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Rob Lowe's Globes Snafu Teaches Him a Texting Lesson

'Parks and Rec' star says he texted congrats meant for winner Robert Downey Jr. to Bradley Cooper

(Newser) - A congratulatory message that Rob Lowe sent to former high school classmate Robert Downey Jr. after the latter won a Golden Globe earlier this month didn't quite go the way Lowe had planned. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, the Parks and Recreation actor lauded Downey, who won...

Rob Lowe Is Pals With a Supreme Court Justice

Who knew?

(Newser) - They say Hollywood is all about connections. And then there's Rob Lowe—who's got a friend in an even higher place, the Albany Herald reports. "It could be Brat Pack people, it could be West Wing people, Parks and Rec people," Lowe said recently about guests...

Parks and Rec Delivers Food for the Soul
Parks and Rec
Delivers Food
for the Soul

Parks and Rec Delivers Food for the Soul

Half-hour special was 'perfect for the moment we're in'

(Newser) - Thursday's half-hour Parks and Recreation special was food for the soul, according to critics. Set amid the coronavirus pandemic, the episode sees Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope check in on her friends via Gryzzl, the tech company that had bought up much of Pawnee when we last left it...

Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger Get Married

Couple wed on California ranch

(Newser) - Chris Pratt and the Terminator's daughter are now officially hitched in a California wedding clogged with A-listers, reports People . Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger, who've dated for about a year, tied the knot at San Ysidro Ranch near Montecito, notes E! Online , with his 6-year-old son Jack, and her...

Rob Lowe in Hot Water After Elizabeth Warren 'Chief' Tweet

'Parks and Rec' actor also doesn't seem to know what an Oxford comma is

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren officially entered the 2020 race on Saturday, and it caught the eye of Rob Lowe—whose tweet on the matter then caught a lot of eyes. "Elizabeth Warren would bring a whole new meaning to Commander in 'Chief,'" the 54-year-old Parks and Rec star...

Rob Lowe: I've Seen a 'Wood Ape'
Rob Lowe: I've
Seen a 'Wood Ape'

Rob Lowe: I've Seen a 'Wood Ape'

It was while filming a reality show, of course

(Newser) - Rob Lowe has seen Bigfoot. The actor and his two adult sons star in The Lowe Files, an A&E reality docuseries featuring the family investigating "mysterious phenomena" across the US, per Entertainment Weekly . In an interview with the magazine to promote the show, Lowe says that while filming,...

KFC's New Colonel Sanders Is Familiar Face

Actor will be featured in chicken chain's newest round of ads

(Newser) - Part of the fun of watching KFC commercials is figuring out who's underneath all of the makeup in the Harland Sanders costume. Now there's a new colonel in town, the chain announced Friday: Rob Lowe. The 53-year-old Parks and Rec actor will be donning Colonel Sanders' trademark white...

At Rob Lowe's Roast, It's Ann Coulter Who's Scorched

Quite the hatefest

(Newser) - There is no shortage of fodder for a roast of Rob Lowe, but at the actor's Comedy Central taping on Saturday night, the blood in the water belonged to Ann Coulter and the sharks on the dais knew it, reports USA Today . Coulter knew it, telling the audience, "...

44 Celebs Who Were Classmates

Bet you didn't know these stars went to high school together

(Newser) - Apparently some schools just produce more stars than others. PopSugar rounds up celebrities you may not have realized attended high school together. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out the complete list .

11 Celebs for Whom Rehab ... Worked

Let us guess: You forgot Ben Affleck was ever in rehab

(Newser) - Multiple stints in rehab don't seem to have helped Lindsay Lohan one bit, but that doesn't mean it never works. People rounds up 11 celebrities who have actually turned things around after rehab:
  • Ben Affleck: You may have actually forgotten, but in 2001, he went to rehab for

10 Stars Who Went From Mess to Success

Maybe there is hope for Amanda Bynes...

