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As Can Supply Runs Short, Dr Pepper Shelves Go Unfilled

Company suspects consumers were stocking up early in the pandemic

(Newser) - While the rest of us were keeping an eye on the toilet paper at the start of the pandemic, many American consumers apparently had the foresight to squirrel away Dr Pepper. Its parent company has acknowledged the soda is hard to find at stores in certain parts of the country,... More »

Woman Swaps Prize Twitter Handle for Water for Flint

She gave up her Dr Pepper account for 41K bottles of water from soda company

(Newser) - For seven years, Diana Hussein has held the @DrDietPepper Twitter handle she created on a whim, tweeting mainly about local sports and her cats and hoping to maybe one day get some money or free swag if the Dr Pepper Snapple Group wanted to barter for it, the Detroit Free ... More »

Soda Giants: You Drink Too Many Calories—From Soda

Big 3 promise 20% cut by 2025

(Newser) - Even America's soda-makers agree that people are getting too many calories from their products, and the biggest three have now pledged to cut calorie consumption by a fifth by 2025. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group won't actually be reducing the number of calories their products contain,... More »

New Low-Cal Dr Pepper 'Not for Women'

Soda launches extra-manly marketing campaign

(Newser) - Dr Pepper knows men can't stand high heels, hate romantic comedies, and would never be caught drinking diet soda. The soft drink firm aims to change that last trait: It is marketing its latest low-calorie soda, Dr Pepper Ten, as absolutely "not for women," the AP reports.... More »

Nostalgia Rules in Super Bowl Ads

From Betty White to Stevie Wonder, these ads bank on the familiar

(Newser) - Yes, there were still the requisite ads using slapstick violence to get a laugh, or objectifying women—but the reigning theme of this year's Super Bowl commercials was nostalgia. Thanks to the economy, many advertisers used familiar faces to pitch products, writes Stuart Elliott in the New York Times . A... More »

Axl Outraged by Dr Pepper Promo Fizzle

Fury over 'exploitation' of fans in promo that offers free drinks linked to album release

(Newser) - Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is furious about a nationwide soft-drink giveaway linked to the band's latest album that went bad, reports E! Online. In a promo not authorized by the band, Dr Pepper offered free 20-ounce bottles if Guns N' Roses' new album was released in 2008. But... More »

Can Do: Guns N' Roses Triggers Free Dr Pepper

Soda giveaway accompanies Guns N' Roses album launch

(Newser) - Back in March, Dr Pepper offered to give every American a free soda if Guns N' Roses' long-delayed album hit stores in 2008. Now that Chinese Democracy, 17 years in the making, has a release date of Nov. 23, the soft drink giant is paying up. That day, it will... More »

Dr Pepper Ads Want You to Sip, Not Guzzle

New campaign says the soda tastes better when consumed slowly

(Newser) - Facing flagging sales, 123-year-old Dr Pepper is capitalizing on “scientific” research that suggests it tastes better when you drink it slowly, the Wall Street Journal reports. Dr Pepper’s marketers are launching a campaign using “fake doctors to deliver this quasi science,” says an ad exec. Basketballer... More »

Dr Peppers All Around If GNR Finishes 17-Year Album

Creative process rings bell as soda-maker promises can for each American

(Newser) - Not only will Guns N’ Roses fans rejoice if Axl Rose and company deliver “Chinese Democracy” in 2008—they’ll also be sipping a free can of Dr Pepper, the New York Post reports. The soda-maker promises every American a free can if the 1980s rock icons complete their... More »

9 Stories
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