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Pam Anderson on Allen Claim: 'It's His Job to Cross the Line'

Actress doesn't think 'Home Improvement' co-star had 'bad intentions' when he allegedly flashed her

(Newser) - If Pam Anderson has any hard feelings about an incident she says took place more than 30 years ago with Tim Allen, she's not showing it. Anderson had written in her new memoir that Allen flashed her on the set of Home Improvement in 1991 (he denies it), but...

City of Denver to Pony Up for Wrongfully Arrested Nude Pilot

Andrew Collins may still sue airport hotel after indecent exposure charges were dropped

(Newser) - Andrew Collins has long insisted he did nothing wrong by standing naked at his hotel window overlooking Denver International Airport—and now, his lawyer says, it's payback time for the trouble he's endured since. NBC News reports the city of Denver has settled with Collins and will pay...

Pilot in Hot Water After Giving Airport-Goers an Eyeful

Andrew Collins stood in front of his hotel room window in the buff

(Newser) - Capt. Andrew Collins doesn't deny he stood in his birthday suit in front of his hotel window at Denver International Airport in September. He just didn't think anyone could see him, he now tells the Denver Post . But the 54-year-old United Airlines pilot was definitely visible to a...

Chef Charged With Indecent Exposure at Women's Event

SC's Mike Ray is seeking counseling after allegedly dropping his pants

(Newser) - Someone should tell Mike Ray that if he wants to be the "life of the party," he should try wearing a lampshade on his head, not dropping trou. At least not at an event for women-owned businesses, which is where WYFF reports the South Carolina chef allegedly decided...

Guy Charged After Getting a Little Too Buff at Gym

Eric Stagno accused of taking off all his clothes at New Hampshire Planet Fitness, doing yoga

(Newser) - It's OK to want to get buff—just not in the buff in public, reports the AP . A Massachusetts man recently discovered that while trying to do a little yoga at a New Hampshire Planet Fitness. Police tell NECN that 34-year-old Eric Stagno apparently wanted to test the chain'...

Diner Pulls Down Pants in Outburst Over Onions

Yuba Sharma is jailed on charges including terroristic threats

(Newser) - A Michigan man, apparently upset because his food included onions, is jailed on charges he made drunken threats to shoot the owner of a Pittsburgh restaurant before exposing himself, reports the AP . Police say 43-year-old Yuba Sharma ate at All Indiana restaurant on Monday night and then returned Tuesday to...

Cops: Teacher Arrested After Cartwheel With No Panties

Lacey Sponsler says she was just 'trying to be a cool teacher'

(Newser) - In what may be one of its more unusual Facebook posts of 2017, the police department in Pawhuska, Okla., has reported on an incident that took place Friday in a junior high school choir room. The alleged perp, per KOTV and the Smoking Gun : Lacey Sponsler, a 34-year-old substitute teacher....

Teen Who Flashed Genitals in Yearbook Is Off the Hook

Hunter Osborn, 19, lucks out after scandalous photo

(Newser) - Hunter Osborn probably won't feel like pulling any pranks in the near future, but it looks like he's off the hook for his last one. The 19-year-old student at Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Ariz., was hit with 69 counts of indecent exposure over the weekend, plus...

Teen Charged After Flashing Genitals in Yearbook Prank

Arizona's Hunter Osborn hit with 69 counts of indecent exposure

(Newser) - A 19-year-old high school football player in Mesa, Ariz., has been hit with 69 counts of misdemeanor indecent exposure after school officials discovered he had flashed his genitals in a yearbook photo, CBS News reports. Hunter Osborn also has a felony charge of furnishing harmful items to minors after he...

Star Trek Actress Charged With Indecent Exposure

Jennifer Ann Lien played Kes on 'Voyager'

(Newser) - A former actress on the Star Trek: Voyager television series has been arrested in eastern Tennessee and is accused of exposing herself to children. Multiple media outlets report that 41-year-old Jennifer Ann Lien, who played "Kes" on the TV show, is charged with two misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure...