(Newser) - You may be worried about Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan , both of whom seem determined to continue on their downward spirals. But, as Radar reminds us, many a formerly troubled star has managed to turn it all around and stage an inspiring comeback. Here are 10:
  • Drew Barrymore: As a

15 Celebrity Nude Scandals
 15 Celebrity 
 Nude Scandals 

15 Celebrity Nude Scandals

Minka Kelly joins the ranks

(Newser) - Minka Kelly is the latest celebrity to find herself in the middle of a nude video scandal—but her case is particularly controversial because the 1998 sex tape (which is currently for sale ) may just show her before she became a legal adult. Fourteen more notorious nude tape scandals,...

Rob Lowe's Big Career Move: Playing Drew Peterson

'Parks and Recreation' star to play accused wife-killer in Lifetime movie

(Newser) - Just when you thought Rob Lowe’s star was back on the rise, he signs up for … a Lifetime movie? Yes, the Parks and Recreation star will play accused wife-killer Drew Peterson in TV movie The Drew Peterson Story, the Chicago Tribune reports. That’s right, we said Drew...

Rob Lowe: I Flew on 9/11 Terrorists’ Dry Run

Actor was on DC-to-LA practice flight, noticed nothing awry

(Newser) - While Rob Lowe was playing Sam Seaborn on the West Wing, he found himself in a real-life DC drama—albeit unwittingly. Lowe often took the same flight from DC to LA, and 11 days before the Sept. 11 attacks, he ended up flying on a "dry run" with the...

Rob Lowe 'Vanity Fair' Interview: Charlie Sheen and I Used to Have Partying Contests
 Lowe: Charlie and I 
 Had Partying Contest  
'vanity fair'

Lowe: Charlie and I Had Partying Contest

Guess who won...

(Newser) - Rob Lowe and Charlie Sheen were good buddies back in the '80s, so obviously the "winning" actor comes up during Lowe's Vanity Fair cover-story interview. Turns out they used to compete "to see who could play harder, then show up for work and still kick ass," Lowe...

Fake But Hot Incestuous Couples

From 'Star Wars' to 'Arrested Development,' something's not quite right

(Newser) - It's taboo and generally creepy, but sometimes—under the right cinematic circumstances and with the knowledge that nobody's actually related—incest can be, well, hot. Willa Paskin of New York rounds up fictional couples who have real chemistry:
  • Cathy and Chris Dollanganger, Flowers in the Attic: "Nothing can stop

Jimmy Kimmel Convenes 'Handsome Men's Club'
 Jimmy Kimmel Convenes 
 'Handsome Men's Club' 
viral video

Jimmy Kimmel Convenes 'Handsome Men's Club'

Skit has Matthew McConaughey question host's handsomeness

(Newser) - Things turned ugly last night for Jimmy Kimmel when the "Handsome Men's Club" he founded—which included Rob Lowe, Ben Affleck, Ted Danson, Taye Diggs, and Josh Hartnett—booted him from his own society. Matthew McConaughey started the charge, with backup from Sting. John Krasinski rose to Kimmel's defense,...

9 Most Infamous Celeb Sex Tapes

Surprisingly, Paris doesn't quite make the top spot

(Newser) - The McSteamy nudie vid is just the latest in a long and illustrious line of celebrity sex tapes. E! lists some of the best-known:
  • Rob Lowe: Two of his videotaped trysts leaked in 1988—including one that involved a 16-year-old.
  • Paris Hilton: Her 2003 romp with Rick Salomon essentially made

Lowe Settles One Nanny Lawsuit

Second nanny suit still set for trial

(Newser) - Rob Lowe’s nanny drama is half over, now that the TV star and one former nanny have asked that their lawsuits be dismissed, People reports. Lowe sued Jessica Gibson last year for allegedly blackmailing his family to the tune of $1.5 million. She countersued, claiming he groped and...

2nd Nanny Sues Lowes for Sex Harrassment

This one points finger at Rob Lowe's wife, calling her 'perverted'

(Newser) - Yet another nanny is suing over sexual harassment in the Rob Lowe household. Laura Boyce made her case yesterday in a teary-eyed presser in which she claimed that the actor's wife behaved in a "perverted, disgusting, and crude manner." With lawyer Gloria Allred's arm around her, Laura Boyce...

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