearing of special underwear. Professional skiers who will compete in the upcoming World Cup in Switzerland were bluntly told by officials they cannot don a "full-bodied, plastic-neoprene hybrid sheath" worn...

Royal Knickers Sold for $15K
 Royal Knickers Sell for $15K  

Royal Knickers Sell for $15K

Anonymous buyer snaps up Queen Victoria's blooming bloomers

(Newser) - A capacious pair of silk bloomers worn by Queen Victoria in the 1860s sold for nearly $15,000 at an auction in Britain—more than three times the estimate. "People who collect royal memorabilia for the Victorian era see underwear as the crowning glory in their collection," a...

French Company Launches Lingerie Line for Little Girls

Even 4-year-olds are included

(Newser) - What 4-year-old doesn't need a frilly bra and panty set? A French fashion line of lingerie aimed at children and teenage girls is making awkward waves thanks to photos of young models in risquè outfits and seductive poses, reports Fashionista . Jours Après Lunes claims to be "the...

Sheriff Arpaio to Sell 'Vamos Jose' Boxers

Anti-immigration sheriff says they show he's not a racist

(Newser) - Sheriff Joe Arpaio is introducing a new Spanish version of his hit underwear, in what he says is a bid to “raise eyebrows as well as sales.” The anti-immigration crusader has for years produced pink boxers bearing the slogan, “Go Joe,” the Arizona Republic explains. Inmates...

Baggy Pants Ban Zips Though Florida Senate

Saggy pants bill passes state Senate

(Newser) - Florida State Sen. Gary Siplin's long quest to get the law behind baggy pants bans is nearing fruition. Siplin's bill to make it illegal for students on campuses to wear clothes exposing their underwear has passed the state Senate, and a similar bill is making its way through...

Up for Auction: Queen Elizabeth's Underwear

A steal at an estimate of $9K

(Newser) - You can buy some weird stuff at auctions, but this is arguably the weirdest: a pair of underwear that allegedly belonged to Queen Elizabeth II. "Baron" Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, a Miami playboy, somehow came into possession of the decidedly unsexy panties more than 40 years ago after the...

Scottish Group: Please Wear Underwear Beneath Your Kilt

If you have any 'common sense and decency,' that is

(Newser) - The Scottish Tartans Authority is committed to upholding the country's traditions—but even so, it says the time has come for one particularly "unhygienic" tradition to die. "The idea that you are not a real Scot unless you are bare under your kilt should be thrown into the...

Emergency Bra Now On Sale
 Emergency Bra Now On Sale 

Emergency Bra Now On Sale

Device doubles as twin gas masks

(Newser) - A potentially life-saving "emergency bra" invented by a Ukrainian doctor has gone from award-winningly odd idea to actual commercial product. The bra, which doubles up as a pair of gas masks has gone on sale online for $29.95, Fox reports. Inventor Elena Bodnar, who witnessed the devastating effects...

Princess Di Underwear Ad Has Brits in Snit

She's barely dressed ... and why is she playing a cello?

(Newser) - A lingerie company in China found an odd way to mark the Aug. 31 anniversary of Princess Diana’s death: with an ad showing the beloved Di in a bra and underwear. Jealousy International’s ad for “Diana underwear” (yes, really) uses the tag line, “Feel the romance...

Good Luck Finding a Sports Bra That Works

One exists, but you can't buy it

(Newser) - Scientists are finally realizing what women everywhere already know: Sports bras, specifically designed to be supportive, aren’t actually all that supportive. This is because women’s breasts don’t just bounce up and down: They move in a figure-8 pattern, researchers have found, and current sports bras can’t...

Crime Trend: Secret Pocket Undies

'Stashitwear' shocks New York police

(Newser) - Need a place to stash your wallet, keys, cell phone...or perhaps some illegal drugs? Try " Stashitwear ," the underwear with secret pockets for all your valuables. The handy idea is perhaps a bit too handy for drug dealers, who apparently use Stashitwear and similar products to hide drugs...

Victoria's Secret Slights Saints, Enrages Fans

Champions excluded from NFL undies collection

(Newser) - Victoria's Secret has enraged Louisiana's female football fans—reputedly some of the most intense around—by excluding the New Orleans Saints from its Pink NFL lineup, Advertising Age reports. Not only are the defending Super Bowl champs missing, but the line does include the Boston Red Sox, which was not...

Granny Panties Are Back
 Granny Panties Are Back 
fashion, gulp, trends?

Granny Panties Are Back

Sales of large underwear on the rise

(Newser) - In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense: Big butts are trendy , so why not big panties? Yes, the thong is out , and granny panties are in, reports the Daily Mail . We can thank Mad Men and its waist-cinching styles for this new trend toward high-waisted undies—especially the slimming...

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