Montana Lawmaker Fails to Ban Yoga Pants

House rejects bid to strengthen indecent-exposure law

(Newser) - A Montana legislative panel moved to kill an indecent-exposure bill yesterday after the lawmaker who introduced it said he thinks yoga pants should be illegal. Members of the House Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to table House Bill 365, introduced by Rep. David Moore. The proposal would have expanded the definition...

Florida Teen Busted for Humping Toy at Walmart

Police report is pretty disgusting

(Newser) - Warning: This one gets a little graphic. A 19-year-old in Florida was arrested after he humped a toy in Walmart to the point of orgasm yesterday, the Smoking Gun reports. Sean Johnson took a stuffed horse off a shelf and headed to the housewares section of the Brooksville store, where...

Guy Arrested for Sex With Pool Toy ... for 2nd Time

Edwin Tobergta also reportedly likes inflatable pumpkins

(Newser) - What can we say: Edwin Tobergta has a type. That type is rubber, inflatable, and, presumably, brightly colored. The Ohio man has been charged, twice in less than two years, with engaging in sexual relations with a pool toy, the Smoking Gun reports. In the most recent incident, for which...

Flier Strips to Protest Airport Security

Oregon man told cops he was sick of being harassed by TSA

(Newser) - A Portland man who'd had enough of TSA screening made it absolutely clear he wasn't carrying any contraband—but still missed his flight. John Brennan, 49, was busted after he stripped naked to protest airport security screening, AP reports. "While some passengers covered their eyes and their...

Two Americans Arrested for Gay Sex in Caribbean

Dominica police remove them from cruise ship, and ship leaves port

(Newser) - Dominica police arrested two California men yesterday for having gay sex, which is illegal on the island nation. The men were on a Caribbean cruise hosted by Atlantis Events, which specializes in gay travel, the AP reports. Police boarded the ship after someone on the docks saw the two men...

Woman Flashes St. Patrick's Cathedral
Woman Flashes
St. Patrick's Cathedral

Woman Flashes St. Patrick's Cathedral

It was performance art, says 'Harvey Von Toast'

(Newser) - Persistent New York City flasher Holly Von Voast, also known as Harvey Von Toast, was in court yesterday charged with showing too much flesh at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Cops charged the 46-year-old show-off with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and marijuana possession after she allegedly removed her top while walking...

Priest Busted With Pants Down in Adult Theater

Mark Stewart Bullock arrested, removed from church duty

(Newser) - Father Mark Stewart Bullock went from priest at the Church of the Immaculate Conception to creepy guy standing around pants-less in a porn shop, Baltimore cops say. Police say they responded to complaints of indecent exposure and found Bullock, nude from the waist down, inside a movie theater at the...

Penis Pump Judge Loses Pension

Oklahoma judge violated oath of office, court decides

(Newser) - An Oklahoma judge who used a sexual device under his robe while presiding over jury trials has been stripped of his pension. Donald Thompson—who served 20 months in prison for indecent exposure after being caught using a penis pump—violated his oath of office and has no right to...

Drunk, Peeing Flier Is on US Ski Team

Police hauled intoxicated teen off JetBlue flight

(Newser) - A drunk 18-year-old urinated on an 11-year-old girl's leg on a JetBlue flight Wednesday ... and it turns out that drunk 18-year-old is a member of the US Ski Team. Robert "Sandy" Vietze was removed from the team's developmental roster yesterday in the wake of the incident, and...

Suspected Masturbator Busted on United Flight

Self-pleasuring passenger faces obscenity charges

(Newser) - A Florida man who apparently became a solo member of the Mile High Club on a United Airlines flight is facing obscenity charges. An 18-year-old woman in the seat next to Kyle Pearce told investigators that she saw him masturbate, according to an FBI affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun...

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