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Police Riot Over Gangs Killing Officers

Demonstrators in Haiti go to prime minister's residence

(Newser) - Police became rioters in Haiti's capital, protesting government inaction after gangs killed their fellow officers. News reports said the demonstrators breached the gates of the prime minister's residence in Port-au-Prince on Thursday and tried to invade the airport, per the BBC . They shot into the air, blocked roads,...

UN Hears of Crimes Against Women in Ukraine

Increasing dangers include rapes by Russian troops, human trafficking, domestic violence

(Newser) - The UN Security Council heard Monday of the increased danger of sexual violence women in Ukraine are facing during the war. "Russia is using sexual violence and rape as terror to control civilians in temporarily occupied territories," said Natalia Karbowska of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund. The UN...

Vetoes Block US Bid to Add Sanctions for North Korea

China, Russia oppose resolution, the first major UN Security Council split over the issue

(Newser) - A US effort to impose new sanctions on North Korea over its series of intercontinental ballistic missile launches was blocked Thursday in the United Nations. China and Russia vetoed the resolution, making the Security Council vote 13-2. It was the first major split among the five nations with vetoes on...

Russia Casts Veto at UN, but US Isn't Finished

Measure condemning attack on Ukraine could go to full General Assembly next

(Newser) - Russia exercised its veto power Friday to block a UN Security Council resolution condemning the invasion of Ukraine, but US officials say that's not the end of the matter. The veto, granted to the Security Council's five permanent members, was anticipated; 11 nations supported the resolution, while China,...

Speaking to Russian People, Zelensky Pleads for Peace

UN Security Council convenes emergency meeting

(Newser) - Speaking in their language, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the Russian people in a speech late Wednesday night that their leaders are preparing to start what could become "a big war on the European continent" and asked them to oppose it. He began his video speech in Ukrainian, addressing...

Russia's UN Ambassador: US Is Egging Ukraine on

Emergency meeting of UN Security Council was held Monday night

(Newser) - Russia’s UN ambassador has accused the United States and its Western allies of egging Ukraine toward “an armed provocation.” Speaking at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday night, Vassily Nebenzia accused Ukraine of sharply increasing shelling in residential areas of the separatist Luhansk...

Iraq Is Done Paying Reparations to Kuwait

It paid out $52B over 3 decades

(Newser) - Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, and its forces were ousted by 1991. In the more than 30 years since, it has been paying reparations to Kuwait, a process that has finally officially finished. The UN commission set up to review the compensation demands and obtain and pay out the money...

Russia Accuses US of Bringing 'Nazis' to Power

Accusations fly back and forth at heated UN meeting on Ukraine crisis

(Newser) - Accusations flew back and forth between the US and Russia at a heated United Nations Security Council meeting on the Ukraine crisis Monday, with Russia's ambassador to the UN saying the US had brought "pure Nazis" to power in the country. Vasily Nebenzya accused the US of "...

UN Report: North Korea, Iran Have Teamed Up

Iran denies cooperative missile development

(Newser) - North Korea is funneling millions of dollars stolen by hackers into nuclear weapons, according to a new and confidential UN report, which also points the finger at Iran. The document accuses Kim Jong Un's regime of coordinating "operations against financial institutions and virtual currency exchange houses" to pay...

US Threatened to Veto UN Resolution on Sexual Violence

References to sexual health were removed

(Newser) - A United Nations resolution on ending the use of rape as a weapon in war was watered down Tuesday after the US threatened to veto it. References to sexual and reproductive health were dropped because the US felt it implied support for abortion, the BBC reports. The removed passage urged...

UN Unanimously Demands 30-Day Cease-Fire in Syria

5.6M people are in 'acute need' of humanitarian aid

(Newser) - The UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution Saturday demanding a 30-day cease-fire across Syria "without delay" to deliver humanitarian aid to millions and evacuate the critically ill and wounded, the AP reports. The vote was delayed for two days to try to get support from Russia, which said...

New UN Sanctions Will Force All North Koreans Home

Any citizens working overseas have to return to country within 24 months

(Newser) - The UN Security Council unanimously approved tough new sanctions against North Korea on Friday in response to its latest launch of a ballistic missile that Pyongyang says is capable of reaching anywhere on the US mainland. The AP reports the resolution adopted by the council includes sharply lower limits on...

Nikki Haley Casts Veto, Decries UN's 'Insult' to US

Security Council called for Trump's Jerusalem move to be rescinded

(Newser) - "What we witnessed here in the Security Council is an insult. It won't be forgotten." Such was US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley's assessment after the US on Monday vetoed a UN Security Council resolution demanding the US reverse its Dec. 6 decision on Jerusalem...

North Korea Threatens to Sink Japan
North Korea
to Sink Japan

North Korea Threatens to Sink Japan

Pyongyang wants US reduced to 'ashes and darkness'

(Newser) - North Korea has made more of the kind of blood-curdling threats that the world found easier to shrug off before Pyongyang stepped up its nuclear program. The "Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee," North Korea's state agency for dealing with the outside world, issued a statement Thursday calling for...

Israel: We've Got Proof Obama Set Up UN Resolution

Says it's ready to hand 'evidence' right over to President-elect Trump

(Newser) - Israel has been voicing its displeasure about the United States' abstention from a UN Security Council vote Friday that called for an end to illegal Israeli settlements. So has Donald Trump, who's vowed "things will be different after Jan. 20th." Now Israel is offering the president-elect what...

North Korea Hit With Toughest Sanctions in 20 Years

UN Security Council votes unanimously

(Newser) - The UN Security Council has unanimously approved the toughest sanctions on North Korea in two decades, reports the AP . Wednesday's move reflects growing anger at Pyongyang's latest nuclear test and rocket launch in defiance of a ban on all nuclear-related activity. The big question, of course, is whether...

UN Starts Down Path Toward Lifting Iran Sanctions

Security council unanimously approves resolution

(Newser) - The UN Security Council today unanimously endorsed the landmark nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers and authorized a series of measures leading to the end of UN sanctions that have hurt Iran's economy. The New York Times points out that this resolution, which was approved 15-0, concerns...

Russia: Sorry, Srebrenica Was Not a Genocide

UN resolution fails in 10-1 vote with Russian veto

(Newser) - Russia has vetoed a UN resolution that would have condemned the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica during the Bosnian war as a "crime of genocide." The Security Council put the resolution to a vote today despite appeals from Russia and China not to vote because of divisions in the...

Afghanistan: ISIS Part of 'Unprecedented Convergence'

Taliban, ISIS, foreign fighters testing Afghan forces

(Newser) - A new offensive against the Afghan government and people is being compounded by "an unprecedented convergence" of Taliban insurgents, more than 7,000 foreign fighters, and violent groups including ISIS, Afghanistan's UN ambassador says. Zahir Tanin today told the UN Security Council that these groups not only target...

Mired Iran Nuke Talks Going to Overtime

Sticking points remain on sanctions, uranium before final June deadline

(Newser) - With a midnight deadline looming, Iran and the six nations it's conferring with in Switzerland have reached a deal—to continue talks for a deal on Tehran's hotly contested nuke program. The nations are expected to release a joint statement today announcing they'll enter a "new...

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